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29-year-old girl, owing credit card 170,000, online loan 310,000, what should I do?

Time: 2018-11-08         Source: Borrowing money master         Author: borrow money expert

The only thing I can suggest is to leap on the cliff and turn back to the shore.

Online loans and credit card overdrafts must be measured. If you just want to borrow money to overdraw your credit card and have no ability to pay back your money, then this will be a bottomless pit. When you owe money, the money you owe will only get more and more. Finally, it was forced to a dead end.

We have seen too many people who have the same experience as you did in the loan business.

For example, we have met a college student before, there is no money at home, but seeing friends around, all holding iphone, all going to facelift, buy beautiful clothes, she can not hold it.

At the beginning, she was barely able to control herself. The things she bought were all purchased with her own part-time money. Generally, she would not spend more than a thousand dollars. But after the new iPhone in 2016, her brain was hot, in a certain period. On the consumption platform, I bought an iphone7 in installments, which is a one-year installment. It costs about 800 yuan per month, and her monthly living expenses are only about one thousand yuan. Even with the part-time income, the monthly disposable money is also It is about 1,500 yuan, and the staging of more than 800 yuan a month has already occupied more than half, and there are various other expenses, so she slowly can't afford it.

Later, because the consumer loan was overdue and was collected by the loan company, she was forced to find some online loan loans. These online loan loans generally have higher interest rates, and the daily interest rate can generally reach about 3 ,. The more money, the more than a year, she owed almost 60,000 debt, which is quite scary.

Later, she found us wanting people to help with the loan. In the end, we didn't give her a loan. Instead, she communicated with her fully, let her take the initiative to admit mistakes with her family, and then let her parents make up 100,000 yuan to balance all debts. Clear, so her bottomless pit was blocked.

Therefore, for your experience, my suggestion is to find help from the family and pay off the debt of more than 500,000 yuan in one lump sum. Don’t think about trying to get a loan and repay the loan, because your debt is very High, formal lending institutions are basically impossible to lend to you, you can only borrow those usury or online loans, and the interest on these loan shark products is very high, the annualized interest rate can reach several hundred percent, if you do not overdue The penalty is even more terrifying.

Therefore, it is recommended that you should stop and not go all the way to the black. The only solution that can be solved now is to seek help from the family and pay off all the debts at one time.

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