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When lending, 90% of people ignored this!

Time: 2018-12-04         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: melt 360

In the loan, whether it is the borrower or the lender, the most popular word is probably "two clear".

This means that from then on, the two sides will not owe each other and will not interfere with each other!

However, in reality, this "two clear" is difficult to achieve.

Friends who have borrowed money from the online loan platform must have experienced this kind of experience: the money borrowed on a certain platform has long been paid off, but it is still constantly reminded by the other party to send money, reminder of the amount...

Some friends, in fact, just filled in some personal information on the platform, and did not borrow money, but it is also difficult to escape.

Then, should the personal information filled in on the loan platform be deleted? How to delete it?

Xiao Bian suggested that although filling in personal information is the primary and necessary procedure for applying for a loan, it is best to delete personal information after a friend who borrowed money from the loan platform has paid off the debt, and the friend who has not borrowed has to put personal information. Remove it because there is a certain risk.

Risk 1: Personal information is leaked

If your personal information is just a review material for the platform, it's okay. I am afraid that if you encounter an informal loan platform, you have just filled in the information on the front foot, and then sell your personal information to other merchants for profit.

Subsequently, you may not only receive loan text messages, but also may be buying a house text message, gambling text messages, or even direct phone harassment.

Risk 2: Friends of the address book are harassed

Many times, the loan platform will read your phone address book. This will bring a risk. Once it is overdue, not only you, but your friends and family may receive harassment of the collection information. These will not only disturb the lives of relatives and friends, but may even affect your relationship with relatives and friends.

After all, how can I delete personal information on the loan platform?

Method 1: Deregister the account yourself

Open the app of the loan platform and find [Settings] to select the account to cancel. But to remind you, you must be able to cancel the account if you have finished the payment or have not released the money, otherwise it will be considered as maliciously overdue or maliciously evaded.

Method 2: Communicate and negotiate with the platform customer service

If the personal information on the loan platform cannot be deleted by yourself, please contact the customer service staff of the loan platform to communicate and negotiate, and let the customer service help you delete the personal information on the platform.

Method 3: Complaints to the regulatory authorities

If the above two methods are not working, and you are actually harassed, you can also make a complaint to the relevant regulatory authorities, ask the loan platform to terminate this behavior, and ask for compensation.

In summary, when applying for a loan, you must choose a legal and legal loan platform, so that your personal information will be effectively protected from the risk of being leaked and exploited.

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