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Jiangxi Bank Gold E-Ration Evaluation: Main Lending Products No Banking

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Jiangxi Bank Direct Bank is mainly engaged in online lending products, but there is no bank financing.

The name of Jiangxi Bank Direct Bank is “Jiangxi Bank Jin E Rong”, and it is downloaded and installed in the mobile app store “Jiangxi Bank Gold E Rong”. The next step is to register and open an account. You need to provide a mobile phone number, SMS verification code, scan the front and back of the ID card, and bind the bank card.

Jiangxi Bank Jin Erong supports the issuance of savings cards for 15 national banks and more than 100 local banks. The 15 national banks are Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, ICBC, CCB, Bank of Communications, China Everbright, CITIC, Xingye, China Merchants, Pudong, Shanghai, Minsheng, Ping An, Guangfa Bank.

This is a Class II account, which includes financial management and a limited amount of consumer payment. We generally open a Class I account in a physical bank. The biggest difference from a Class II account is that it can be cashed out, and large-volume consumption, with entities. card.

Jiangxi Bank Jin e Rong needs to open an account before viewing specific product information. Below, Rong 360 financial analysts will come to a specific analysis, what exactly is the product of Jiangxi Bank Jin E.

Jiangxi Bank Jin Erong contains a total of six categories of products, namely, Tian Liying, Duoliying, Jin e seeking gold, enjoying e-investment, fund supermarkets, and fund collection. Let's take a look at it separately.

  First, Tim Lee

The interpretation of Tim Lee's product by Jiangxi Bank Jin Erong is like this: It refers to an innovative smart investment plan that the system automatically matches and invests after the customer submits the application.

This statement is very vague and does not explain at all what the product is, what the underlying assets are. Rong 360 financial analyst consulted the customer service of Jiangxi Bank. At first, he only said that it was a high-quality asset, and then later said that it was an investment and financing product.

  What is an investment and financing product? In fact, it is a loan product.Similar to the wealth management products on the P2P online lending platform, whether the quality is only a side of the bank, investors can not judge. But in general, investment and financing products are certainly not low-risk products, they will be included in medium-high risk products.

After figuring out the nature of the product, let's take a look at the other features of this product. Tim Lee is a current product, starting from 100 yuan, the single-day purchase investment limit is 1 million yuan, the single-day transfer limit is 500,000 yuan, the latest expected annualized rate of return is 4.488%.

It should be noted that Tim Lee is not bought at any time, nor can it be sold at any time. If there are fewer people borrowing money and more people investing, investors need to queue up to buy, or enough money; if there are more people to transfer, fewer people will take over, then investors need to queue up.

I can't buy it, but I am afraid that I can't turn it out. For example, after the Internet loan thunderstorm in the middle of this year, many platform withdrawals can only be withdrawn through the transfer of creditor's rights. However, since the platform is in a state of net capital outflow, the amount of money is much less, and the investor's claims are difficult to transfer. Waiting for a few months is a common occurrence, and the platform may even force you to turn your short-term claims into three-year long-term claims, and your funds will be trapped.

  Rong 360 Comments: Borrowing products often have a long period of time, but now all major platforms have mismatched deadlines. Liquidity depends on the activity of the platform. Investors who purchase such products should also be cautious. Don’t believe this. Product flexibility.

  Second, Du Liying

Duoliying is a monetary fund, and the docking is the Huaan Huicaitong Monetary Fund, which should be the standard product of major financial and financial institutions.

Monetary funds are better understood, and the nature of Yu'ebao is the same, T+1 trading mechanism. Purchase before 15:00 on the working day, the second working day, the redemption before 15:00 on the working day, the amount within 10,000 yuan, in principle, the real-time account, more than 10,000 yuan can only be used for ordinary redemption, work Redeem before 15:00 on the day and arrive before 24:00 on the next working day.

The latest seven-day annualized rate of return of Hua'an Huicaitong Monetary Fund is 3.028%, and the yield in recent year is 3.99%, which is in the middle-upper level among all monetary funds.

