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Exposure of bank internal audit standards! Your application is likely to be rejected?
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Many friends have refused to apply for a credit card. I want to know what the internal auditing standards of the bank are and what factors will cause the credit card to be rejected.

There are always friends who leave a message in the background saying that they have refused to apply for a credit card. They want to know what the internal auditing standards of the bank are and what factors will cause the credit card to be rejected.

In fact, the credit card approval standards of various banks are highly confidential, even for third parties who cooperate with them. Most of the so-called internal approval standards for online circulation are not rigorous or even accurate.

I have worked in the credit card field for many years. For the approval criteria of banks, Pomegranate Jun also has a summary. In this article, it is said that what factors will lead to the rejection of Shenka.

First, the primary factor: whether there is fixed work

The bank requires the cardholder to have a fixed job and a stable source of income. Only in this way can the cardholder be able to repay the card and the bank can release the card with confidence. Therefore, freelancers, small and micro business owners, Taobao shop owners, housewives and other people are generally difficult to get cards.

At the same time, some occupations are not very popular with banks and will be included in the disapproval list, mainly including the following categories:

High-risk occupations:Occupational risks are relatively high, and future incomes are stable and insecure, such as long-distance bus drivers, coal miners, and high-altitude workers.

Service industry people:Such people generally have low income, low consumption power, low cultural level, and poor work stability. The bank believes that the card is not high, such as chefs, security guards, waiters, and migrant workers.

Sales people:Revenue is mainly based on commission, not very fixed, so banks are not willing to issue cards, such as real estate agents, insurance salesmen and so on.

Some public officials:This part of the population is quite special, and can also be regarded as high-risk groups, such as auxiliary police, urban management and so on.

Special enterprise employees:Some informal enterprises, in order to avoid taxes and pay wages to employees, will make it difficult for employees to apply for credit cards. Other companies with poor prospects may also be disapproved when they apply for a card, such as the previously exposed LeTV. The case where the employee's credit card limit was reduced to one dollar.

In addition, people like KTV, video games, Internet cafes, bars and other places, as well as seafarers, sailors and other people who are not working locally, are also difficult to apply for credit cards.

Second, the applicant's credit information

With a fixed job and a job not on the disapproval list, it should not be a problem to apply for a Kimpo card unless the applicant has a problem with the credit card. Credit reporting is a very important factor in whether a credit card can be approved.

Generally speaking, within two years, the credit card is overdue 1-3 times. The overdue time is not long and the amount is not large. The impact on applying for a credit card is not great. What is most fearful is the situation in which the cumulative overdue is overdue, the single overdue amount is large, and the default is not long.

In fact, the risk control standards of different banks are different, and the impact of overdue records is also different, but in general, the phrase "even three tired six" also has certain reference significance when applying for credit cards. If the overdue record is more than 3 times in a row or more than 6 times in a row, it is a serious situation.

Third, the credit line and debt ratio

For applicants with multiple credit cards, when applying for a new card, it is easy to be rejected because the credit line is too high or the debt ratio is too high.

If the credit line is too high, it means that there are too many credit cards in hand, and it is over-credited. Banks have the “rules” that banks must abide by, and they cannot over-credit. At the same time, the risk of over-crediting itself is relatively high, and banks will try to avoid them. If you have too many cards, you need to consider streamlining your credit card.

In addition, the debt ratio is too high may be related to the situation of the credit card, car loans, online loans and other loans. The total amount of loans and their income situation are seriously mismatched, and this time is also easily rejected. If you still want to apply for a new card, you need to find ways to reduce the debt ratio, such as paying off credit card bills, repaying online loans, and so on. Once again, be cautious about using products such as borrowing, micro-credit, and p2p.

Fourth, telephone call back is very important

Usually, if it is a net application, after the initial review, the bank will call the applicant to verify the phone, that is, return visit. This link is important to verify the authenticity of the Shenka information. Be sure to keep your phone open, and be sure to fill in the truthful information, especially the real phone number. The unit phone is the most effective. When a bank conducts an investigation, it will ask for a lot of non-application information, and don't underestimate the bank's IQ.

Five, other reasons for the rejection of other applications

Age: Banks usually stipulate that the minimum age for applying for a credit card is 18 years old, the highest age is no more than 65 years old, and the age is too small or too large and will be rejected.

Applicant's area: Some small banks do not open credit card business in some small cities or villages and towns. If local people apply for credit cards, they are easily rejected.

Application channel: The bank has certain requirements for the nuclear card rate of different input channels in different time periods. If the input of a certain channel in the current month is enough, the subsequent application may be strictly reviewed and easily rejected.

Income situation: This factor is very important for applying for some high-end cards such as Platinum Cards. Some popular high-end cards may even set a revenue threshold. If the income is not up to standard, it cannot be processed. For example, the famous Pudong AE White requires an annual income of 400,000.

After saying why the Shenka was rejected, let me talk about what factors can be added.

1. Property certificate

If you can provide property certificates (such as local real estate), vehicles, stocks, wealth management products, etc., you can usually add extra points. Some banks value the property certificate, while others attach great importance to the car. thing.

2, education level

Generally, if you apply for Jinpu Card, the bank will get a high school education or above. If your education is lower than high school, you will not be able to apply for a card. Undergraduate degree or above, even if the work and income situation is not satisfactory, there is an opportunity to apply for a credit card.

3. Bank water, provident fund certificate, business license or tax payment certificate

If you can't get a credit card if you only provide proof of work, it is recommended to provide bank water, proof of provident fund and other materials. For self-employed persons, it is best to provide a business license certificate or tax payment certificate.

4. Other banks' large credit cards

If you already have a credit card under your name, especially a large credit card, then it is relatively easy to apply for a second or third card.

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