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Compared with the explosion of the address book, the collection of this trick is the most embarrassing!

Time: 2018-12-04         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

After the loan is overdue, the most fearful thing is not that the money is not paid, the more the debt is owed, but the violent collection but the counterattack.

How terrible is the violent collection? SMS and phone calls are bombed 24 hours a day, constantly harassing friends and family of the address book, and even "home service." Recently, you may also have seen the video of the debt collection by CCTV.

In the video, the collectors held the sticks at the door of the borrower's house, flew the door, and suddenly went to the door to destroy the door.

Do you think this is the pinnacle of violent collection? These criminals have never been disappointed in the fight against evil. Recently, a new means of collection [satellite positioning collection] has appeared.

When you saw this text message, did you let your tiger body shake, and then hugged the weak one and shivered. Satellite positioning! And when you come to 20 people, you have to give everyone the appearance fee, satellite positioning fee... It is very likely that you will get a fat meal.

In order to restrict the violent collection activities and the implementation of the violent collection, the China Internet Finance Association also issued the "Internet Finance Overdue Debt Collection Self-discipline Convention (Trial)" on March 29, 2018.

The "Chapter III Code of Conduct" of the Convention clearly states:

Article 13 The object of debt collection shall comply with the relevant requirements of laws and regulations, and shall not harass unrelated persons.

Article 16 The collection personnel shall use civilized and polite language when communicating with the debtor and related parties, and shall not intimidate the debtor and related parties by intimidation, threats, insults and language or acts that violate public order and good customs.

Article 18 The collection personnel shall not disclose personal information such as debtor's liabilities, overdue, breach of contract, etc. to other persons other than the debtor, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

Article 22 The on-site collection personnel shall not be beaten, harm the debtor or other personnel, and shall not illegally restrict the personal freedom of the debtor and other personnel, and may not illegally invade other people's houses or illegally search other people's bodies.

Although the state has banned violent collections, there are still some criminals and collection agencies who are willing to go their own way. Not only hurt the borrowers and their relatives and friends, but also seriously undermined social stability and harmony.

Then, in the face of violent collection, how can we be saved and saved?

First: repay on time, do not overdue behavior.

Repayment on time, not overdue is the most effective way to stop the violent collection. Overdue will not only put you at risk of encountering violent collections, but also go to personal credit report, which will have a negative impact on your future purchases, car purchases, and even travel.

Second: Do not refuse to answer the phone, and timely communicate with the collection staff.

Some borrowers will disappear if they are overdue, the text message will not be returned, the phone will not pick up, and it is naive to think that as long as the collection staff can not contact themselves, this arrears can be used. This will only irritate the collection staff and speed up your violent collection. Respond promptly to explain the difficulty of repayment, and perhaps limit your time.

Third: retain evidence of information.

When encountering a violent collection, you must keep your chat messages, WeChat, QQ and other chats and call records. Recordings can be taken as necessary to retain evidence.

Fourth: understand the law, take up the weapons of the law to protect yourself.

In the face of violent collection, some people want to face the face, avoid the extra-budget, and choose to swear, this is actually condoning the illegal act. It is necessary to report to the police at the first time and report through the China Internet Finance Reporting Information Platform ( constructed by the China Internet Finance Association, the relevant regulatory agency complaint telephone or email system.

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