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[Data] Internet baby income hit a six-week high in December is expected to continue to rise

Edit: Lisa Source: Rong 360 original Date: 2018-11-30


This week, the average seven-day annualized rate of return on Internet baby products was 2.93%, a record high of nearly six weeks.

According to data from 360 monitoring, the average seven-day annualized rate of return for 74 Internet baby products this week (November 23-November 29) was 2.93%, an increase of 0.07 percentage points from the previous week, nearly six weeks. new highs.

From the perspective of different types of sales platforms, the average annual return rate of the third-party payment system is 3.09%, returning to 3% and continuing to lead. The average annual return rate of the bank's baby is 2.97%. Second, the average 7-day annualized rate of return for the sales department is 2.92%, ranking third. The average annual return rate of the fund baby is 2.84%, ranking the bottom.

Rong 360 financial analysts counted the top ten babies in this week's earnings. Among them, Jingdong Xiaojinku's average seven-day annualized rate of return was 4.11%, ranking first, and the docking was Jiashi live wallet currency A, the goods appeared in the basic week. The 10,000-yuan profit surged to more than 2 yuan, which boosted the seven-day annualized yield of the product. The yield in the past year was 4%, which was in the middle and upper reaches of the industry.

CITIC Bank's salary averaged 7 days annualized rate of return was 3.43%, ranking second, docking the Chinese salary Jinbao currency, this week also appeared a single day tens of thousands of shares rose to more than 1.6 yuan, nearly one year earnings The rate is 3.98%, and the industry is at a medium to upper level.

The average 7-day annualized rate of return of the Baiyue Fund of Baiyue Fund is 3.38%, ranking third. This year, it is rare to enter the top ten of the ranking. The docking is the Yinhe Silver Rich Currency A. This cargo base usually performs poorly for nearly one year. The yield is only 3.29%, which is at the downstream level of the industry, but has been rising since mid-November.

The 4-10 baby in the income list has docked two money funds, namely Huitianfu Cash and Qianfufu wallet. These two bases are frequent visitors to the top ten list, and the yields in the past year are respectively At 4.10%, 4.11%, the return is high and stable.

Among all 74 babies, there were 42 babies with an average annual return rate of 3% or more on this week, and 32 babies with 3% or less. Most of the babies' yields ranged from 3% to 3.5%.

  Looking at the cargo-based baby in the top ten list, how should investors choose baby products?

The yield of the money fund is fluctuating every day. Some of the freight-based income fluctuations are relatively large. Even if the normal rate of return has been relatively low, it may rise on a certain day or a certain period of time. If you happen to pay attention to this during that period. The base of the goods will lead to a misunderstanding that the income of the goods is high.

Therefore, comparing the yield of the baby-based baby, the standard is “high and stable”, referring to the medium- and long-term rate of return of the money fund.

This year, the monetary fund's yield dropped sharply, and investors' attention to the cargo base dropped significantly. In contrast, private banks and direct bank innovative deposits were favored by investors with high liquidity and high interest rates. The customer base is small and difficult to store, so it is only possible to attract customers and funds by high interest rates. The Internet financial market is constantly evolving, and financial institutions are offering more choices to investors while fierce competition.

  Market outlook

As of November 30, the central bank has not conducted open market operations for 26 consecutive working days. This is the first time in three and a half years that the central bank has been reversing the entire market for the first time in the open market. Most of the shibor interest rates have risen this week. However, the suspension of the reverse repurchase by the central bank does not mean that the monetary policy is tightened. The overall liquidity of the current banking system is reasonable and sufficient, and the market interest rate is still running smoothly at a low level as a whole. It is expected that the return rate of Internet baby products in December is expected to rebound temporarily, but the magnitude will not be too large.

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