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Being a small 400,000 online loan, he is embarrassed to tell the truth.

Time: 2018-11-08         Source: Snail watching         Author: snail Aspect

The night in Shenzhen was a bit dull, and the bright street lights shone on the sidewalk, which seemed a bit bleak. Ms. Tang walked alone on the road, and the soreness of her body made her unable to stand up. When she thought of her 28-year-old son, Xiao Liu, she would have to talk about marriage for another month. Her tired face showed a hint of hope and persistence. She is 56 years old. She is away from home to do housekeeping in Shenzhen. Isn’t it just for her children to marry and have children? Ms. Tang’s heart is secretly thought that as long as her son is married, she will spend a few years in Shenzhen, earning more money, and helping her son.

"Bell ~ bell ~ bell" phone rang, let her heart fluttering, she was shocked. I haven't had time to ask who the other party is. The other end of the phone hurriedly said: "Xunzi, something happened, Xiao Liu seems to owe usury, you come back soon." She was scared by this news, and rushed to the train station. After more than four hours of travel, Ms. Tang returned to her home.

Going home, pushing the door open, the relatives of the full house are among them. His son, Xiao Liu, lowered his head and sat on the sofa silently smoking a cigarette. I didn't have time to say hello to my relatives. Ms. Tang came to her son and hurriedly asked her son why. Regardless of how the mother asked, Xiao Liu did not say anything. In this way, at 12 o'clock in the evening, Xiao Liu, who could not bear the psychological pressure, confessed that he owed a loan of 170,000. 170,000, for Ms. Tang, who was more than 3,000 in January, the 170,000 is almost the money she didn't eat or drink for five years, and Xiao Liu only had more than 4,000 yuan a month. No way, in order not to let her son go to a dead end, Ms. Tang had to bite her teeth and took out the 100,000 yuan that she had accumulated for many years. She borrowed 70,000 from relatives and friends overnight, and finally she owed this 170,000 yuan. The money is returned.

In order to reassure her son, Ms. Tang has been with her son for a few days. I thought that this time I could live quietly. I didn’t expect that several debt-collection calls broke the calm of the two girls. Looking at the phone that his son kept ringing, Ms. Tang shook and picked up the phone and connected the phone. For a long time, the mobile phone slipped from Ms. Tang’s hand. She looked red and asked, “You. How much money do you still owe?” Faced with the mother’s accountability, Xiao Liu shook his lips and murmured, “Yes, Still owes more than 200,000." This reply, like a blue sky, made Ms. Tang stupid. The previous 170,000 is already the biggest sum that the family can raise. What about the remaining 200,000?

In order to find out exactly how the son owed this money, Ms. Tang began to ask Xiao Liu, and finally Xiao Liu said the truth. It turns out that in their local area, at least 300,000 yuan is required to get married. Xiao Liu also knows that his mother’s work outside and exhausted is also a deposit of 100,000 yuan. In order not to make her mother embarrassed, Xiao Liu’s brains are going to buy lottery tickets. Imagine that once the lottery wins, you can not let the mother embarrassed. The idea is perfect, the reality is cruel. In the past year, Xiao Liu’s money for lottery tickets has almost never been returned, and a grand prize has never been seen. He has been eclipsed, and he has started to borrow money from the Internet to buy lottery tickets. About 30,000 to 40,000 were borrowed from front to back, and as time went on, the accumulation of these principals became a small 400,000. The interest on Xiao Liu’s microloan is far higher than the principal, and even the interest rate is as high as 40%.

The phone that Ms. Tang received just now was a dunning phone call from a certain online loan. Xiao Liu borrowed 1900 yuan, and it really had to pay 3000 yuan in three days. The lending company said on the phone: "Small Liu is only 1900 yuan, it is impossible. If all the principals are paid, then all these expenses will come out." Because of the constant collection of calls, Xiao Liu’s girlfriend knew and chose to break up with him.

Xiao Liu, who spoke all the things, looked at the face of the mother, clenched his fists, and said with a resolute expression on his face, "Mom, people die, I am. I am gone, I am sorry for you!" Get up and get out of the door. The son’s movements awakened Ms. Tang’s Ms. Tang, and suddenly got up and grabbed her son’s arm. She said bitterly, “Son, Mom doesn’t blame you, this money is slowly returning.”

Although her son made such a mistake, Ms. Tang said she would not blame her son. It is indeed because the cost of getting married at home is at least 300,000 yuan, but the family can't get it, the son has such an idea. For the remaining arrears, Ms. Tang intends to find a lawyer to see how much it should be, and then work hard to pay back.

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