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Internet baby yields hit a new low in the year but the decline slowed

Edit: Lisa Source: Rong 360 original Date: 2018-11-23


This week, the average seven-day annualized rate of return on Internet baby products was 2.86%, a new low for the year.

According to data from 360 monitoring, the average seven-day annualized rate of return for 74 Internet baby products this week (November 16-November 22) was 2.86%, down 0.03 percentage points from the previous week and hitting a new low for the year. However, compared with the previous months, the decline in baby income in the past month has slowed down, with a drop of 0.02 percentage points in the past month.

From the perspective of different types of sales platforms, the baby's yields of all platforms fell to below 3% this week. The average annual return rate of third-party payment babies was 2.99%, ranking first, and the bank's average baby was seven days. The return rate was 2.91%, ranking second. The average annual return rate of the fund baby was 2.77%, and the average annual return rate of the baby on the agency sales was 2.73%.

Rong 360 financial analysts counted the top ten babies in this week's earnings. Among them, the commissioned Jinbaotong's average seven-day annualized rate of return was 3.44%, and the docking was Guojin Jintengtong currency A, nearly one. The annual rate of return is 3.99%, which is at the middle and upper reaches.

Minsheng Ruyibao, Huitianfu Cash Bao, Telecom Tianyibao, and Micro-Fortune Piggy Bank have an average annual return rate of 3.38%, which is tied for second. The docking is the foreign currency of Huitianfu, nearly one year. The yield is 4.12%, which is in the leading position in the industry.

When you compare the yields of the money funds, you can't just look at the seven-day annualized rate of return on a given day, let alone look at the 10,000-yuan gain on a given day.

For example, ICBC currency does not bear interest on Saturday. The yield on Saturday and Sunday will be calculated on Sunday. This will result in a very high return on Sunday. The latest on the previous day is seen on Monday. The gains will give some investors the illusion that the money fund has a high return.

Generally speaking, comparing the yields of different money funds, it is best to comprehensively examine the yields of the past three months, six months, and one year.

Among all 74 babies, 36 babies this week had an average annual return rate of more than 3% on average, and 38 babies had an average annual return rate of 3% below 7 days, of which the Bank of Communications’s fast-accepting Silver currency A) The average seven-day annualized rate of return is only 1.85%, ranking the bottom.

As the income continues to decrease, investors' enthusiasm for baby wealth management products is gradually fading. This year's innovative cash management products are hot. Many private banks and direct banks have successively issued such products, starting from 50 yuan, and the interest rate on the day. The day goes with the deposit, supports the large amount of redemption, and the interest rate is generally above 4%.

However, Ronghui financial analysts believe that although it can play a certain role in the diversion of funds, but in the short term, cash management products will not pose a great threat to the cargo-based baby. After all, the user groups of private banks and direct selling banks are not very large. It takes a certain amount of time for innovative products to be widely recognized by the market, and there are no products and platforms in the industry that are particularly weighty like “Yuebao” and “Alipay” to lead the industry.

In fact, the launch of the online merchant's Dinghuobao is relatively early, but the industry response is generally, mainly because interest rates are not dominant.

But for investors, it is always a good thing to have more choices.

  Market outlook

Recently, the central bank’s open business operations have not been carried out for many days. As of the 23rd, the current “quiet period” of reverse repurchase has lasted for 21 trading days. According to the wording of the central bank, although the liquidity has converged, the overall situation is still reasonable. Therefore, there is no need to introduce liquidity.

Judging from the interbank lending rate in Shanghai, this week's interest rate has dropped slightly. However, near the end of the year, the market interest rate is expected to stabilize and stabilize. The Internet baby's yield is still downward from the general trend, but it may be in the short term. The current level is consolidating.

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