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Blockchain is adored by the market, "How to hang sheep's head to sell dog meat"

Edit: Lisa Source: Investor News Date: 2018-11-08


The first vent in 2018 came earlier than expected. Although I don't understand it, I feel that I am making good money. Under the influence of the “rich” effect of Bitcoin, a wave of investors poured into the blockchain.

Bitcoin prices in the international market have skyrocketed since last September when digital currency transactions such as Bitcoin were suspended by domestic regulatory authorities. They plunged from $3,700 at the time to $20,000, and fell sharply as of January 25 this year. On the day, it fell to the level of 11,000 US dollars. Although the value is unclear and the risks are huge, there are still many domestic and foreign investors who are eager to take a step.

The blockchain, which is supported by the underlying technology of digital currency such as Bitcoin, has quickly become more popular this year. With the "blockchain" coat, not only the banned ICO (the first token issue) has revived, but also The listed companies also gained the share price gains by virtue of the blockchain concept. The squandering of flowers is becoming more and more fascinating. For a time, the "blockchain" is difficult to distinguish.

It is reported that a number of industry giants such as Ping An Group and Zhong An Insurance, as well as financial technology companies, have also formed teams to promote the research and development of blockchain. However, in order to avoid the influx of the blockchain chain, the “Investor News” reporter learned from the industry insiders that many areas such as Shenzhen Futian have stopped doing business for enterprises with blockchain characters. Registration. In addition, there is a "blockchain" from the media application "blockchain" WeChat certification, also rejected by WeChat.

 What is the blockchain?

As early as 2008, the "blockchain" as a bitcoin transaction information database (equivalent to the public account book of all transactions in digital currency) was proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin. The so-called "blockchain" is a kind of chained data structure that combines data blocks in chronological order, and is cryptographically guaranteed non-tamperable and unforgeable distributed ledger. It provides a kind of distributed ledger. Decentralized, non-tamperable, traceable traceability, credit-building paradigm without trust accumulation.

However, this interpretation is not easy to understand. The relevant person in charge of Zhongan Technology, which started to study the blockchain earlier in China, made a popular analogy in an interview with the reporter of Investor. Assume that A borrows B100 yuan to ensure that this behavior is recorded and traceable. They found C to help with accounting, and kept the loan record in C, which is a centralized accounting behavior.

The problem here is that the records held by C may be lost or tampered with, and then the borrowing behavior of A and B is risky. If A and B are borrowing, not only find C to help book, but also find D, E, F, a lot of people to book together, then this record behavior becomes decentralized, among which The loss of any one's record does not affect the loan record; any one's record is maliciously tampered with, and will not affect the actual record held by others.

"On this basis, we assume a situation. After A lends B100 yuan, B quickly repays 30 yuan. This repayment behavior has been witnessed by C. Among all the people involved in bookkeeping, C It was the first witness, so C preemptively recorded the behavior of B returning A30 yuan in his own book, and synchronized it to other bookkeepers such as D, E, F, etc., then everyone knows this modification and knows that Modified by C. "The above-mentioned person in charge of Zhongan Technology said that this situation reflects the characteristics of the blockchain traceability.

  What can a blockchain do?

Although most investors do not understand the true meaning of the blockchain, this does not affect the market's pursuit. The arguments of various "blockchains are the biggest outlets in 2018" are not only frequent, but the investment in Xu Xiaoping is even referred to in the internal WeChat group as "Shunzhichang, and vice versa." In addition to digital currency, what other applications are there in the blockchain?

Recently, at the 2018 Hurun New Financial Top 100 Conference held in Shenzhen, Shi Xiaoming, chief data officer and deputy general manager of Qianhai Credit Information, said that the blockchain is born with several very strong application scenarios, one of which is credit, blockchain. It is to solve the problem of decentralized credit. In this process, the elements of big data are added to allow information to be distributed and not falsified, which greatly reduces transaction costs.

Taking Zhongan Technology as an example, the reporter of Investor News learned that the company has already applied blockchain applications in two aspects. The first is a variety of business platforms based on blockchain, including An Chain Cloud as a cloud service platform and smart contracts for insurance and other financial industries. These are business models based on blockchain technology for secure encryption. Second, Cross-border innovation projects based on blockchain technology, such as the anti-counterfeiting traceability solution for exporting blockchains in traditional aquaculture industries, the most representative is the use of blockchains that cannot be tampered with and traceable to trace the characteristics of chickens in food safety. The field seeks a breakthrough.

Earlier media reports said that several ministries, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also set up a dedicated team or laboratory to actively promote the research of blockchain technology and its applications. However, it is worth noting that although the industry is optimistic that the combination of blockchain and traditional formats will bring about a new round of technological changes, many analysts pointed out that due to problems such as digital storage capacity and computing power, blockchains must be It is too early to land a large-scale application.

  How to identify the true and false blockchain?

The blockchain is highly regarded by the market, and digital currency such as bitcoin is indispensable. Previously, blockchain researchers had told the Investor newspaper that the role of Bitcoin in bringing the blockchain technology to the forefront has ended. Regardless of whether this view is correct or not, the wave of crazy digital currency such as Bitcoin is obvious to all.

The current investment boom in blockchain is also rising. The well-known financial commentator who invested in a number of blockchain companies "Jiangnan Anqing" recently said that he does not understand the blockchain, but the technical level is not so important.

“Technology will always be dominated by smarter people or people who are richer or more capitalized. The most important thing is whether technology can be commercialized and used by commercial organizations. This may be more important than technology,” he said. After missing the Bitcoin investment, you can no longer miss the blockchain.

Compared with "Jiangnan Anqing", the academic experts are relatively cautious. Hu Jie, a professor of finance at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and a professor at Shanghai Institute of Advanced Finance, pointed out that blockchain and digital currency have two sides. The blockchain is an angel that promotes individual trust. It is also a "devil" that reduces the rights of the center. Digital currency is promoted. The angel of equity exchange is also the devil that causes financial risks. How to find a balance between the two is a problem that the industry needs to think about.

In fact, after the domestic ban on ICO issuance and bitcoin transactions, the platform for engaging in the phenomenon of “drinking coins” under the banner of the blockchain is still rampant. For investors who want to invest in the blockchain, it is necessary to polish their eyes and do Good job, don't work.

PricewaterhouseCoopers said in a report that the blockchain is not a one-stop solution to all the problems that arise in data and asset transactions. At least three of the following conditions must be met to consider a project requiring blockchain technology: There are multiple data update requirements, verification requirements, the project requires one or more intermediaries, transactions are time sensitive, and transactions require interaction. Investors can compare and avoid comparisons and avoid being fooled by the platform of “selling dog meat”.

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