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Blue Ocean Bank evaluation: APP operation is smooth, deposit products have high interest rates

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Blue Ocean Bank is mainly engaged in deposit products, and the interest rates are relatively high.

Blue Ocean Bank is a private bank and opened on December 22, 2016. It is headquartered in Weihai City, Shandong Province. There are currently 17 private banks in China. In 2014, the first batch of 5 private banks officially opened, including Weizhong Bank and Internet Bank. In 2016, the second batch of 12 private banks opened, including Blue Ocean Bank.

Private banks also belong to banks, but they do not open offline outlets. All businesses are processed online, thus saving labor costs for outlets and offline services. Deposits and wealth management products have certain profit advantages.

Before you can view and purchase related products, you must first register and open an account with Blue Ocean Bank. Registration is relatively simple, that is, provide mobile phone number, SMS verification code, set login password, open the account needs to upload the front and back of the ID card, face recognition, bind the bank card, set the transaction password. The total time is about 5-10 minutes, and the overall situation is smoother.

Blue Ocean Bank supports the debit cards of more than 90 banks, including state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, and rural commercial banks. The types and numbers of banks are still quite large. Rong 360 financial analysts bound a China Merchants Bank debit card, but Blue Ocean Bank suggested that China Merchants Bank does not support deduction, you can recharge to the Blue Ocean bank account through online banking, mobile banking transfer.

China Merchants Bank is more rigorous in cooperation with other financial and financial institutions this year. It is more common to cancel cooperation, limit, and limit recharge methods. The above recharge method is a little troublesome, but it does not affect the purchase of wealth management products, and the withdrawal is not affected.

Let's take a 360 financial analyst to evaluate what the experience and products of Blue Ocean Bank are.

Blue Ocean Bank currently has six major categories of products, namely Blue Baby, Time Deposit, Blue Huiying, Savings Interest, Insurance Services, and Loans.

  First, blue baby

Blue Baby is a highly recommended product of Blue Ocean Bank. This is an innovative cash management product. The bottom asset is a 5-year deposit and withdrawal deposit. Each time a customer deposits a blue baby, it corresponds to a bank 5-year period. Deposit as a base asset. To ensure financial flexibility and higher returns, Blue Ocean Bank offers two methods of withdrawal:

1. Withdrawal of the maturity of 5 years, according to the 5-year fixed deposit rate of 4.875%;

2, early withdrawal, according to the "early withdrawal rate" interest rate, currently 4.4%.

It should be noted that the advance withdrawal rate is adjusted at any time, but the adjusted interest rate only affects the interest rate purchased in the future. The interest rate of the blue baby you bought before is unchanged.

In other words, Blue Baby is a current wealth management product with an annual interest rate of 4.4%. It can be withdrawn at any time on the day of purchase. If you hold it for 5 years, the interest rate can reach 4.875%. The current interest rate can reach 4.4%, which is very high. After all, the average yield of the money fund has fallen below 2.9%, and only supports the quick withdrawal within 10,000 yuan. The excess can only be paid for the second working day. Blue Baby supports large amount of fast redemption.

The reason why Blue Baby can withdraw at any time and have such a high interest rate is because you withdraw in advance, which is equivalent to transferring your deposit income right to a third-party service organization that cooperates with Blue Ocean Bank.

The blue baby and Fumin Bank's Fuminbao and Zhongbang Bank's day series are the same type of products, and the current interest rate is also 4.4%.

  Rong 360 Comments: Blue baby is an innovative cash management tool, the underlying assets are deposits, in theory, relatively safe, but can not be directly divided into deposits, so the security is slightly lower than ordinary deposits. However, this innovative product is very popular with the masses. After all, there are still very few products that can be withdrawn at any time and have such high interest rates.

  Second, time deposits

The time deposit here is exactly the same as the term deposit of the physical bank. The deposit of 50 yuan, the period from 3 months to 5 years, can be withdrawn in advance, but the portion that is withdrawn in advance can only bear interest at the current interest rate.

The time deposit rate of Blue Ocean Bank is obviously higher than the interest rate of the physical bank. The blue ocean 3 bank time deposits carry out differentiated interest rates according to the deposit amount. Among them, the deposit amount reaches more than 10,000 yuan, and the 3-month interest rate is 1.65%, 6 The monthly interest rate is 1.95%, the 1-year interest rate is 2.25%, the 2-year interest rate is 3.15%, the 3-year interest rate is 4.125%, and the 5-year interest rate is 5.4%.

If the deposit amount is less than 10,000 yuan, the 3-month-3 year interest rate is slightly lower, but the 5-year interest rate is 5.4%.

Compared with the physical bank, Blue Ocean Bank's 3-year and 5-year interest rates have obvious advantages, especially the 5-year interest rate. Even the large-capital deposits of physical banks are less than 5.4%. However, 360 financial analysts reminded everyone, do not look at the high interest rate, the brain has been stored for 5 years, after all, the deadline is very long, in case you need to use money, early withdrawal according to the current interest rate of 0.35% interest is not worth it.

