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Bank of Hangzhou direct bank evaluation: high bank wealth management services

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The bank's direct selling bank's wealth management products have higher yields and more life service projects.

Search and install the “Hangzhou Bank Direct Bank” in the mobile app store, then register and open an account. The registration process is relatively simple. You can provide the mobile phone number, SMS verification code and password. You need to scan the photo of the ID card and the person. Face recognition, binding bank cards, setting login passwords and transaction passwords. If you are skilled, the whole process takes about 5 minutes.

Hangzhou Bank Direct Bank supports the debit card of 21 banks, as follows:

After completing the above steps, you will get the electronic account number of a direct bank of Hangzhou Bank. This is the bank's Class II account. You can buy wealth management and a limited amount of consumption. The main difference from the Class I account is that there is generally no physical card, and you can't withdraw cash. Consumption is subject to a limit each year.

Below, Rong 360 financial analysts should specifically evaluate the products of Hangzhou Bank Direct Bank.

First of all, financial products, in "my investment", are mainly divided into four categories: current, regular, deposit, selection.

  First, the current period

There are 2 products in the current product, one is the new wallet, and the second is happiness.

  1, happiness 99 - new wallet

Happiness 99-new wallet belongs to bank wealth management, public open-ended net worth products, the previous day's yield is 4.07%, low risk, starting from 10,000 yuan, the incremental amount is 1 yuan, support large in and out, trading time is 9: 00-15:45, the trading time to buy the interest rate on the day of the purchase, the redemption of the principal in the transaction time to arrive in real time, the proceeds are paid on the 15th of each month, the maximum redemption of 10 million yuan in a single day.

This type of product is often referred to as bank T+0 wealth management. Although it is not guaranteed, the principal is very safe because it is low risk, similar to the money fund.

Compared with the money fund, the advantage of T+0 wealth management is that it supports large purchases and sales, and the income can be calculated on the same day. The money fund can redeem up to 10,000 yuan on the same day, and the interest rate will be the next day. Before the T+0 financial management, the starting point for purchase was 50,000 yuan. After the release of the new financial regulations at the end of September, many banks were downgraded to 10,000 yuan. This threshold is still close to the people.

However, the purchase of bank T+0 financial management is currently facing one of the biggest difficulties, that is, the first purchase still needs to go to the offline outlets to sign the risk assessment questionnaire, otherwise it can not be purchased.

After the establishment of the bank financing subsidiary in the past two years, the bank wealth management threshold is expected to continue to be lowered, and the first purchase does not need to go to the line to sign.

  2, happiness Tim Lee

Happiness is a money fund. It has the same nature as Yu'ebao. The default docking is Boss Cash Money A. The latest seven-day annualized rate of return is 3.144%, which is obviously lower than the bank T+0. . The advantage lies in the low threshold and the purchase of 1 point.

Happiness is actually more than just docking a money fund. There are four money funds under the Bo's cash money A: Peng Hua An Ying Bao Currency, Bo Shi He Hui Currency B, Yi Fang Da Long Bao Currency C, Dacheng Tian Li Currency E, On the 7th, the annualized rate of return is between 2.730% and 3.610%. However, Penghua Anyingbao Currency and Yifangda Longbao Currency C are not yet open for purchase. Therefore, these current money funds are recommended to be preferred.

Quick redemption real-time arrival, but limited to 10,000 yuan, ordinary redemption, redemption at 15:00 on working day, T+1 day arrival, redemption after 15:00, T+2 day arrival, no limit.

  Rong 360 Comments: Current wealth management is very popular among investors. It is suitable for putting zero-use funds and emergency funds. Bank T+0 wealth management and money funds have their own advantages and disadvantages. If the amount is enough, they can go to Hangzhou Bank outlets. To do risk assessment, then it is recommended to use T+0 for financial management, otherwise choose a money fund.

  Second, regular

There are three types of products in regular products: Happiness Gold, Banking, and Asset Management.

  1. Happiness

The products in Happiness Jinyu are currently sold out. The latest release date is September this year, starting at 1,000 yuan, the expected rate of return is 4.9%, and the deadline is mostly within half a year. Such products may be subject to policy risks, so they will be removed.

  2. Banking

Bank financing is a regular product with a term of 91-721 days. One of them is a fixed-end net worth product, which is open once a month.

The new customer wealth management is 10,000 yuan from the purchase, other products are 50,000 yuan from the purchase, the expected product yield is between 4.35% and 5.05%, the net value of the product performance benchmark is 4.05%.

The profitability of wealth management products of Hangzhou Bank has been relatively high, and the industry is at an upstream level. However, the purchase of long-term products should pay attention to liquidity problems, and regular products cannot be redeemed in advance.

  3. Asset Management Plan

The products in the asset management plan are brokerage wealth management. The issuer is Changjiang Securities (Shanghai) Asset Management Co., Ltd., starting from 50,000 yuan, the yield is between 4.7% and 4.75%, and the term is about half a year, but the current asset management plan Products are also sold out.

  Rong 360 Comments: At present, the regular products that can be purchased are only bank wealth management. If you have done a face-to-face check-in at Hangzhou Bank, or have purchased a wealth management bank, or you have a nearby Hangzhou bank, you can go to the outlet to sign the money, then it is more appropriate to buy bank financial management.

