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Sesame rose by 64 points a year? The most complete point of increase!

Time: 2018-10-08         Source: Gold Bar         Author: bullion No.

Sesame credit less than 600 points? Can't I use the loan? Can't you increase your quota?


Xiaobian This will teach you how to improve the sesame score and let yourself rise by 64 points a year! Although Xiaobian only spent 61,675 yuan in the whole year, the sesame score rose by 64 points! (already reached 738),

What exactly is going on?

In general, there are five factors that affect the level of sesame seeds:Identity traits, credit history, behavioral preferences, ability to perform, and connections.


In conjunction with this Alipay bill, credit card repayment and payment are the key to improving sesame seeds!


Although only one payment was made with Alipay, but there is a credit card, it means that the personal credit is no problem. The monthly bill is spent 1000 yuan on the credit card, indicating that the credit consumption potential can be tapped.


Using Alipay to pay water, electricity and gas costs can reflect the stability of the user, and it is very helpful to improve the sesame seeds. Paying on time is also a key!


Use Alipay (flying pig) real name to buy a ticket, bind the payment network to the car fare, to improve the sesame score, open the flowers, borrow money to help!


At the same time, Alipay's payment preferences are set as credit cards or flowers, so that you can get sesame seeds, you can consume first, then repay, and help increase the amount of credit cards or flowers.


When you buy online, you can pay by borrowing, and then repaying on time, you can not only get, one-month interest-free overdraft, but also increase the sesame credit, by the way, increase the amount of flowers, borrow money, why not?


Occasionally, large amounts of consumption, purchase of electronic products, reflecting the user's spending power, improve the qualifications in Alipay's eyes.


There are many "relationships" with some local tyrants. Friends and transfer behaviors reflect your personal connections. It is recommended to add more friends who have high sesame credits and often transfer money with them.


More love donations, Alipay has a loving donation entrance. If you donate frequently, regardless of the amount, the accumulated credit is naturally higher than those who don't donate.


More consumption in the Ali e-commerce platform, Tmall, Taobao, poly cost-effective and other shopping spending.


Buy wealth management products on Alipay. At present, Alipay not only has the balance treasure, but also accesses the lucky treasure. The larger the amount invested by the user, the more frequent the frequency, and the score will naturally be higher.


Supplement your personal information, add information such as academic qualifications, student status, unit mailbox, vehicle information, Linkedin, etc., the more complete and comprehensive, the more clear your sesame credit portrait.


The more the number of credit cards associated, the higher the credit limit, the more frequent the payment through Alipay, the more sesame points can be learned, your credit history and ability to perform.


Keep a stable address, contact information When shopping online, the shopping address should not change frequently, reflecting your stability and making it easy for others to contact you. note! note! note!

In addition to the sesame credit, it can increase the amount of flowers and borrowed money, and it will be used in other platforms. It is understood that some small loan companies have also access to sesame credit, so we often need sesame seeds when we are small loans. However, many people often start to care about their sesame credits after the failure of small loans. However, it is difficult for Sesame Credit to be greatly improved in the short term, which requires long-term maintenance and is accumulated in a little bit.

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