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Langfang Direct Banking Review: only time deposits

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There is only one product in Langfang Direct Bank, which is time deposits with high interest rates.

Langfang Bank is a city commercial bank. The name of the direct selling bank is “Langfang Direct Bank”, which is downloaded and installed in the mobile app store.

In order to view and purchase the products on the direct bank, you must go through two steps of registration and account opening. Registration is relatively simple, you can provide mobile phone number, SMS verification code, and set login password. However, the 360 ​​financial analyst here encountered a problem, that is, when setting the login password, the input box does not come out, and has nothing to do with the network, that is the reason for the mobile APP, it may be Langfang Direct Bank on November 19 After the system maintenance, the page is still unstable, but the page is quit, and the APP can be entered after opening the app a few times.

Opening an account requires real-name authentication, scanning the front and back of the ID card, and setting the payment password. This will open the Class II account of Langfang Direct Bank, which can deposit, buy wealth and a limited amount of consumption, but cannot be cashed out. Generally, there is no physical card. Next, we must also bind the bank card. In addition to the Bank of Langfang Bank, we also support the debit cards of 53 other banks, including the five major banks, the Postal Savings Bank, the joint-stock bank, the city commercial bank, and the rural commercial bank. However, we do not support the binding investment. bank.

After the bank card is bound, the entire account opening process is completed. If you want to deposit, you need to recharge it.

Next, let's take a look at what products are available at Langfang Direct Bank.

In fact, we can find out that there is only one product on the direct bank of Langfang - time deposit. There are six kinds of deadlines, all of which are 50 yuan, of whichThe three-month interest rate is 1.595%, the six-month interest rate is 1.885%, the one-year interest rate is 2.175%, the two-year interest rate is 3.045%, the three-year interest rate is 3.8755%, and the five-year interest rate is 4.75%..

The deposit interest rate of Langfang Direct Bank is the same as that of Langfang Bank's physical bank. In the major banks, the deposit interest rate is very high, at the upstream level, especially the interest rate above two years is very high, and has now outperformed the currency. fund.

However, although the interest rate of long-term deposits is relatively high, the financial management analysts should remind the depositors that the time deposits can be withdrawn at any time, but the early withdrawals should be based on the interest rate of the current deposits. The current deposit rate of Langfang Bank is 0.35%. It is not worthwhile.

Therefore, before depositing long-term deposits, it is best to ensure that you will not use the deposit in the next 2-5 years.

In summary, the above are all the products of Langfang Direct Bank. Rong 360 financial analysts have evaluated so many direct selling banks, Langfang direct selling banks are still rare, only one deposit product.

In fact, many local city commercial banks and rural commercial banks now have fewer product types. Apart from higher deposit interest rates and wealth management yields, it is difficult to attract users.

There are three safe and profitable financial management methods, pay attention to the WeChat public account: financial notes, reply to "reliable" view.

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