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The 30-year-old man owes money to the network and disappears! Collection of text messages was exposed, users: no need to return!

Time: 2018-11-14         Source: Uncle Mad         Author: crazy uncle

Nowadays, due to the development of society, the economy is getting better and better. Nowadays, more and more things are stimulating consumption. Online loans have become very popular, and more and more online loan platforms have begun to grow and develop. Because the conditions of online lending are relatively low, and the amount is also very objective, and can also be used by multiple platforms, more and more people have borrowed online loans, but online lending is also a double-edged sword. Some people who spend money without restraint and do not understand the rational use of credit turnover, online loans are like drugs, the more they become addicted. Not long ago, it was staged another tragedy of online loans: a 30-year-old man in Kunming owed seven or eight hundred thousand online loans, unable to repay the dispute with his family, and jumped into the Daguan River near Huanxiqiao. . At present, search and rescue personnel have not found his trace.

According to his family's introduction, the man owed a total of seven or eight hundred thousand yuan on the platform of the website, and his father sold his home property to help his wife pay off his debts, and also to relatives and friends. They borrowed about 40,000 yuan. But even then, it is still impossible to pay off. Up to now, there is still a debt of 100,000 yuan in the son's credit card that has not been paid off.

However, during the time when his father became a seller and raised money to relatives, his father’s mobile phone has been receiving violent collections from online loan collectors. Judging from the text messages provided by his father, we can find that the tone of the other party is quite rampant. For example: "If you find your son, you will die." "You should pay back the money right away, or what happened to your son." I am not responsible for, and from the point of view of these borrowings, this kind of borrowing is a typical artillery. Once overdue, the interest rate is extremely high and there is an unscrupulous threat to intimidate the borrower and his family.

And this man's debt, why it will reach such a high amount of seven or eight hundred thousand, in fact, most of them are borrowed from such a net loan. Although the threshold is low, but the interest is relatively high, coupled with his son's bad habit of buying lottery gambling, the debt crisis is easy to break out. Seeing such a tragedy, many netizens also said: Now that people have disappeared, although the gap in online lending has been blocked, they still owe credit cards, and the bank’s arrears, if he still has personal property. If the person finally dies, the bank will still recover it. On the contrary, those online loans that he owes, if the person is not there, can actually use it for one point.

Ok, today's content is here, and I hope that all of you will borrow money reasonably and spend it rationally!

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