  Rong 360 Comments: The security of the money fund is undoubted, there is no need to worry about the security of the principal, it is one of the best ways to change money.

  Third, gold e seeking gold

Gold e-finance is a network lending product. The difference between the above and the above is that Tim Lee is a current one. The gold e-payment is regular, and the product description should be detailed, but the information disclosure of the financing party is still insufficient. It only shows that the financier is used for turnover, technology development, etc., but does not provide the specific information of the financier, including name, gender, occupation, income certificate, property certificate, business license, etc. are not known.

Jin e seeks to issue new bids every Monday to Friday at 17:00 and 20:00, and is temporarily released on holidays. At present, the products on the page are all in the "end" state, which are basically one-year products, and the expected annualized rate of return is 5.5%. This level of income is higher than bank financing, but far lower than the P2P platform's rate of return.

Online lending products are high-risk products. The probability of overdue and bad debts is high. However, these products are marked by third-party companies to guarantee the principal and income, which means that the borrower is not yet available, and the insurance company will lose money, which is equivalent to the P2P platform. Performance insurance.

However, there are some doubts and risks in this kind of insurance. For example, some performance insurance premiums have limits and exemption clauses. For example, some provisions require that the loan contract is true and will not be compensated. If it is false, it will not be compensated.

 Rong 360 Comments: The risk of borrowing products is relatively high, and purchases need to be cautious.

  Fourth, enjoy the e vote

The types of products in the E-Shares include bond funds, capital preservation funds, and endowment insurance management products. However, these products are all products released in previous years. They are currently in an end state and cannot be purchased. New products have not been released this year.

  Rong 360 Comments: Since the new products are not available for sale, I don’t know why Jiangxi Bank Gold E Rong still keeps this page.

  Five, fund supermarket

The fund supermarket is a cooperation between Jiangxi Bank and the Deli Fund. The Deli Fund is a third-party fund sales organization. Users can view the fund products and jump directly to the Deli Fund platform.

The number of funds on the Deli Fund platform is small, and the handling fee is relatively high, which is not superior to the large third-party sales platform. For example, the subscription rate of a fund on the profit fund platform is 0.6%, but the subscription rate of Tiantian Fund is only 0.1%.

  Rong 360 Comments: Funds still do not buy in the bank channel, and less expensive.

  6. Funds collection

The product name is “Save Salary”, you can choose any day of 1-28th of each month as the collection date, and the monthly collection amount can be set between 100RMB and 20,000, signing the salary, the account amount Will be automatically collected into the Golden E-Fin electronic account, before the signing date, the current month will take effect, after the signing date, the next month will take effect.

It is a smart deposit that can be viewed in “My Account”. Hold one day, bear interest according to the 1-day notice deposit interest rate of 0.96%, hold seven days, bear interest according to the seven-day notice deposit interest rate of 1.62%, hold three months, bear interest according to the three-month fixed deposit rate of 1.54%, hold six In the month, the interest rate is calculated based on the six-month time deposit rate of 1.82%. It holds more than one year and bears interest at the one-year time deposit rate of 2.1%.

For example, you signed a payroll, the contract date is 1 day, and the contract amount is 2,000 yuan. On the 1st of each month, you will automatically deduct 2000 yuan from your bound bank card to the smart deposit. It can be withdrawn at any time, relying on the file to bear interest. For example, if you hold for three months, you will bear interest at 1.54%, hold for one year, and bear interest at 2.1%.

  Rong 360 Comments: The description of the payroll is not very clear, the user needs a certain reading skill, and the more benefits are not on this page, the layout is unreasonable.

  to sum up

The Jiangxi Bank Golden E-Fin page is an investment and wealth management product. The layout is relatively simple and clear, and there are no other services. Product types include lending products, money funds, other types of funds, smart deposits, and lack of key bank wealth management. It can be seen that Jiangxi Bank's gold e-fin is the main product of borrowing. After all, such products have high returns and investors are more popular, but such products still have certain risks. There are no particularly attractive products other than this.

Which bank's wealth management products have the highest revenue? Attention: Treasure notes (rong360licai), reply to "bank financing" to get the latest real-time list.

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