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Before the online loan, this optimizes the mobile phone, and the rate of the next payment is doubled!

Time: 2018-11-08         Source: Good loan         Author: flash-prime Jun

Every aspect of applying for a loan is very particular. A little careless, maybe the loan is like a cooked duck and finally flies away.

Your credit should be taken care of, the identity information should be confirmed, the bank should pay attention to it... Once there is a small problem in the middle, the result is often fatal, and there is no tolerance.

And often in life, the daily use of mobile phones, you may cause your loan to disappear. Today, Flash Loan is introduced to everyone, how to optimize the mobile phone to improve the success rate of the next paragraph!

Recently, the old iron with loan demand, carefully check your mobile phone to see if you have any tricks!

1, mobile phone requirements

The registration of the mobile phone system and mobile phone number is a detail that you can't ignore.

Will reduce the deductible behavior:

1) The phone cannot be rooted or jailbroken

2) Do not log in to an account with two mobile phones

3) The registered mobile phone number has a bad record in other small loans.

Will be rejected:

1) It is not a real name mobile phone number, basically no money

2) The phone can't use the simulator, can't use unstable proxy address

2, mobile phone address book

Many organizations' risk control personnel usually review the credit situation of the borrower by reviewing the credit information of the borrower. However, some chicken thief's risk control personnel will ask the borrower to show their mobile phone, look through the address book, check the contact or call history, whether there is a loan or overdue information.

If there are contacts with the words "something small loan company" and "some loan platform", the possibility of lending is much lower.

In this case, of course, you have to choose to clean up: “net loan”, “small loan”, “loan intermediary”, “cash out”, “gambling”, etc., and use your imagination to read the address book. Anyone who feels that something is wrong will be deleted.

3, mobile app

As above, getting access to contacts, getting call logs, reading application lists, etc., can be viewed not just by flipping through the phone. As long as the app on the phone is able to get the appropriate permissions, this information is also at a glance.

Collection calls, contact information for small loan companies, loan products for which platforms have been used, etc., can be obtained.

The solution, in addition to the above contact information to clean up sensitive keywords, must be turned off the app permissions of the small loan platform can be turned off, or simply uninstall, do not leave a trace.

4, mobile phone text messages

Regarding mobile phone text messages, mobile phone text messages of Android phones can be read by third-party APPs; users of Apple mobile phones do not have to worry, because the privacy protection of Apple mobile phones is very thorough, and no third party can obtain your text messages.

However, Android users can also turn off application permissions in the same way as above, and also achieve the purpose of protecting privacy. Flash Loan will remind everyone, especially pay attention to the following points:

The first point: other online loan application, repayment, collection and other related text messages, whether it is fatal or not, all are minus points.

Point 2: All kinds of text messages of bank credit cards. The number of credit cards that your mailbox presents to online loans and the number of credit cards involved in SMS messages cannot be greatly different. Consistency is very important. The same is true. The scam message, the dunning message, and the advertisement information are all killed, but the news of the bank's salary is kept; the information between the normal and the acquaintance is retained.

5, poor application

The so-called bad software mainly refers to software related to lottery, stocks, futures, and even gambling.

Generally, these APPs are found on the borrower's mobile phone, indicating that the borrower has bad habits, and the borrowing may be used for stock trading, gambling, etc., which are all high-risk, and the loan company can't avoid it. The loan company expressly prohibits, once found, the loan is rejected is a minute.

6, mobile phone real name system

The online loan will log in to the operator's online business hall to get your call history. Your number must be registered with the operator at the real name, otherwise the online loan cannot determine whether the number belongs to your name. Therefore, now that applying for online loans, the real-name system of mobile phones is the most basic threshold.

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