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The first time online loans, how to choose a platform?

Time: 2018-11-15         Source: Know-sail         Author: sail

Looking at the naked loans of lending treasures in the past, college loans and so on, a series of scandals about the loan platform, found that the current loan population is getting younger and younger, and more and more loan platforms on the Internet are gradually being recognized by the public. .

But for the first time online lenders, the first time online borrowing money will definitely be a slap in the face, and they simply don’t know what platform to choose and how to borrow.

In fact, as long as you find a platform suitable for your own loan, it is very simple, first understand your needs, and then step by step.

1. Use of the loan

This step is to distinguish whether the loan is used to buy a house. If you buy a house, you must use the CPF loan to get the cheapest! Don't even think about it, don't even ask, it's impossible to be better than this.

If you are not buying a house, look down! (If you don’t have a provident fund to buy a house, look down)

2. How much is the loan?

If you want a large amount of money, such as 5w+, such a large amount of money basically needs to be mortgaged or guaranteed (of course, there is no shortage of people who have increased their quotas to hundreds of thousands of people. Here is the first loan. Haha. I will explain in detail how I can increase my loan amount.) At this time, the loan company is actually looking at whether you have a house or a person who guarantees you whether you have a house.

If you don't have a house, then... then... Do you have tens of millions of annual salary?

If the amount is relatively low, you can choose a loan that is fast, unsecured and unsecured. Basically, there are conditions such as ID cards and bank cards. The amount of the specific payment is determined according to the quality of your credit.

3. Information that can be provided

Now, regardless of the name of the loan, you need to understand your ability to repay. Therefore, it is necessary to provide information, but only the difference in the amount of information provided! Before choosing a loan, first look at the information you have in your hand that proves that you have the ability to repay. If you really can't provide any information, then basically you don't want to borrow anymore...

The information you may normally need to submit is as follows:

ID card, bank flow (salary water), monthly income, work certificate, social security, provident fund, credit card, real estate, mobile phone real name certification, Taobao account, sesame credit score, credit report, contact information, education, social e-commerce account Verification, whether it is a civil servant/teacher/bank/doctor, etc.

Ps: Not all of the above information needs to be submitted! Different companies need to submit different information! But if the information on your hand is more comprehensive, the more options you have, the higher the amount of the next paragraph!

4. Determine the loan period

If the loan is more money, the cycle can be longer and less borrowed. It is the best choice to choose the lending platform with the interest of the next day. This depends mainly on whether the partner can afford it every month! Otherwise, the amount of repayment is equal to or exceeds the income, and the pressure can be imagined. It is even higher if the overdue fee is not paid on time.

5. Choose a loan platform

Generally speaking, because novices have never borrowed money, they can give priority to a few large loan platforms for loans, such as Ali's loan, Tencent's micro-credit, Jingdong's white, and major bank credit cards.

If you can't do it, you can try a small loan platform. At this time, you have to consider the formality of the platform and the corresponding interest and payment time. If there are several loans to meet your needs, then compare the interest and handling fees, choose the lowest one!

Basically complete the 5 mentioned above, you can clearly know that you should choose the loan you need.

Ps: There are quite a few illegal platforms that use fake apps to steal information about users who need loans, and to prevent being cheated.

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