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Alipay this operation is really conscience!

Time: 2018-12-04         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: melt 360

The emergence of Alipay has greatly facilitated people's lives, but it has also been exploited by lawless elements in addition to convenience. In recent years, news reports about Alipay transfer fraud have been seen frequently.

In order to avoid the user's economic loss, Alipay has opened the [delay transfer] function. Recently, the function has been upgraded again, not only can delay the transfer, but also cancel the transfer in time.

So, how exactly is Alipay's “delayed account” set? How do you find out how to revoke a transfer?

How to set "delay to account"?

The first step is to open Alipay and click [Transfer];

In the second step, click on the upper right [...] setting;

In the third step, click [Delayed Transfer Service], and then select the delayed transfer time according to your own situation.

How can fraud be revoked?

1. In the process of transfer, Alipay's risk control will automatically identify whether there is risk in the transfer. If the payee account is suspicious, Alipay will automatically send a reminder, just click [Cancel Transfer].

2. If the payee account has been confirmed as a risk account, Alipay will directly limit the payment.

3. If the fraud is found within 24 hours of the transfer, please report to the police station immediately and request a report receipt. At the same time, a complaint was filed on Alipay.

The complaint process is: [Bill] → [Complaint] → [I was cheated, the money is paid by me]

If the police verify and confirm the fraud, the transfer can be returned to the account.

On WeChat, you can also set [Delayed Transfer]!

1. Open WeChat and click [Wallet];

2. Click on the icon in the upper right corner and click on [Payment Management];

3. Click [Transfer to the account time], and then set the time according to your personal situation.

Remind everyone that the current WeChat has not revoked the transfer function, after the other party confirms the transfer, the funds will be deposited into the opponent's coin purse according to the set arrival time, so be sure to check the payee information carefully before transferring.

Learn quickly! In this moment of financial crisis, it is a point to be able to protect one point!

Finally, Xiao Bian wants to say that learning transfer knowledge is a small matter and raising awareness of anti-fraud. In the face of frequent telecommunication network fraud, everyone must do the "three noes" principle:

Do not believe in suspicious calls

If you receive a fraudulent pretending to be the public prosecution law or a bank staff call, panic that the victim has a problem with the case or bank account, ask for bank card information, and do not trust. If the victim is involved in the case, the relevant staff of the public security law will personally go to the victim's home, work unit and other places to communicate face to face; if it is a bank account problem, you can immediately call the bank customer service or go to the bank to find the relevant staff to confirm and deal with.

Do not mess with the links and QR codes in the suspicious information

If you receive a suspicious email or WeChat content with a suspicious URL link or QR code, don't mess it up. It is likely to contain a phishing website or a Trojan virus. Information and contacts can be reported directly.

Do not easily remit money and disclose your sensitive information

If a scammer encounters another person's QQ or WeChat account and pretends to be a friend or relative, he lied that he or she needs difficulties and needs financial help. Require the victim to transfer money, send money or provide a bank card number, verification code, etc., and do not be fooled. It is necessary to verify in a timely manner, carefully identify, verify and act again.

If you are unfortunate enough to encounter fraud, remember: First, accurately record the account number and account name of the scammer; secondly, call 110 or report to the nearest public security organ as soon as possible; finally, provide the police officer with the account number and account name information of the scammer in time and by the public security organ. Make an emergency stop.

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