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Personal experience, because the sales card was accidentally refused traffic, with the full dialogue with the customer service!
Editor: Mr. North's Card Research InstituteSource: Mr. North's Card Research InstituteDate: 2018-12-03


Two days ago, Mr. Bei said that his own transportation card card strategy should take Wal-Mart Gold Card and MasterCard Gold Deer Card. So, I took my luck two days ago. Below is the result. . .

Two days ago, Mr. Bei said that his own transportation card card strategy should take Wal-Mart Gold Card and MasterCard Gold Deer Card.

So, I took my luck two days ago.

Below is the result. . .

Since April, Mr. North has had the experience of applying for MasterCard Golden Deer Card, and was rejected without accident.

The last two applications have also been rejected.

I am a person with a white unicorn standard Platinum card. It is reasonable to say that higher-level cards have been approved. Why are these two good cards not given to the batch?

With this question, I found the customer service of transportation, and the theory.

Here is the conversation:

Me: Hello, I want to ask about my application for a credit card.

Customer Service: Hello, please enter your service password and confirm. (after the password is entered)

Me: I may have to travel abroad at the end of the year. I need a MasterCard overseas card. The current UnionPay single-label card may not be applicable. I have applied for the MasterCard Gold Deer card two days ago, but I was rejected by the system. Can you help me? Check what the reason is.

Customer Service: You wait a moment. . .

Customer Service: Here you can find a MasterCard Elite Card and a Wal-Mart Joint Gold Card that you applied for on November 21st. The system shows that it was rejected after failing to meet the requirements of the Bank.

Me: But I am a standard Platinum card user, just add the card, why will it not pass the approval?

Customer Service: The system shows that you canceled a supplementary card in April this year. This card is still in the system during the hesitation period. It usually takes 6 months to eliminate the record.

During the period of elimination of hesitation (6 months), the application for a card is directly rejected by the system with a high probability, and it is displayed as failing to meet the card issuance requirements.

You may have been rejected for this reason. I suggest you try again next month.

Me: This card also has an impact on applying for a new card?

Customer Service: Bank of Communications is like this. As long as the card has not been eliminated during the hesitation period of the card, it will have a certain impact on your application for a new card. It is recommended that you try again after hesitating.

Me: Ok, thank you!

Therefore, for the first time, I know that the application for a card during the six-month hesitation period after the card issuance is a high probability of rejection. Reason: You have not reached the requirements for issuing cards.

I don't know, have you encountered similar situations?

Previously, Mr. Bei was mistakenly handled in the marketing call of the transportation credit card for a “heavy bank year” of critical illness insurance. It is necessary to pay the annual credit card fee to pay insurance for 20 consecutive years.

Later, it was cancelled during the hesitation period. Perhaps, the Bank of Communications will be marked with a failed business in terms of its own business records.

When assessing your personal credit as a whole, it will definitely be affected.

So, when you are in the business with each bank, remember to leave a negative record of information, including this “insurance” hesitating period of default.

Although it seems that there is nothing, it will be of reference value in the process of improving your credit rating and the amount of the whole in the later stage.

This is also considered to offend the traffic.

Personal experience card sharing, for reference only. Not the main basis for approval.

[Exclusive Manuscript and Disclaimer] Any work that indicates the source of “Fu 360”, any media and individuals reproduced in whole or in part, please indicate the source (360 The information materials and conclusions contained in the article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice.

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