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The pro test is effective, and you can increase your loan by 50,000 in one month!

Time: 2018-12-10         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: melt 360

At the end of the year, I don’t know if everyone’s capital chain is still stable? Is this year’s new year’s goods falling?

It doesn't matter, there is a place that may help you solve the problem. That is Teacher Ma - the ants borrowed!

I heard that the ants have recently upgraded.(Extended reading:Don't want to pay for the treasure? Ma Yun special approval: This kind of person can not be returned!)

Not only can you enjoy the quota increase, but you also have the opportunity to get 12 repayment privileges!

And the amount of this promotion is not that big! The friend of the stationmaster, Nan Ge, raised a quota of 50,000 this time.(Extended reading:Double 12 is coming, the micro-loan is still not there? Only this step can be opened)

The webmaster’s borrowing has been opened for a short period of six months and the quota is only 1,000. In addition to envy and hatred, the webmaster certainly squinted at the south to ask for a few tricks.

First move: maintain good credit

That is to say, in the process of using Alipay and borrowing, you must repay on time and do not overdue.

Otherwise, borrowing will not only give you a raise, but you may also directly close your loan.(Extended reading:I don’t dare to overdue, I have to eat 1 meal for 1 day, but I really can’t hold it after 5 months.)

The second measure: keep the account active

1, usually use Alipay to complete the payment, transfer, collection and other transactions.

2. Use Alipay's medical health, living payment, and donation of love.

According to Nan Ge, his original quota is not high, but he has transferred a few large sums of money on Alipay, and after paying a few times of water and electricity bills, he will go up.

The third measure: take the initiative to apply for the amount

Although this trick is a bit cool, it is very poor. Because it is really difficult to meet the conditions, the difficulty is second only to the "children of the election" and "koi".

The specific auditing standards are not known, but Alipay's customer service said that “there are fewer users who are currently eligible to apply for the offer”.(Extended reading:Online loan 500,000, rather starve to death, the next life will no longer touch the online loan!)

Once the conditions are met, Alipay will open the initiative to apply for the entry on the loan page. You can also check it out yourself, and I have a bit of it.

In addition, the webmaster also wants to share with you a little money-saving tricks - 捡呗 !!

What is a clam shell? What is the use?

The clam shell is a proprietary point system that is introduced to the borrower.

By borrowing the user, you can accumulate the points through the clamshell and then redeem them into a coupon repayment voucher or a repayment red envelope (note: the specific page display).

Where is the entrance to the clam shell?

Open Alipay, click [Ant to borrow] - lower right corner [my] - [my shell].(Extended reading:WeChat has no micro-credit? Don't worry, there are also entrances here.)

Need to remind everyone: the current shelling function is only open to some users, if you do not have a clam shell entrance, please be patient.

Did you reap the unexpected surprise? Do not say, the stationmaster is going to raise the amount while licking the shell!

Finally, the webmaster should warmly remind everyone: Do not be convinced that the so-called "professional means to open, borrow and raise the amount" are deceptive! Deceptive! Deceptive!

Urgent use of money? We have reviewed hundreds of microfinance products! Pay attention to the WeChat public account "small emergency" (ID: xejiuji), no longer afraid to find loan information.

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