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Pack your bank's water, it is the weapon for your high-value card, Shenka loan must!
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In the process of dealing with the bank, the bank flow only "appears" twice, one is to apply for Pufa AE white, and the other is to apply for a mortgage. And twice are the hard requirements of the bank, the designation must be provided, otherwise it will be rejected.

In the process of dealing with the bank, the bank flow only "appears" twice, one is to apply for Pufa AE white, and the other is to apply for a mortgage. And twice are the hard requirements of the bank, the designation must be provided, otherwise it will be rejected.

The bank's flow of water shows the customer's every credit and every expenditure, which is the most intuitive proof of income. Therefore, it is also the material that the bank trusts, even the irreplaceable material.

In fact, not only apply for high-end cards and mortgages, but also use bank loans. Sometimes, you can apply for general Jinpu cards or consumer loans.

For example, some friends who do not have a fixed job or who are disadvantaged in their academic qualifications can easily refuse to apply for a credit card or consumer loan. If they can provide a persuasive bank flow, they can increase the approval rate.

It is necessary to have a perfect bank flow. If you are a married person, you should not only have a good bank flow, but if the other half can also provide a strong bank flow, it will add more points.

Banks that are often valued by banks include the following three types:

The first is the flow of wages, the second is the transfer of water, and the third is the deposit of water.

Payroll is a record of a fixed company account that is credited to a fixed monthly date. The word “salary” is usually displayed on the flow certificate.

Half-year or one-year wages can prove that customers have stable jobs and are an important manifestation of income levels.

Generally, applying for a high-end card or a mortgage is what this water is. Especially when doing mortgages, the bank will assess whether your monthly income can reach more than twice the monthly mortgage and other debts. If you don't, you will probably refuse to approve. In this case, reducing debt in a timely manner is one way.

In conjunction with the bank's flow, it is likely that a further proof of income will be required, and the amount of income on the proof of income will match the amount recorded on the stream.

If there is no working water, such as some freelancers or small individual merchants, etc., the transfer of water can be replaced.

The transfer flow shows the transaction records of the customer account transferred through the counter, online banking and other channels. The transferred part can often be regarded as the customer's income certificate. Compared to wages, the persuasiveness of the transfer is relatively weak, but it is also a necessary material.

The other is the deposit flow, which shows the customer's deposit through cash deposit or my bank card transfer. If there is no wage flow or transfer of water, then at least the self-storage can prove that you have a certain financial support, which is equivalent to the role of “moving bricks” and has certain value.

Individual banks, brushing water helps to improve customer levels.

For example, the universe can transfer money through bank cards, then “swipe” consumption, and then transfer to other ways to brush the water. The brushwork is good, which helps to improve the star rating of the customer at ICBC. Star upgrades are good for applying for ICBC Platinum Cards and credit card withdrawals.

How to "raise" a good bank?

It is more difficult to operate wages. If there is no fixed job, you can find a so-called agency company to do the accounts, and ensure that the company account is remitted to a similar amount on a fixed monthly date.

The transfer of water can be a small amount of money, relatively large amounts of integers are not accounted for, the transfer account is best dispersed in multiple households, if the long-term one or two accounts to enter the bank, the bank may not recognize.

In addition, after the money is remitted, you need to store the card for a period of time, don't transfer it out immediately, and ensure that there is a balance at any time in the card.

Banks generally require more than half a year of running water, so “cultivating” water is an ongoing process.

Needless to say, there is a need to deposit real deposits. Of course, you can also borrow money from relatives and friends for the time being. If there is a certain foreign currency deposit, add points.

Banks are running water, and they are also afraid to "make flowers"!

Sometimes banks will ask for income streams, even wages, that is, they only need to record a record of six months or one year. However, in some cases, banks must look at the total flow of water, that is, the record of accounts and the record of accounts.

I know that a friend who does a credit card set will use the same bank card to complete the collection and repayment.

In this case, if the bank wants to see the total flow, it is easy to expose. If you apply for a credit card or a loan is disapproved, you may also incur the consequences of derating and sealing the card.

Tips: Don't provide fake water to the bank, this is easy to check. Providing fake water, disapproval or trivial matters, this act is also suspected of violating the crime of privately buying and selling state organs, enterprises and institutions, and the public seal of state organs, enterprises and institutions, the consequences are serious.

[Exclusive Manuscript and Disclaimer] Any work that indicates the source of “Fu 360”, any media and individuals reproduced in whole or in part, please indicate the source (360 The information materials and conclusions contained in the article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice.

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