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Kechuang board announced the launch, GEM and Chuang 50 ETF can not buy?

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Some questions and answers about the fund.

  The funds I can see now are recommended by Alipay, or discussed in the comments. I don't know how to actively find funds. I feel very passive. Is there a way?

A: We often say that choosing a fund is to choose a company or a fund manager. Therefore, instead of entangled in how to select nearly 5,000 products on the market, it is better to have a better understanding of the fund industry and fund market, including companies and fund managers. You can usually browse the professional financial media (China Fund News, China Securities Journal, Shanghai Securities News, etc.), the portal channels of the portal (Sina, Sohu, Hexun), and the high-quality WeChat public account of the fund investment and wealth management. Regular knowledge and skills in science popularization, recommended fund products, interviews with first-line fund managers, etc.). The low investment threshold of the fund does not mean that you don't need to learn. The people are starting from Xiaobai, so that you can share it with everyone!

  How much impact does the fund's star rating have?

A: The decline in the star rating of a fund represents the performance of the fund in the past period of time, such as three years, but the investors should pay more attention to the future performance of the fund, so there is no need to rush to redeem. It should be observed whether the fund's operating style, staffing and other factors have changed. If these factors remain stable, investors are advised to continue to pay attention.

  Are there any funds with good prospects now, can you slowly add positions?

A: From the current market environment, there are too many internal and external risk factors, and there are too many market uncertainties, so it is not good to judge which funds have a better prospect. Starting from the current point of time, it is recommended to choose a broad-based index to buy or settle in batches to avoid large fluctuations in the fund's net value due to the fall of a single theme. If you are optimistic about the blue-chip market, you can choose the CSI 300 Index Fund. If you are optimistic about the small and medium-sized market, you can choose the CSI 500 Index.

  Can the company launch the GEM and the 50 ETF?

A: The “threats” of the Science and Technology Board on the GEM are mainly from two points: the registration system and the emphasis on small and medium-sized technology enterprises and innovative enterprises. The implementation of the registration system, a threat is likely to lower the market valuation, especially for the GEM and high valuation of technology stocks, the scarcity of the standard will decline. Therefore, once announced on Monday morning, the trend of the ChiNext will show a downward trend.

However, Lao Niang believes that although the “threat” of Science and Technology Board is looming, it still needs to be noted: 1. There will be a process from the announcement to the launch of the Science and Technology Board; 2. The Science and Technology Board implements a qualified investor system and 500,000 financial assets. The actual request for the rejection of small and medium-sized investors outside the threshold, it can be assumed that the transaction volume will not be greater than the GEM; 3. The leading position of the 50 is irreplaceable. So the conclusion is: the short-term strike does exist, but for fixed investment, the decline can still continue.

  Is there a good debt chicken recommended, and now I dare not buy anything else?

A: You can choose medium and long-term prospective funds that are completely unwilling to bear the risk of stock market. For example, Yinhua Credit Season Red A (000286) and Rich Country Strong Return A (100072) are good choices, if there is not too much liquidity. Large demand, we can further choose the pure debt fund that is open regularly, and recommend Xingquan (001819) and Puyin Happiness Return A (519118). Investors who want to obtain a stable return on the bond market and do not want to miss the return of the stock market can choose a secondary debt base. Among them, ICBC Credit Suisse Double Profit A (485111), Galaxy Enhanced Income (519676), and SDIC UBS Optimization Enhancement C ( 128112) are all good products.

  What is the fund for investing in gold? Is domestic good or QDII good?

A: Investing in gold, the old lady recommended the gold ETF first. The two largest gold ETFs in the field were 518880 and 159937 respectively. The trend of the gold ETF is basically synchronized with the domestic gold spot, and the correlation is close to 100%. Investors in stock trading can buy gold ETFs like buying stocks: first, the barriers to entry are low; second, the transaction costs are low, and the main expenses are fund management fees, custody fees, etc., totaling 0.6%; gold investment without stocks You can consider buying gold, Huaan Gold and Yifangda Gold directly on Ant Fortune or Alipay, which are all bought from 1 yuan.

The QDII gold fund mainly invests in gold ETFs supported by physical gold outside the country, tracking international gold prices. Products in this category include Connaught Safety Ball Gold (320013), size: 516 million; Harvest Gold (160719), size: 153 million; Huitianfu Gold and Precious Metals (164701), size: 168 million. Disadvantages are: 1, double charges, to pay the overseas gold ETF and its own gold QDII management fee; 2, redemption time is longer, two weeks after the redemption will arrive.

 How to set a stop loss line?

A: The old lady often mentioned a 7% stop loss line in the previous article. We use 7% as a general stop loss standard. Specifically, the price of the asset you bought fell by 7%. We have to pay the penalty, stop the loss, and leave the principal to look forward to the next opportunity. Another situation is that when you buy the net value of the product to 7% from the high point, this time should also stop loss. Why choose a standard of 7%? This is because someone has done a calculation. If you use 7% as the stop loss line, you have 10 chances to make a mistake before losing the principal. Generally speaking, 10 times are wrong. The possibility is small.

Also note that this 7% means 7% of your total investment. Suppose you have one million, 50% of the stock invests 50% of the investment bonds, assuming your stock loses 7%, but your total assets may only lose 3.5%, in this case, did not come to us Said stop loss line.

  The CSI White Wine Fund has lost more than 20%. Is there a need for a stop loss? Do you want to stop the vote?

A: After the long-term rise in the entire liquor sector, the valuation is not cheap. This round of market adjustment, the liquor has plummeted, it is normal. Lao Niang personally judged that at least in the short to medium term, the liquor sector may be in a state of adjustment. As for your question, you have lost 20%. This is not a question of whether there is a need to stop loss now, but whether you have the courage to cut meat. If you can have the determination of a strong man to break his wrist, then of course you can stop loss now; but if the loss is unacceptable, then the old lady suggested that you should not do any operation for the CSI Liquor Fund, but the fixed vote can continue, but temporarily Also don't increase the fixed investment, because it may not be the bottom of the liquor plate.

  Is it necessary to purchase a pension fund separately? The current fixed investment lasts for 3 years. What is the difference between the two?

A: The pension fund is a kind of product specially developed by the fund company for pension financing. It is designed around the pension in terms of investment target, asset allocation and investment strategy. Whether your fixed investment is for your own pension or for your child's future education, it can be regarded as a clear-cut financial management method. The two must be different, but they are not in conflict. If you have an urgent need for old-age care or a lot of old-age care, and there is a considerable amount of spare money to control, then the old lady thinks that you can actually buy a pension fund separately, and your fixed investment can continue as planned. The last thing to be reminded is that the fixed investment must remember to take profit, while the old-age target fund often only uses the target date. At present, the general fixed investment may be higher than the old-age target fund, but the uncertainty is higher.

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