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The online loan owed more than 50,000, and suddenly received a text message from the court. How to distinguish between true and false?

Time: 2018-11-09         Source: Hua Shu, speaking loan         Author: Flower t-speaking loans

Some people often ask WeChat, Hua Shu, can you help me see this, remind me to send and receive to me, said to sue me, this is the indictment!

More and more people use online loans, followed by various collections. Online lenders do not repay their loans over time, and collect ideas, such as false claims that they have been filed, sued, arrested, etc., then similar courts. Is the prosecution subpoena true?

The online loan owed more than 50,000, and suddenly received a text message from the court. How to distinguish between true and false?

You can verify it in three ways:

The local court has its own official website. Just enter the case number and you can check the details of the case to check if it is actually sued.

Nowadays, in order to urge borrowers to repay their loans quickly, many online loans will make up a case number and number. If the borrower really believes, they will not go to the inquiry, and will only pay back the money immediately.

 Must be the seal of the court.If you have actually sent a scanned copy of the document, you can check the foothold carefully. It should be the chapter of the local court. Of course, it can be fake, but it is illegal. Therefore, some online loans will use the details that the borrower does not understand. It is useless to cover the chapter of the lending institution.

 The summons issued by the court will be accompanied by a civil complaint and evidence, a notice of acceptance of the case, etc.Generally, 2 text messages will be sent. The first is to inform the case, the second is to file a text message (the message will be followed by the local court's website), you can log in to check the progress, and finally mail the summons to sign.

If it is determined that the case is true, then you can choose to collect the information to respond to the case, or contact the court for mediation. If you have the opportunity, you can reduce a large part of the liquidated damages, interest, handling fees, etc.

Then will it be jailed by the court?

Internet borrowing is a civil dispute and will not go to jail. However, once the prosecution is successful, it must be repaid. If you have the ability to refuse to perform the legal judgment, if the circumstances are serious, you will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or fine. It is recommended that you have arrears or pay off as early as possible to avoid further trouble.

In fact, Hua Shu still wants to say that no matter whether the indictment sent to you is true or false, the debts are worthwhile, if you are tight, you can try and collect the communication, whether you can negotiate repayment, or a few days of grace.

If you understand each other, there will be no more violent collections!

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