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Online loan platform to give you money? It turned out to be like this...

Time: 2018-11-07         Source: Money Clip Travel LX         Author: money clip travel LX

Regarding the road of online lending, whether you are an old driver or a novice driver, you should definitely use the following seven points.

1. Basis for platform lending

How does the online lending platform decide whether to lend money to users? Generally speaking, the online loan platform integrates the user identity, the user's willingness to repay, and the user's repayment ability to evaluate the user's credit risk. According to the evaluation result, the low-risk user directly lends money, and the high-risk user directly rejects it.

2. The basis for the platform to judge the user's credit risk

The online loan platform determines the credit risk of the user based on the obtained user information. The user information mainly comes from: user provision, internal control of the online loan platform, credit information system, courts and other third-party institutions.

3. The platform focuses on user credit reports.

Regardless of whether it is before or after the loan, the platform will focus on the user's credit report information. After the platform receives the user loan application, the platform will refer to the user's credit report to decide whether to release the loan.

After the loan is released, the platform will also judge whether to increase the credit line of the user according to the user's repayment situation and debt situation.

4. Rejecting loans by an online lending platform does not mean that all online lending platforms refuse to lend.

Due to different risk preferences and user positioning of different online lending platforms, the users willing to accept are different. Therefore, if you are refused a loan, you can try other online lending platforms.

However, if the user is rejected because of the credit card, it is still likely to be rejected on other platforms.

5, different online lending platforms, different risk preferences

What is risk appetite? Risk appetite is the basic attitude of the online lending platform to take risks. Different online lending platforms have different attitudes toward risks, and they are different in the types and sizes of risks they are willing to bear, especially the access conditions of users.

For example, the ability of retiring students to enter the workplace may not be as good as the middle-aged people who are stable in work. Some online lending platforms think that the risks are high and they refuse to lend; however, there will be some online lending platforms that are young people. The development potential, willing to take on greater risks and lending.

6, early repayment may affect credit

It is worth mentioning that early repayment does not mean that repayment ability is strong and credit is good. Many users have misunderstandings about this issue. It should be known that from the point of view of contractual agreement, early repayment is a breach of contract, and the user must bear the corresponding liability for breach of contract and pay a certain penalty.

Generally speaking, the user's prepayment information will be reported to the credit information system through the online loan platform, and will be displayed in the “special transaction”. Some online lending platforms may regard this as negative information, so it may affect personal credit. However, early repayment is different from overdue, although it is negative information, but there will be no bad records.

7. On-time repayment may still have overdue records

It is clearly repaid on time, but it is still recorded as overdue, mostly due to different repayment methods, such as the following:

The APP repayment delays to the account, the inter-bank transfer repayments are sometimes stagnation, too many cards are opened, and the wrong account is transferred.

In short, according to the date, method and amount agreed in the contract, the current repayment amount is transferred to the repayment account agreed in the contract, and the repayment is successful.

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