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After the online loan is overdue, the words that the collector said to you may not scare you.

Time: 2018-11-19         Source: Good financial helper         Author: Money is a good helper

Everyone knows that after the online loan is overdue, there will be a reminder to contact you and ask you to handle the overdue debt as soon as possible. If you have no way to repay the loan, the general collector will tell you the consequences of the overdue. Of course, many People will think that the collector is scary. Of course, exaggerated consequences or fictional consequences are often used by many collectors in the collection process; however, if the collectors say these things to you, it may not be scaring you, but it will happen; let’s take a look Let's go!(Extended reading:Prosecuted within 4 days of overdue? The consequences of the micro-loan overdue are also there!)

If you don't pay back, you will be listed on the online loan blacklist, and you will not be able to borrow any money from some online loan platforms.

First of all, we have to figure out what the blacklist of online loans is, except for the Credit Information Center of the People's Bank of China. According to industry insiders, there are now some companies specializing in online loan platform programs that will collect overdue customer lists for sharing. For the rest of the institutions that purchase the online loan platform program, the online lending institution that uses the same product will have the same overdue user database. So that some online lending platforms that only want to make a profit can not even build their own risk control team. The so-called credit review is completely based on the overdue list matching these databases;(Extended reading:Overdue 2000 pieces, I was actually picked up by the door.)

Therefore, when the collectors say that you are listed on the online loan blacklist, it may be true. Even if you don't apply for the letter, the list will not be borrowed on most platforms!(Extended reading:Will the online loan overdue be put on hold and still in jail? Hear what the police say)

The collector said that he wants to sue. How do you think that this money may be prosecuted? However, it is...

Xiao Bian found that there are also many online lending platforms that have been selected in Internet court proceedings. When the debt cannot be recovered, the online lending platform may conduct litigation through the Internet court to protect its legitimate rights and interests. Xiao Bian learned through the judgment documents of the referee paper network that these litigation targets are not high, generally around 1000-2000 yuan, and the interest standard is also strictly in accordance with legal standards, even if the penalty or late payment fee is added, it does not exceed the year. 24% of the interest rate; the settlement of private debts and debts through the law is beneficial to both parties. One is that the creditor can quickly recover the debt, and the other is that the user does not have to bear high interest or penalty interest.(Extended reading:Ma Yun personally admitted that Alipay is collected like this!)

Of course, when anyone has difficulties, if it is overdue, it is best to communicate with the creditors, actively deal with the debts, try not to evade or reject the other party's phone calls; of course, if you encounter illegal activities such as violent collection, do not Being intimidated, the complaint is a complaint, and the violent collection cannot affect your normal life!(Extended reading:From a doctor with a monthly salary of 30,000 to a gambler with a debt of 15 million, can I only have one dead end? )

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