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Sesame points fell, and did not rise in 7 months, the reason turned out to be this!

Time: 2018-09-26         Source: If you have money, you can’t make money.         Author: borrow money to be profitable chant chant

Sesame is an important criterion used by Alipay to judge user credit. Therefore, sesame is very important for users, but sometimes people will find their sesame credit scores drop.

So why is the sesame score falling? What are the reasons for it?

✴ Information is incomplete

Because Sesame Credit is not the same as Alipay, it is a real-name certification, so this leads to the incomplete personal information of many people, and the incomplete information may also lower the sesame.

频繁 Change the phone number frequently

Some people will like to frequently change the mobile phone number and change the delivery address. These are the sub-items of sesame credit. So everyone needs to pay attention to these two points.

✴ No confirmation of receipt

Because many people use Alipay to pay online, they will basically not confirm the receipt, because there will be system default function, but if you do not confirm the receipt, it is likely that the system is considered to be lack of credit, use After receiving the goods, you should still confirm the receipt and evaluation.

不用 No living service

Many people don't actually use Alipay to pay for utility bills, gas bills, etc., although they don't have to pay for it, but it doesn't affect your system's stability and regularity. This makes it impossible for sesame to assess you in terms of life.

✴ ✴ 呗, borrowing use

Because a large part of sesame is based on your flower buds and borrowing, so if you don't use flowers, you can't get your credit evaluation data source. If you overdue after use, it will also affect the sesame seeds.

The above is the main reason why Xiaobian's summary of sesame seeds will decline. Therefore, friends who use Alipay should pay more attention to these points in their daily life. When using flowers and borrowing, remember to pay back on time and keep them. A good record of use, the system will not lower your sesame score.

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