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Other people's micro-particle loan amount is 60,000, to see why you can't open it?

Time: 2018-11-08         Source: Check the web letter         Author: Chuck net in the letter

Many lenders have consulted this topic: Why do other people have a loan amount of 60,000, but their own permissions are not even open, why is the gap so large?

Xiaobian wants to vomit: micro-loan is so arrogant, there is no relationship between micro-loan and your personal conditions, but it is related to how much contribution you have made to Tencent (you can go to "check the net letter" to check your big data. Credit information).

Personal credit wealth

Give a chestnut: Xiao Zhang has a room and a car, and the credit is very good. The total number of credit cards is 500,000. But often use Alipay to pay credit cards, pay water and electricity bills, shop online, and rarely use WeChat. Under such circumstances, Alipay's sesame seeds will be relatively high, so borrowing, flowering Jingdong white strip, Jingdong gold strip, Zhaolian Finance, 360 borrowing and other platforms will give a minimum of 30,000 or more. 80000. But there is no limit to the micro-loan.

Why is there such a big gap?

The reason is very simple, because I rarely contribute to Tencent. After you contribute to Alipay, all the water is in Alipay, so Alipay's credit value is relatively high.

On the contrary, if you don't have anything, but it has made a great contribution to Tencent, the water is brushed on WeChat, QQ also opened a super member, and the Tencent game recharges thousands of dollars a year. Then, the hope of opening a micro-loan is relatively large.

What are the specific factors?

At present, the micro-loan can't take the initiative to apply for it. All of them implement the white-list invitation system. Only if you meet the Tencent whitelist conditions, Tencent will take the initiative to open micro-credit.

At present, to become a Tencent whitelist, the following conditions are required:

First, good credit

More than just credit cards, all aspects of the loan must be repaid on time, and other social behaviors must maintain a good credit history.

Second, high activity

Often use Tencent's products, such as WeChat, QQ, games, Jingdong, wealth management products, etc., this should be the most important.

Third, there is a certain economic strength.

Although the opening of the micro-loan does not require you to provide various certificates such as bank flow or real estate production, Tencent can judge other factors to determine whether you have certain economic strength.

Fourth, use QQ or WeChat to reach a certain number of years.

At present, the newly opened QQ or WeChat basically has no micro-credit, and those who have a relatively large WeChat QQ age are more likely to be invited to open micro-credit.

Xiao Bian reminds: The way to open micro-loan is not to open up money, nor to wait for it to be popularized, but to learn to prove your financial strength and maintain personal credit information. Online credit reporting), micro-loan will soon come.

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