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These things can be shot more than the deep network loan!

Time: 2018-12-04         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: melt 360

For most people who are deeply mired in online loans, landing is their most urgent desire. Many people have made countless odd jobs for this purpose, in order to get rid of the debt label. Many people who are on the way to the shore have gone astray.

According to the news reports, after six men owed high loans on the online loan platform, they used the body to collect drugs and drug trafficking in order to repay their loans, and they have been arrested by the police.

In the data released by the police, they used 77 to 78 pills made of drugs for a total of 2,600 grams for the purpose of possessing drugs. According to China's criminal law, "smuggling, selling, transporting, manufacturing drugs more than 50 grams, sentenced to more than 15 years of imprisonment, life imprisonment or death penalty, and confiscation of property." Moreover, aside from the law, there are so many drugs in the body. If accidental drugs spread in the body, the drug users are likely to die.

Drug trafficking is like "having more money and more money", but every step of it is against the law, taking life as a bet, it is really not tainted.

In addition to the dangers of possession of drugs, drug trafficking, and extremely high-risk means of earning money, the following "small tricks" should not be touched, otherwise it will not be worth the candle.


According to a news report, Jiangxi Yingtan, a student council president Huang, in order to help the gambling boyfriend to pay back, on the network platform loan 3,000 yuan, give him a turnaround. After the overdue profit, the 3000 pieces became more than 100,000. Finally, she chose to swindle her classmates' money to repay the loan, involving a total of 200,000.

In order to 3,000 yuan of online loans, venture to scam students, now not only bear more debt, but also face the possibility of imprisonment for fraud, but also hurt the friendship between the students, leaving a lot of stains on their lives.

Stealing or even robbery

According to the Yangzi Evening News, the young man in his early thirties owed more than 100,000 online loans due to investment losses, unable to repay, and suffered violent collection. In the end, he chose to steal money and pay back the money. It has been captured by local police stations.


There is also a kind of arrears who are so naive to want to turn over through gambling. When Xiaobian sees it, he really wants to wake him up.

As the saying goes, "10 gambling and nine losses", "10 gambling and nine scams", where do you come from the confidence that you are the lucky "one"? Once you get gambling, you won't be able to save it, you will fall into the abyss, and you will not be saved. Moreover, the state has always banned gambling, and once found it is a sentence.

Loan loan

This kind of situation should be the most prone to the arrears. The method of "removing the east wall to make up the Western Wall" can only be a temporary hurdle and cannot solve the problem fundamentally. Once an overdue period occurs, it will lead to a full overdue, and eventually encounter more and more serious violent collection and greater repayment pressure. The consequences of lending to a loan can only be a vicious circle that causes the economy and life to collapse, leaving borrowers farther and farther from shore.

Xiaobian Friendship reminds the majority of borrowers that after they have been trapped in the net loan quagmire, do not want to go ashore through these illegal and criminal means. You are not saving yourself, but destroying yourself! Change your own bad habits of spending a lot of money, lazy, and work hard to make money and repay in order to finally get out of the sea!

Finally, I sincerely hope that borrowers will come ashore soon!

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