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What are the online loan applications reviewing?

Time: 2018-11-06         Source: Home of the Loan         Author: House Financial loans

"The virtual loan quota can't be lifted out." "I meet the conditions, but still."

"The information is given, but it is not." "How is the last release?"

Tell everyone why today, because you don’t understand online lending, and don’t know about online lending review content.

You see, hit the minefield.

How is online lending usually reviewed?

First, the analysis report

1. Look at the score, the higher the score, the more unfavorable to everyone.

2. See if all borrowings have past overdue records in the past. How serious is the overdue period? If the overdue is too long or the number of overdue is more than 3 times, there will be no net loan lending. (same credit card)

3. Get the communication record, this is to prevent borrowing money from returning. If the overdue loan is not returned, the online loan company will explode the calls of all contacts in your address book. Also check whether the address book is suspicious. The following keywords can not be found in the address book: “net loan”, “small loan”, “loan intermediary”, “cash-out”, “gambling”, etc.

4. If the online loan application record is too frequent, it will not work.

Second, the savings card flow

1. Online loans look at the savings card flow, mainly to identify the wages, to see if you have a stable income.

2. Hidden risk reduction points flow record, if you provide the savings card in the water, there are more loans from other lending institutions, with a deductible record, online lending institutions may reassess your total debt situation.

  Third, e-commerce account information processing

             (Taking Taobao as an example)

1. Alipay must have a real name, because one of the main reasons for online loan reading your Taobao account information is to prove "you are you."

2. The online lending institution will evaluate your repayment ability through your online shopping consumption record.

3, bad transaction records, the following are not welcomed by online lending institutions: gaming, game-based consumer recharge, online loan intermediary information purchase, borrowing repayment records.

4, the delivery address must not have more than one (more than 3). The usual shipping address must be the same as the information for the loan application, preferably to the house number.

5. Try to make the transaction address and phone number in the near future consistent with the information on the loan application materials.

Of course, the above is not all of the online loan review, but it is a very important part.

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