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What if the online loan is too much? How should I land quickly?

Time: 2018-11-08         Source: 99 loan         Author: 99 loans

The efficiency of the online lending platform is astonishing, and the thrill of reaching the account at the second speed makes people want to stop, which is easy to cause some netizens to become addicted to online loans. As a result, more and more small loan platforms are registered, and more and more money is being spent.

At the same time, the interest rate is getting bigger and bigger, and the loan phone or information is even more indiscriminate.

You must know that the money you borrowed will be paid sooner or later. Don't think about licking the wool of the platform, you will pat the butt and leave. Young people have nothing to say about how much love is, and do all these tricks all day long.

Ok, I know everything you said. But now I have almost smashed the online lending platform, and the repayment has been overwhelming. What should I do? You are talking about it!

Four can't do it!

撸 撸 贷, what can not be done, and then reminded again, after all, this is not a joke.

  Can't borrow loan sharks,A personal loan slip or contract with a loan shark. Because the proof of the loan signed with the individual, the interest generated is not protected by the law, there is no such protection, you can not help you with the lawsuit, you lose.

  Can't think of lending. It is also not advisable to go to another loan by selling other small loans. Because interest is generated in the middle, and it is much more rampant, platform management is also very troublesome, easy to neglect, resulting in overdue circumstances. But interest is still getting bigger and bigger, leaving no room for you to breathe.

 Don't think about a dead one. If you are lending to a formal platform, according to the inheritance law, your heirs will inherit your debt, and you still have to pay back; if it is not a formal platform, then what to say? If you die, the money is not recovered, and you are bothering your family.

  Can't rob, steal, murder and set fire.Needless to say, this is not a matter of breaking the law, it is harmful to others.

What should I do?

1. Confess with your family and see if there is a solution. The family is your strong backing, even if others don't help you, they will find a way to find a way to fill the pit. Don't think about embarrassment or embarrassment at this time. When you take advantage of your family's loan, how can you find it badly? This is an opportunity for you to rehabilitate yourself, and to be honest and honest, it is better than the last fight.

2. Negotiate with the online loan company. There is really no way for family members to solve some problems. Then pick up the phone and call the online loan company to negotiate and see if they can accommodate it for a while, or don’t interest or reduce interest. Maybe in your sincerity, the platform will be loose.

3. Apply for a few credit cards. Do a few high-value credit cards and return the urgent, high-interest platform. Re-use the credit card's interest-free period, apply for the minimum repayment amount, and full, can also ease your pressure.

4, this time, do not want to work hard, earn money to pay debts? Looking for the boss, first pay the salary for a few months, then swear at him. Well done, maybe this opportunity, upgrade the salary increase, embark on the peak of life.

5. If these methods are not enough to pay off debts, then think about how to minimize your losses. Go to a lawyer to find a lawyer, explain your situation to him, do what he says, and try to reduce his guilt as far as the law allows.

Ok, after all the operations above, I finally got the loan back, congratulations to the bitter sea. But don't forget, you can erase your personal information without deleting the APP. The platform will be retained. If it is tempted by a low-interest product message published by the platform at this time, it will be bad if you return to the old road. .

How do I delete my personal information?

Will personal information remain on the platform, will it be dangerous? I have recently received text messages from various online lending platforms or calls that have been called, so that I can borrow his products, which is annoying. What should I do?

In fact, as long as you borrowed online loans, you are the fat sheep in the eyes of online lending companies. Fat sheep can bring more profits to the company. How can you not be stared straight?

And your information will definitely flow between many online lending platforms. If you sign up for one, you may be harassed by many homepages or phone calls.

For those who borrowed online loans, the platform will have your address book, home address and other information, and even have nude photos of borrowers, which is very embarrassing. When you pay back your money, your relatives and friends will have a good face, but you can also drag and drop; while you are dragging a loan to try it out, the people who go to the online loan are far more than the money to find relatives and friends.

There are two types of online loan platform: physical deletion and logical deletion. If you want to completely remove your information from the online loan platform, you should pay attention to the following situations:

If it is an investor, then wait until it is fully refunded, and then withdraw it after the withdrawal; if it is a borrower, then you must first complete the payment and then cancel it. If you cannot cancel the platform, you should contact the platform customer service to cancel it.

But unfortunately tell everyone that the individual can not be cleaned! As mentioned above, your information may be shared. You can only come to a sales call, hang up one, and then give it a black handle.

But there are also its benefits, such as the next paragraph is fast, easy to operate. If you can get money from the bank, why do you borrow money from online loans?

Xiaobian reminder:

Online loans are more suitable for people who need money urgently and do short-term turnover. The concept of consumption is immature, and those who love vain overdraft consumption will withstand the temptation.

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