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After 85, the gambling lost 300,000, the credit card owed 300,000, all overdue, and there is still a rescue?

Time: 2018-11-09         Source: Online loan home         Author: net loan ashore House

I don't think it's saved. People who like to gamble can't change the nature of eating with a dog. It's a truth. You can gamble and lose 300,000 (debt). You can see that you are gambling. What kind of person is it? Once a person is infected with gambling and taking drugs, he is completely saved. This is a person's character problem, quality problem, and people who are infected with these things, the basic heart has been polluted, basically on the verge of dying. At most, I can still struggle a few times, and it is estimated that it is dying.

What's more, you can still owe a bank of 300,000 credit loans, and it is overdue. Your life is so bad that you don't want to vomit. If you fail to do business, you can't afford to squander your debts. If you do business, there is no failure, but gambling debts are 300,000 yuan, and bank credits are 300,000. Overdue, such people can be characterized as: No integrity, good gambling, and hopelessness.

Therefore, I thought about a neighbor in my hometown. Ten years ago, because I was a contractor, I was rich in logging in Guangxi. I was worth millions and became the leader of our village and the village. However, in recent years, I have liked gambling, lost millions, and failed business. My wife and I have lost a few million in debt in Guangxi. The people there are coming to our village every day to ask for money. He also Knowing that there is no money, it disappears, everyone can't find it, and he still owes my brother 50,000 yuan.

Because I was afraid to see people, I was hidden, I became an invisible person, I became a mouse, I didn’t dare to come out, others came to the village to pay debts, and even demolished his house. His parents are strong people in the village, all day long. I washed my face in tears, but my son didn’t come out and didn’t dare to come out. My parents were in the village and could not lift their heads.

Gambling is harmful, people are like mice, hiding here today, hiding there tomorrow, it is meaningless to be a person to this part.

The questioner has almost become like this, and it is basically abolished. If you want to change your past, you don't have to save, completely shameless, disappear, find a place that no one knows, start again, do business, maybe there is a time to come back, if you can do it. From now on, no more gambling, credit, and other days of development, and then look for creditors to apologize, pay back, and put interest back together, provided that no one knows where you are, otherwise, you will never have peace, do not say peace of mind to do Business, food and clothing, are all problems.

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