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Sesame credits are updated, are you still intact, or are you up 8 points?

Time: 2018-11-08         Source: Quick Info - Tables and Stools         Author: tables and stools

With the rapid development of mobile payment, more and more people are starting to go out without cash. When it comes to the cashless era, we will first think of Alipay under Ma Yun. Now, a mobile phone can realize multiple functions such as payment, payment, and financial management. With the expansion of Alipay business, there will be more functions that are convenient for people to live, and these functions will be associated with Sesame Credit Score, which is to enjoy by credit.

For example, the popular shared bicycles now need to pay a deposit when they are used. However, if the sesame credit score is above 600, they can ride directly without paying a deposit, and they will also use it when applying for a visa. Users with sesame seeds above 750 will be used. You can apply for a Luxembourg visa online. The higher the score, the less material you need. This is the application of sesame seeds. Ma Yun mentioned that relying on honesty in the society, and the sesame credit score is the "network version of credit information", so the sesame credit score is worthy of everyone's attention.

Alipay will update the credit score on the 6th of each month. It is believed that users who pay attention to the score know that the credit score is difficult to rise. Alipay judges whether to add credit according to the user's comprehensive use last month. For those users with high sesame seeds, Alipay may be used every day, but the score is also an increase of 1-2 points. It is difficult to score more than 8 points, and the users with low scores are very high in the previous period. Fast, some users are intact, and some users are up 8 points? How can we let the sesame credit score soar?

According to the application of sesame credit scores in life, it can be divided into four grades. The credits below 600 are poor, because the deposit-free conditions for shared bicycles are not met; then 600-700 points are medium-credit. As long as the normal use of Alipay can be achieved; 700 points - 750 points is an excellent reputation, most of the services in Alipay can enjoy; the last is more than 750 points are super good reputation, this score is the least.

For those who just use Alipay, you can improve your personal information, such as basic information, academic qualifications, driving licenses, and asset status and credit consumption. For those who have used Alipay for a while, You can try to open the flower garden, borrow money, and then use the flower pot to pay often. It is worth mentioning that it is best not to repay the loan in advance, so that you will not be credited with it; there is also the ant forest and ant manor on Alipay. Such applications can be played, and some friends with high credit scores can also help to improve credit scores.

Many netizens think that improving the credit score of Sesame is to use Alipay. This is not comprehensive enough. There are still ways to use it. You can try these few tricks. How do you think Alipay credit points can be improved quickly?

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