  Third, the deposit

There are two types of products in the deposit: happiness and structured deposits.

  1, happiness and happiness

Happiness is a smart deposit that can be used to calculate interest rates. The interest rate is 0.8% for one day, 1.35% for 7 days, and 1.43% for three months. The six-month interest rate is 1.69%, the annual interest rate is 2.03%, the two-year interest rate is 2.52%, the three-year interest rate is 3.08%, and the five-year interest rate is 3.25%.

The smart deposit interest rate of Hangzhou Bank's direct selling bank is relatively high. It is higher than the average time deposit rate of most banks, and it can also be interest-bearing in sections. How long does it take to pay interest on the corresponding period, unlike ordinary regular time? Deposits, early withdrawals can only bear interest at the current interest rate.

However, compared with private banks, the deposit interest rate of Hangzhou Bank Direct Bank is not high. Now many private banks have the highest interest rates for time deposits and smart deposits of more than 5%.

  2. Structured deposit

The structured deposit page shows that the highest annualized rate of return is 8.47%, but in reality this is rare. There are currently 2 structured deposits for sale, with a maturity of 365 days, an annualized interest rate between 3.9% and 3.94%, and a range between 3.85% and 3.89%. The difference between the upper and lower income limits is small.

To purchase the structured deposits of Hangzhou Bank Direct Bank, you only need to sign online, no need to go to the offline outlets for risk assessment, but you can't see the product manual during the purchase process, you can only see the “Personal Structured Deposit Agreement”, so you can't View specific interest-bearing rules.

However, the difference between the upper and lower income limits of these two products is very small, so there is no need to worry that the interest rate is too low.

  Rong 360 Comments: Smart deposits and structured deposits are deposits, capital preservation, protected by deposit insurance regulations, and 100% guarantee within 500,000 yuan. Among them, the smart deposits are guaranteed to protect interest rates; the one-year interest rate of structured deposits must be at least 3.85%, which is still high compared to time deposits. However, structured deposits cannot be withdrawn in advance, they can only hold maturity, and their liquidity is poor. Please pay attention to this before buying.

  Fourth, select

The selection contains two types of products, one is happiness as gold, and the other is happiness fund.

  1, happiness as gold

Happiness is like a gold fund. The docking is the Boss Gold ETF Link C (002611), which is the same as the gold fund on Alipay.

The gold fund's subscription fee is 0, holding within 30 days, the redemption rate is 0.1%, and the redemption fee for 30 days or more is 0.

Funds are high-risk investments, and prices fluctuate and require investors to have certain expertise and judgment. In the first three quarters of this year, the gold market was in a downturn, and the price of gold continued to fall. In October, due to the global stock market crash, investors' risk aversion increased, and the price of gold rebounded sharply. However, there has been a downward trend in the near future.

  2, happiness fund

The Happiness Fund contains various types of funds, but the 360 ​​financial analysts have not recommended that you buy funds through the banking channel: First, the number of funds is small; second, the handling fee is higher; third, it is not easy to screen and compare.

If you want to buy funds in the banking channel, it is best to compare the fees of other channels.

  Rong 360 Comments: Gold and funds are high-risk investments, suitable for risk-appropriate investors, and stable investors are more suitable to buy deposits, bank wealth management and money funds.

  Other services

The above is the investment and wealth management products of Hangzhou Bank Direct Bank. Let's talk about other services, including house purchase verification, living payment, provident fund withdrawal, and cloud credit.

1. Purchasing house capital verification: refers to the loan to buy a new house, the developer must test the economic ability of the buyer, let the buyer to issue a certain amount of funds to prove, and then to obtain the qualification to purchase a house, at the time of opening the house by the number. You have to choose the property you want to buy on the Bank of Hangzhou Direct Bank and provide proof of funds.

2, living payment: including water ETC (Hangzhou ship lock payment), school payment (some cities and schools), Northern International University Alliance (Jiahua College, foreign-related colleges) payment, small car bidding, paying party fees, studio payment, property Fees, public payments (traffic fines, public rentals).

3, the accumulation of provident fund: including the Hangzhou City Provident Fund and Zhejiang Province direct unit provident fund extraction, but the city's provident fund extraction has not been opened yet, if you are working in a provincial agency, there is a provident fund loan, you can apply for the accumulation of funds.

4, cloud credit: belonging to the housing loan, you need to provide your property information, and then the bank after the online assessment to lend. However, the cloud credit page is very card, and the page is stuck when you come in.

The above services are mainly aimed at Hangzhou Bank's local customers in Hangzhou.

  to sum up

From the product point of view, Hangzhou Bank Direct Bank includes money funds, bank closed wealth management, bank T+0 wealth management, gold funds, funds, the most advantageous of which is bank wealth management, including closed and T+0 wealth management, the yield is The industry is at an upstream level, but the first purchase requires a face-to-face check-in at Hangzhou Bank. In addition, there are relatively many life service projects, which are more convenient for local customers.

Which bank's wealth management products have the highest revenue? Attention: Treasure notes (rong360licai), reply to "bank financing" to get the latest real-time list.

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