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Can you double the double 12 degree? ICBC card friends look over, the new mouth to raise the amount to 500,000!
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After the double eleven exclusive offer, the ICBC double 12 exclusive offer has come again. In the past few days, I have already swiped a screen in a forum. Many card friends have received ICBC’s text messages, and directly responded to the SMS “exclusive credit” to 95588. They also received ICBC’s response, many small partners.

After the double eleven exclusive offer, the ICBC double 12 exclusive offer has come again. In the past few days, I have already swiped a screen in a forum. Many card friends have received the text message from ICBC, and directly responded to the SMS “exclusive amount” to 95588. They also received the reply from ICBC. Many of the small partners have doubled their quota. It is.

In general, the "exclusive amount" is generally for the welfare of card-friends with a quota of less than 50,000. It is usually doubled, but it is directly out of the food card.

I have to say that in the past one or two years, the aunt’s offer has been very strong. There have been several “exclusive discounts” opportunities this year. Inspire more card friends, and even more love for ICBC's credit card, they said that although the aunt occasionally remembered the enemy, but the speed of the ICBC is really the first line of the universe.

This is not the case, ICBC has released a lot of water, releasing the latest block of the credit card.ICBC invites e staging

The amount of water released by the mouth is very strong, it is N times the credit card quota. Today, I will share the method of operation.

As a quality customer of ICBC, it is possible to receive special customers from ICBC to apply for “e-stage”. As long as you have this text message, you can apply for "e staging". The initial amount of "e staging" is the original credit card amount.

However, the specific approval is not based on the original credit card quota, but on your previous card qualifications and personal accumulation fund deposits. Generally, the annual deposit is 8-16 times, and many of the card friends around you are 2,300,000. . If the qualification is good, the maximum can be 500,000.

There are two ways to handle this "e staging":

The first is to hold an ID card, and ICBC credit card, go to the local outlets.

The second type is that customers who already hold ICBC credit cards and e-debit-specific debit cards can apply directly to ICBC software.

After applying for this "e-stage", you will get ICBC to give you e-stage quota. With the e-stage quota, you can click on the credit card quota adjustment in the ICBC APP. At this point you will find that your credit card maximum amount will be the maximum amount of e-segment. Just adjust the credit card to the maximum amount, click on the next step is the second success. Have you learnt that? Let’s try the ICBC’s friends.

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