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Alipay sesame seeds are more than 666 people are very powerful? Ma Yun said: It is really very 6

Time: 2018-11-09         Source: Fast Information - Damai Technology         Author: Big Pulse Technology

Nowadays, when you go out shopping, you no longer need to carry your wallet. You only need to go out with your own smartphone to go global. At present, the cash payment model is not so popular, mobile payment has replaced cash circulation, and the most representative in the field of mobile payment is Alipay and WeChat.

Alipay is relatively more popular than WeChat payment. Alipay has a sound credit system, and Ma Yun has also created a Sesame Credit to help people count their credit history and try to build a credit society on the Internet in the future. In the sesame credit system, everything is measured by sesame seeds. If you are divided, you will be able to fly high, and if you are low, you will be difficult.

In the future, the better your credit, the more people will give you affirmation, and now the sesame score can reach the certain level to enjoy Alipay more benefits, the sesame score is graded, the lowest score is 350, up to 950 points, Sesame is more than 500 points. People who have opened the sesame credit function can basically achieve this score.

And the number of people who can reach 950 sesame points is definitely a minority. What kind of gods will these people be? Xiaobian has never encountered it.

When the individual sesame credit score reaches 600 points, the system will invite users to open a loan or a flower. When the sesame credit score reaches 650 points or more, you can enjoy the following treatments: the Alipay sweeps and enjoys the deposit-free service of nearly 400 large, medium and small cities (including county-level cities). Such as sharing bicycles, car rental, hotel accommodation, housing rental, credit for medical treatment, etc.

So, what are the benefits of sesame seeds reaching 666?

First of all, Yima is about 650, we directly think of Alipay's financial lending products. First of all, it is impossible to completely let go of it. It is only one of the prerequisites for the opening of the sesame. The current application threshold for both 呗 and 呗 is that sesame is divided into 600 or more, and the third-party service turnover of WeChat is more than 550. According to the difference of the score, the loan amount that the user can apply for is also ranging from 1000-50000 yuan.

Second, Sesame can solve many other problems. Ma Yun’s Alipay has opened up a new model of subverting traditional medicine. Users with sesame seeds of 650 points choose "open communication for medical treatment" in Alipay's "outpatient service". After adding information, they can get a quota of 1,000 yuan, which is specially used to pay for medical expenses.

Finally, this year Alipay launched a flow card, the event named sesame ice cream credit package, as the name suggests this event is open for Alipay users with better credit scores, now Alipay has saved you money, no need to pay the advance payment You can open the ice cream package of China Unicom, you only need 650 points or more for your art. I didn't care about the score of sesame in the past. Alipay's Sesame Credit Score is more and more useful. These functions have brought convenience to people.

After reading it, do you feel that the small partners with high scores are particularly happy? You can enjoy so many benefits, and the low scores of the small partners will not have the opportunity to enjoy. The higher the score, the higher the value of your own, and it also represents you. People are very reliable and creditworthy. Most people are willing to be friends with people with good credit.

How many sesame seeds have you accumulated in this credit era? How much have you used to share the benefits associated with sesame seeds?

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