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Don't mess with this, and then click on your credit card and you will actually spend it!

Time: 2018-11-08         Source: Small financial credit         Author: little financial credit

Today's Internet financial products are numerous and conspicuous, especially in the form of borrowing, flowering, borrowing, micro-loan, Jingdong white strip, Suning's arbitrariness, and dazzling. Many people who are keen on wool are keen on this. The major channels have borrowed it all over. The interest is not high and convenient. Why not? But many people don’t realize how much the impact on personal credit is behind this. . Sometimes you will let your credits change inadvertently!

1. Don't apply for a credit card on the Internet, check it once.

Frequently applying for a credit card may have overlooked one point. Applying for a credit card will leave a credit card record in the personal credit report. However, these application cards will not affect your card, but it will be retained as a loan record. Remember not to apply for a credit card multiple times in a short period of time, so all the records in the credit report are basically the application for a credit card. The banking system automatically monitors that you have recently been short of money. Of course, when you approve the card, you will carefully consider it, and the probability of natural passage will decrease.

It should also be noted that some people apply for a credit card on the Internet and do not apply after they click in. In fact, you will be checked for a letter at a random point, so it is easy to get a letter.

2. Frequent registration to activate online loan permissions

Many people install apps that can borrow on their mobile phones, and then try to register and activate them one by one. In the end, there may not be a few that can be awarded a large amount, so they are deleted one by one. Such frequent operations may not seem to matter at the time, but invisible has left information on all major platforms. Some of them are linked to the credit information system. The loan records are also retained. Together with the credit card application and approval records, can you say that the credit information can be spent?

3. Frequent queries

The inquiry needs to be cautious. Every time you make an inquiry, the bank thinks that you need money. If you check it out, it means that you are very short of money, so any formal approval will be cautious and skeptical about your qualifications!

Xiaoxiao Financial Xiaobian said that in today's credit era, "one is untrustworthy and limited everywhere." A letter of distrust is really difficult. No matter how powerful a person is, once he enters the list of untrustworthy, everyone is avoiding it and is restricted everywhere. Therefore, everyone must maintain their own credit information, do not casually mess, and spend their own credit.

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