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Do you want to divulge your personal information and information?

Time: 2018-11-02         Source: Bright Finance         Author: Bright Finance

More and more channels for online loans can be downloaded in a short period of time to solve the funding needs. But we also know that when lending money online, the registration process needs to submit ID card, mobile phone number and service password, bank card, sesame credit score and other information. This information is very important. Mastering this information is equivalent to understanding your All. In the Internet age, personal loan information will have a large risk of disclosure. Therefore, many people hope to completely eliminate the information registered on the platform after the loan is paid off. What should be done?

Do you want to divulge your personal information and information?

Elimination is impossible to eliminate, because when you give information to one of the online lending companies, you have already submitted the information to the entire online lending industry. Do you still go to each company to check? At most, you will untie the bank card tied to the online loan company, and it is not necessarily easy to solve. Some companies have to call the customer service to ask what is very troublesome.

Then can't you eliminate personal information, will it be dangerous? There is a certain degree of danger. First of all, let us analyze the dangers mentioned by the subject. It is nothing more than a personal information leak. One is whether the information will be loaned. The former is not dangerous. It’s nothing more than being harassed by a few more calls, tempting you to sign up and letting you borrow more.

The latter problem is what everyone cares most. This situation will not occur, there will be, but there are very few technical aspects, that is, what kind of network is not safe, what people usually think, there will be, Not much, it is estimated that a five percent is not bad.

As long as you pay attention to your own documents, bank cards, don't just lend to others, and mobile phones should not be used by others, especially old ones. Don't think that old mobile phones can delete everything. If you want to recover, you can still recover. It is recommended that after you format the old phone, just download something, the video is good, and the memory is re-covered, so that recovery is all over.

How to eliminate personal information and information on online loans?

1, modify

When registering to log in to the personal loan app, you can't avoid entering information such as ID card, bank card, and CPF account. The easiest operation is to directly modify the mobile phone number and unbind the bank card in the APP.

2, write off

Open the personal loan APP software, find the personal information interface, check whether the personal data can be directly logged out, if you can, then log off directly OK. Don't simply think that deleting the app is fine.

3. Freeze

Not all loan APP software will provide personal loan information “logout” service. If not, contact customer service to request to freeze personal account. This operation will make it difficult for you to apply for loan again, but information protection is safer and you don’t have to worry about being Stealing. For the sake of personal information privacy, formal account freezing services are provided.

4, change the password

The password is a security verification operation that you enter into the loan app and involves the security of your personal information. The password is authorized by the operator (the provider of the network service) to the loan platform to view your communication records and important information about the contacts. After the personal loan is repaid, the safer operation will consult the operator's customer service to change the password, so that no one can read your information without the password.

You can modify the information, log out the information interface, freeze the personal account, modify the operator password, etc. Try to eliminate it, but it can't be completely eliminated. Because the data of the online loan platform platform is thousands of dollars, it is impossible to remove it because of someone. information. But don't worry, as long as the platform for your loan is formal, you will not disclose your information, and you will not have the authorization. The platform will not use your information, so it will not be affected. As for the frequent receipt of various loans, and other text messages, this is a group of advertising messages sent by the platform, completely ignored.

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