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I owe more than 300,000 online loans, and I was beaten every day. I have tried to commit suicide many times.

Time: 2018-11-08         Source: POS machine payment interpretation         Author: POS machines to pay Reading

"I owe more than 300,000 yuan in online loans. Because there is no money to pay off debts, I receive dozens of calls every day, hundreds of insults and text messages, and my relatives call me every day to ask for repayment. I am alienated. Really uncomfortable!"

A borrower told me about his experience and mentioned his situation! Some people have said that it is necessary to borrow money from the borrower. This is not the case for the borrower who is not credited. If the loan itself is on credit, I believe that everyone will be afraid of it!

Everyday the borrower wants to go ashore

For the borrower, I want to go to the shore every day. After all, I want to live a day that is not confiscation and not harassed. However, for online loans, once you touch it, you are like taking drugs, if you don’t pay interest. If you have enough, people will still want to call you for debt!

So there is such a sentence called "one in the net loan is like the sea, it is simply painful to live!"

A 94-year-old girl, when she first came into contact with online loans, was in the junior year. Because she was influenced by her surroundings, she wanted to enrich her material life. Finally, she began to borrow online loans. She could initially repay her living expenses for the next month. Later, the online loan became more and more rolled up, and finally it was not. Finally, a total of 5, 60,000 yuan was owed to graduation!

After graduating, I didn't find a job. I planned to go abroad. In order to pay for the loan, I could only repay the loan by loan. Then I practiced in the bank for half a year. I started to apply for a credit card for my life, but I don’t know about the person who just left school. What does this money mean?

Later, after resigning from the bank, I planned to test the civil servants but the results were not satisfactory. Later, due to the increasing debt, I began to raise loans by loan. In the end, I felt more and more difficult. The loan and credit card arrears added up to more than 400,000!

I feel that the people around me are very bright and beautiful, but they are unable to walk.

Many people will feel that I am radiant and bright, but now I have found a lot of money and found that I really have no money to repay. Two years after graduation, civil servants and those who went abroad have been ruined. I dare not tell my parents. I really don’t know how to do so after owing so many online loans. I want to commit suicide because I am the only girl who does not dare to fear that my parents are sad!

I dare not have a job now, I dare not go shopping, I dare not go out to play, I don’t dare to see my parents, I wake up to think about the money every day. Although the online saying that death is not afraid of still owing money? Now slowly adjust, after all, people are hopeful to live!

However, "the poorest is not to beg, but not to die," so no matter how bad today, as long as you pass, the future is better than today. I wish you ashore soon!

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