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Internet baby yields hit a 22-month low.

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This week, the average 7-day annualized rate of return on Internet baby products was 2.88%, which fell for 16 consecutive weeks, the lowest level since January 2017.

According to data from 360 monitoring, the average seven-day annualized rate of return for 74 Internet baby products this week (October 19-October 25) was 2.88%, down 0.08 percentage points from last week, falling for 16 consecutive weeks. It will create a new low in the year and also set the lowest level of income since January 2017.

From the highest point of 4.33% at the beginning of the year to the present, the income of Internet baby has dropped by 33.49% during the year. This downward trend is comparable to the decline in the first half of 2014. This shows that the market liquidity is indeed loose this year.

From the perspective of different sales platforms, the third-party payment system has obvious income advantages. The average annual return rate of this week is 3.03%, and the 10,000-yuan income is 0.8068, ranking first. Bank, fund, and sales department average baby. The annualized yields on the 7th were 2.94%, 2.78%, and 2.76%, respectively, all below 3%, and the 10,000-yuan income was also below 0.8.

Rong 360 financial analysts counted the top ten babies in this week's earnings. Among them, Industrial Bank's shopkeeper's wallet has an average annual return rate of 3.39%, ranking first, and the docking is the Xingquan Tianlibao currency. Recently, the income has fluctuated greatly. The latest seven-day annualized rate of return has fallen back to around 3%. From the perspective of long-term profitability, Xingquan's profit-making currency ranks in the middle and upper reaches, which is not bad.

This week, 7 babies have the same income, and the average seven-day annualization of Jubao, Minsheng Ruyibao, Huitianfu Cash, Telecom Tianyibao, Weibao Piggy Bank, Cash Express (ICBC and ICBC Credit Suisse Fund) The yields were all 3.34%, tied for the second, and they were docked with three money funds, namely Huitianfu and Jubao currencies, Huitianfu cash treasure currency, and ICBC currency. These three money funds performed best in Huitianfu Cash Exchange. The yield in the past year was 4.18%, which was in the leading position in the industry, and the income trend was relatively stable.

Everyone chooses a money fund and compares the medium and long-term income level. From the current income situation, the money fund's yield in the past year can reach 4.1% or above, and it can be considered at the upstream level. Like Tianhong Yubao Currency, the latest seven-day annualized rate of return is 2.631%, and the yield in the past year is 3.72%. Although the yield is relatively stable, it is in the downstream level for a long time in the industry.

Recently, major fund companies have announced their third-quarter reports. As of September 30, the latest size of Tianhong Yubao’s currency was 1,323.212 billion yuan, a decrease of 130 billion yuan from the end of the previous quarter, but the scale of other money funds docked by Yu'ebao surged. After more than 160 billion yuan, the total size of the balance in the third quarter increased by more than 32 billion yuan.

It can be seen that although the income has fallen sharply this year, Yu's ability to absorb gold is still very strong.

  Market outlook

In order to influence the taxation period, government bond issuance and other factors, the central bank's continuous net operation in the open market this week, the market liquidity is still abundant, and the money market interest rate is further reduced. In the short term, there is no sign of tightening monetary policy, and the probability of Internet baby's yield will continue to fall.

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