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ABC credit card annual 500 yuan quota? This way you can also raise 50,000 yuan with the card!
Edit: Shenka XiaofeixiaSource: Royal CardDate: 2018-11-08


If you have an ABC card in your hand, use your card in your hand every month. Don't idle the vacant quota.

I believe that some friends usually visit the forum or the public number, often see the landlord saying that the Agricultural Bank of China 3+1 or 6+1, Xiaobian is still a little white, seeing such a vocabulary is also heard in the clouds The unknown is not so.

At that time, I took my old farmer's 500-dollar card every day, brushed it, and I hope that one day the old farmer will have a certain amount of perseverance, determination and perseverance.

Until the evening of 3 years, I received a text message from the Agricultural Bank. I was holding the mobile phone with excitement, and I wrote on the message:

Your credit card RMB account credit limit of XXX is adjusted to 1000.00 yuan. If you need funds, you can apply for advanced stages, and the funds will arrive immediately! For more information 4006695599

If the internal strength is not normal, and the quality of my heart is good, I will sneak out on the spot. I have already had 10 bank credit cards before I received this message, and I have never encountered a situation where I only raised the amount of 500.

In a rage, just the old farmer just K Baoshenka released water, applied for K Bao on the same day, applied for a beautiful mother gold card seconds, immediately sold the 1000-calorie food card.

At the end of December, the card is activated, the amount is 34000, the second card curve is good, dozens of times higher than the original amount, mammoth for 6 months, just for more than 6 months on July 3, to the Agricultural Bank APP to see the recommended fixed amount. , 50,000 yuan, smile, and decisively raise the amount.

When I was a little white, because I didn't know too much about card use, I often didn't pay attention to the old bank credit cards such as old workers and old farmers. I felt that the starting amount was low, so even if the application was used less, I would know them after I got on the road. Good.

ABC Credit Card has the following advantages:

Interest-free period up to 56 days

The risk of wind control is small, and it can be used as a main force for cash flow.

6+1 is paid on time.

Friends who have ABC cards on hand can use their credit cards in their hands every month. Don't leave idle quotas and wait patiently for 6 months.

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