The depositor can choose whether to automatically renew the deposit. After the deposit expires, you can continue to scroll to the next issue. For example, if you save for 1 year, after 1 year has expired, you can automatically save it for another year.

  Rong 360 Comments: Blue Sea Bank has a high interest rate on time deposits, especially 3-year and 5-year interest rates, but long-term deposits are suitable for depositors with low liquidity requirements.

  Third, Blue Huiying

Lan Huiying is a smart deposit, with a deposit of 1,000 yuan. It is based on the length of your deposit time and supports the withdrawal at any time. The longer the deposit time, the higher the interest rate. Among them, the interest rate is less than 7 days, 0.35%, the 7-day interest rate is 1.755%, the full 3-month interest rate is 1.65%, the half-year interest rate is 1.95%, the full-year interest rate is 2.25%, and the full 2-year interest rate is 3.15%. The interest rate for the full three years is 4.125%, and the interest rate for the full five years is 4.875%.

Smart deposits are deposits, and they are guaranteed to be insured. Compared with the above-mentioned time deposits, the 5-year interest rate is actually slightly lower.

  Rong 360 Comments: Smart deposits are characteristic products of private banks. Because they can be calculated on a step-by-step basis, they are much more flexible than time deposits.

  Fourth, save the interest rate

The deposit interest rate is a 5-year time deposit, with a deposit of 5,000 yuan, an annual interest rate of 5%, monthly interest payments, and maturity. Depositing interest rates is suitable for large sums of money that are not used in the short term, and the interest per month is a group of pocket money or living expenses. The date you deposit is the date of interest earned each month in the future.

The deposit interest rate also supports early withdrawal, but the portion of the early withdrawal can only bear interest at the current interest rate of 0.35%, and at the same time deduct the periodic interest that has been issued before.

  Rong 360 Comments: If you have more money, you should use the interest of each month as a living pocket money, then the deposit interest rate is more suitable for you, if the money is very small, such as only 5,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan, etc. Don't save the interest rate, there is not much interest per month, and the whole deposit is more cost-effective.

  V. Insurance services

Blue Ocean Bank's insurance services consist of two insurance products, one medical insurance and one serious illness insurance.

The medical insurance is divided into the security version and the enjoyment version. The security version is higher. The general medical insurance and malignant medical insurance are 3 million yuan, and the major illness insurance is 30,000 yuan. The medical insurance premium for gold and malignant tumors is 1 million yuan, and the major illness insurance premium is 10,000 yuan.

Medical insurance is how much and how much to report. Under normal circumstances, neither general medical nor malignant tumors can cost so much money, so in fact, 1 million is enough, there is no need to buy an enjoyment version.

The medical insurance insurance period is one year, so you need to buy it every year. The older you are, the higher the annual premium. The music insurance version of the music enjoyment is 21-30 years old. The annual premium is 220 yuan, 31-40 years old, and the annual premium is 340 yuan.

Blue Ocean Bank's critical illness insurance is lifelong. The payment method can be selected from the followings: 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, and the amount can be between 1 and 500,000 yuan.

Critical illness insurance is the first payment, as long as the diagnosis is made, the insurance amount is directly paid.

Because the critical illness insurance is lifelong, and it is how much to pay, it is often more expensive. For example, a 30-year-old woman pays 20 years, the insured amount is 500,000 yuan, and the annual premium is 9710 yuan.

  Rong 360 Comments: Blue Ocean Bank's medical insurance does not have any social security, this is not cost-effective for people with social security, many medical insurance in the case of social security, the premium will be lower. However, the major insurance companies have little difference in their critical illness insurance. In the case of social security, priority should be given to the purchase of critical illness insurance.

  6. Loans

There are three kinds of loans from Blue Ocean Bank, namely, blue loans, deposits and loans, and individual loans. However, the current individual loans have not been opened yet.

Blue Money Loan is an Internet home mortgage loan. It has the right to have a house. It is characterized by online evaluation, simple procedures, fast loan, daily interest, and borrowing. It currently covers only major cities in Shandong Province.

Deposit and loan refers to the loan that the borrower obtains from the Bank with the unexpired personal periodic electronic deposit certificate opened by the Bank. Therefore, you need to deposit in the Blue Ocean Bank before you can deposit and sell loans.

  Rong 360 Comments: Blue and loan are all mortgages, so they are quality loans for banks, but only some borrowers have the conditions and the user base is narrow.

  to sum up

From the experience point of view, the layout of the blue ocean bank is relatively clear and reasonable, and the account opening process and operating experience are relatively smooth, which is much better than direct banking.

From the perspective of products, Blue Ocean Bank's main deposit-type products are rich in terms of term, and the interest rate advantage is very obvious, which can attract investors more attractive.

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