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The guys online loan repayments forgot to get important credentials! Helpless encounter a second collection!

Time: 2018-11-20         Source: Today's small explosion         Author: Today small explosion

Nowadays, young people are no strangers to online lending. The interest rate of online lending will be higher than that of regular loans. Of course, Xiaobian refers to formal, if it is some unprofitable loan sharks. That high is very outrageous. Most of the online lending platforms are more sloppy for customers' overdue fees. Many people are unable to turn around because they don’t have enough funds at hand, but they have no choice but to bear these extra expenses!

Some customers will take the initiative to find an online loan platform to negotiate and ask for interest reduction, but they are basically in vain, but there are also some hard-core borrowers. Only when they are determined, the platform is likely to negotiate and negotiate. Is it finished? No, they may follow up! why? Because you didn't get this proof!

It is purposeful for the platform collector not to negotiate with you. Because you pay less, they will be less corresponding. Some collectors will find you more difficult. You will also use the routines for you, pretend to give back, and then self-directed, and you will be a good person. Don't let it! Wait until you save money and report it to the company truthfully! This is just one of the many routines of the usury platform, so that you are not still not even more, it is to make you fall into the abyss.

If the company disagrees when reporting, they will close one eye and continue to report to the next collection department. At most, they will only deduct the amount of your repayment, and then the overdue fee will slowly roll. In less than a few days, you can roll back so much again, which is equivalent to not returning, plus you have a handle in their hands, and there is no evidence, you have no place to reason!

If the company does not agree, then he will continue to collect, at most, the amount of your repayment is deducted. With the high overdue fee of the platform, the money will rise again soon, which is equivalent to no return. Plus, you have no evidence, some chat records, this online loan platform is directly pushed to the collector, saying that they are self-assertion, there is no place to reason.

There are a lot of ways to circumvent these platform routines. At first, we must first understand the repayment of principal and interest and then borrow, because many platforms are false slogans with low interest rates. When the borrowers sign the agreement, they are not sloppy. Be clear, don't go blindly, because online lending is big data qualification. If you have big data, the risk index will be very high, some even reach 100%, and try to avoid some small platforms when choosing a platform. To choose some large platforms, at least the interest on large platforms will be more reasonable!

Finally, I would like to remind you that if you are really overdue, and you negotiate with the platform, you must not take the initiative to repay the loan, let the other party to tear up the repayment vouchers, eliminate the settlement and then repay, so as not to suffer from the two. Collections!

I sincerely hope that those who have fallen into the abyss of online lending can go ashore as soon as possible and get rid of the bitter sea as soon as possible!

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