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Insufficient credit score is rejected by the second? The platform will not tell you the reason for the real loan refusal.

Time: 2018-11-15         Source: Cash dispenser         Author: Cash dispensers

Some borrowing friends are also sad enough to tell the story of their own borrowing. The online loan platform should fill in the application information, and immediately fill in the ID card certification, personal face certification, operator certification, sesame sub-certification, and everything is complete.

As a result, I finally refused to fill out the information. Many borrowers will have questions: "Is this platform a lie?"(Extended reading:Hong Kong media said that Fan Bingbing will withdraw from the entertainment circle and marry Li Chen in February next year.)


Why is it second?

Many people will ask why they are always rejected by the second? Once submitted, it was rejected. Has the information been viewed and reviewed? It is very doubtful that this is a lie.(Extended reading:Follow-up of the Chongqing bus crashing into the river: the family of the passengers begged for mercy, "Don't worry again!")

Actually not, the treasurer will tell you the reason. When rejected, the platform usually tells you that “qualification conditions do not match” and “insufficient credit score” does not tell you the specific reason for rejection.

In fact, in addition to your qualifications, the platform also has its own "invisible conditions." These "invisible conditions" have already ruled out your system before reviewing your qualifications.(Extended reading:The woman broke up and met with the "good-hearted person" to comfort, put down her guard and went home with him and was imprisoned for two months.)

Let's see what "invisible conditions" are there?

1 Platform intentionally screening people

Some platforms have specific access conditions and will also screen people by their own criteria. For example, you will need information such as credit card, mortgage, and provident fund. These standards will not be made public, but if you fill in "None", the system will properly reject you and will not go through the review.

Similarly, the sesame score and salary level are not up to standard, and even the review is not needed, the system can be brushed off.(Extended reading:Song Wei is about to taste the six-year-old rice, and finally tells the truth with tears: Sorry Baoqiang)

2 The application quota exceeds the platform mean 

Some platform grants have a range of limits, which is not the same as the loanable amount for external publicity. For example, the publicity can apply for a quota of 50,000, but the actual average amount of the platform is controlled at around 20,000. If you want to apply higher than the average, it is very likely to be rejected by the second.

3 The application quota does not match the income

For example, your income is around 5,000, but if you apply for more than 100,000, you are likely to be rejected by direct seconds.

4 credit white households

If you have never borrowed money online, in the credit this is a white household, generally it will be rejected in seconds, then you should first go to a credit card, spend a few times, repayment is good, this can make The platform understands your credit level.

5 incomplete information

Some people apply for online loans, and the information is obviously incomplete. I am not serious, can it be successful?

There is also information fraud. Once the information is falsified by the online loan platform, it basically enters the blacklist of the platform. This is definitely a second rejection.

Therefore, do not think that it is the platform to defraud the information when it encounters the rejection of the loan application. All of these reasons may result in being brushed down before the review. No loan is 100% pass rate, and loan second rejection is also normal.(Extended reading:Ma Yun predicted that after the Spring Festival this year, these industries will disappear and everyone will not escape.)


What is the online loan platform to lie to the information?

Many borrowers who are eager to use money often do not consider whether the online loan platform applied for is formal. Watching them slogans such as "interest-free loans", "as long as they are immediately available to the account", "do not want to be qualified", and so on, they applied for a mess, and the results were rejected, and the information was given to others.

I don't think about the qualifications. Which platform can really take the risk? Therefore, the threshold is low and unreliable.

What can these bad platforms do with your information?(Extended reading:How do you know how many men have women? Just look at the three details when she gets along.)

Some illegal platforms, which clearly have no loan qualifications, have lured borrowers to fill out information to apply for loans. In fact, they are only trying to defraud personal information and then illegally sell profits on these platforms.

Some may just have the phone number leaked, and some may have personal details being sold. Obviously, he did not apply for a loan but was “loaned” and also carried a bad record of overdue.

Faced with such problems, all of them are on some illegal platforms, and most online lending platforms hope that users will always borrow money from them, and it is impossible to disclose information to other home loan platforms.


What is the platform to do with the information?

Why does the platform want you so much information?

First, the information is complete, the credit is high

Most formal platforms require the borrower to issue an ID card, mobile phone number, job information, credit card or sesame. These are the basis for platform review and can be used to determine your creditworthiness from this information.

Second, to reduce the risk of platform

Before I borrowed friends to ask the shopkeeper, why do I need to identify the address book?

Side inspection loan qualification

Is there a lot of calls?

Whether there are loan sensitive words (poison, gambling, debt);

Check if there is a long loan

Is there any connection with other borrowing platforms in the address book and SMS records;

Is the contact abnormal?

Whether the borrower has frequent contact with the address book;

How many calls per month;

Verification and post-loan management

In case the borrower does not pay back, the platform can also find people around you through the address book;

In order to urge the borrower to repay on time;

The formal platform requires that the information you fill out is a normal loan requirement. Whether you can borrow or not, the information you provide will be kept confidential, and only the informal platform will sell your information.

In short, you must be able to do not talk about your intermediary and informal website loans, do not use WeChat, QQ private transaction loans, you have screened out 90% of fraudulent online loans!

What questions do you have about applying for the online loan process? Can leave a message to consult the shopkeeper!

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