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The violent collection is also afraid of these two tricks!

Time: 2018-12-04         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: melt 360

"Violence collection" is a way for the borrower to have a headache and let the society fear.

In a word, the borrower’s text message was harassed and the phone bombed, and all kinds of evil words were opposite. What's more, not only the address book of the borrower, the harassment of their relatives and friends, but also a picture of the hard-to-find, sent everywhere, ruining the reputation.

Recently, Xiao Du, a man who lives in Xianyang, suffers from violent collection.

Xiao Du borrowed the usury loan. After returning the principal and part of the interest, Xiao Du refused to continue to repay other interest beyond the annual interest rate of 36%. He was violently collected without thinking.

The collection staff of the online loan company not only illegally obtained Xiao Du’s address book, but also said that Xiao Du’s family died and let his family and friends come to the funeral.

(News/Source: Shaanxi Metropolis Express)

In the end, Xiao Du reported the case to the local public security organ, and the non-human life that lasted for a year was relieved.

Over the years, incidents of tragic endings have occurred frequently because of violent collections. How can we cure it? Xiao Bian believes that this has to be combined with "external governance + internal governance"!

"External governance" violence collection

The so-called "external governance" is to use the joint forces of law, government, and society to rectify the violent collection.

In the face of violent collection, Xiao Bian has always advocated that the majority of borrowers should learn to protect themselves, and know how to take legal weapons to protect themselves in the first time.

However, most borrowers were forced to close down because they did not understand the law.

In the face of violent collection, we must promptly use the following "external forces" to help them achieve justice and justice.

1. Call the public security organ

You can call 110 to report the report, or you can go to the local public security bureau to report it on the spot.

2. Apply for legal proceedings

The so-called "arms can not twist the thighs", violent collection and then arrogant, can really dare to compete with national laws? Therefore, when encountering a violent collection, you must seek the help of legal professionals to get violent collections to get legal sanctions.

3. Exposure to the media

Finding local influential news media or self-media people to help expose, using public opinion to expand the influence of events, it is very likely to speed up the resolution and quality of the event.

4. Report to relevant financial regulatory authorities

China Internet Finance Association


China Banking Regulatory Commission


Poly complaint


National black-related crimes and crimes


"internal governance" violence collection

The so-called "internal governance" is to ask the borrower to introspect. Is there a problem in which loan link?

When it comes to violent collection, many people feel that violent collection is the reminder of online loans. As long as they do not lend online, they will not encounter violent collection.

But is this really the case? In fact, otherwise, online loans and violent collection!

And what really breeds the violent collection is not the online loan but the borrower’s incorrect loan psychology and behavior. such as:

1, online loans are all usury, owe money can not be used

First of all, some usury loans may be exported through online loans, but online loans are definitely not usury. The essence of online lending is to provide quick and convenient way of exporting funds for those who have financial needs.

Second, usury is illegal and prohibited by the state. However, in the case of borrowing facts, the borrower still needs to repay the principal and part of the legal interest.

2, online loans are overdue, if you have money, you will not pay back.

There are many reasons for the overdue of online loans, but no matter what the reasons can not offset the debts borrowed.

If there is no money to repay the debt, you can negotiate with the platform to postpone the repayment, but after the overdue period, it is difficult or even refused to repay the loan. Not only the risk of encountering violent collection, but also affecting personal credit information. If it is really listed as "Lao Lai" by the court due to malicious overdue, even if it is not violently collected, the days will be hard enough, and it will be restricted, and even Prison disaster.

More importantly, regardless of the negative impact, the money still has to be paid back.

3, violent collection makes me angry, I just hard with him

This should be the least dangerous thing that all borrowers should have and the most dangerous. Xiaobian saw that some borrowers said in the group that if the collectors dared to come to the door, they would hard-hitting them.

In this regard, Xiao Bian could not help but pinch his cold sweat. It’s a relief, but the consequences?

If you play lightly, you have to pay for medical expenses, you have to fight hard, and you may be sentenced. Didn't you end up hurting yourself?

Finally, Xiao Bian once again reiterated that in the face of violent collection, do not compromise, and can not be hard to beat them. Collecting good evidence, combining "internal governance" and "external governance", rational, evidence-based, and powerful solutions to problems will be really relieved, and violent collection will really be eradicated.

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