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Unsecured loan scams are revealed!

Time: 2018-09-20         Source: Cathay Manpower         Author: Cathay Pacific Human

Whether you want to start a business or do something, when you worry about money, you find that an unsecured loan advertisement appears in front of you. Are you heart-warming? If your heart is moving, then you may have begun to step into the trap of a liar.

Unsecured loans are now increasingly favored by borrowers. It is also because of its convenience that it has attracted the attention of scammers. Nowadays, the unsecured loan field is difficult to distinguish between real and fake, and it has become a hardest hit area for fraud.

Today, everyone understands several common unsecured loan fraud scams.

Scam one: no charge but first charge

The first charge before lending is the most common trick of unsecured loans. Among the victims of the loan fraud, nine out of ten are falling into the pit. Liars seize the psychology that borrowers are eager to seek, and lack of common sense.

The first step: first gain trust, claiming that you only need to provide information such as "identity card" to get the loan.

The second step: weaving various reasons, charging the borrower's expenses in advance, usually by the material fee, the deposit, etc., by the borrower.

The third step: After the borrower puts the money into the other party's account, the scammer completes a round of scam and disappears.

Criminal suspects often grasp the psychology of people eager to use money, and defraud money by first collecting fees and then lending. The loan should go to the formal financial unit to apply.

Scam 2: Commitment to low interest is really usury

A lot of unsecured loan scams swindled the borrowers with the guise of "low interest rates to XX", and finally released the money at a high interest rate.

When you come across a financial institution that claims that interest is lower than the bank, you must keep this in mind: there will be no pies in the sky, the scam will start with greed, and when signing a loan contract, you must have a loan shark. basic concept. The police investigation found that such a "loan" was called a "property loan" by a criminal suspect, on the premise that the victim had a property. Although it is claimed to be an “unsecured loan”, the suspect will trick the victim into signing a house lease contract to the gang members, and then use the property information provided by the victim to collude with some illegal agents and arbitrarily sign the property of the victim. It can no longer be bought and sold, thus providing a bargaining chip for late home debt.

Scam 3: Packaging Qualification Commitment Successful

"With an ID card, whether you are a black or white household, you can pay 200,000 to 500,000 on the same day." This is the scam message that you may receive recently. Usually, if people pay the handling fee and then apply for the loan according to the requirements of the other party, the final result is that the loan is not available, and the high-cost procedures are first defrauded.

In the process of normal unsecured loans, banks and financial institutions generally require lenders to provide credit guarantees. This does not mean that the loan can be obtained out of thin air without any conditions at all. It requires the lender to have a considerable number of conditions and has high requirements for the qualification of the lender.

Scam 4: Spend money to eliminate bad credit records

Usually, the scammer claims to have an acquaintance in the bank, or spend money to eliminate the credit record. Once you get the set, the big benefit fee will be in the pocket of the scammer, and your personal credit will not look good.

The personal credit information system, also known as the consumer credit information system, mainly provides personal credit analysis products for consumer credit institutions. Specifically, the personal credit information is divided into three components: the first part is the basic information of the individual, the second part is the credit information, and the third part is the non-bank information. This information does potentially affect an individual's borrowing behavior at the bank. In fact, personal credit information is managed by the People's Bank of China Credit Information Center. No one or organization has the right to delete or modify it. So those who tell you that there is a way to delete or modify the credit is a liar.

Anti-fraud center tips

1. Do not easily trust the “loan” information provided on the Internet or by strangers. Loan information on the Internet with the banner of “low interest, high quota” is basically false information.

2. Loans need to go through formal channels and make loans through trusted financial institutions such as banks. Most people who are greedy and cheaper to go through unconventional channels will fall into the trap of criminals.

3, encounter a scam, please call 110 in time to reduce the loss to a minimum. If you find a scam, you can provide clues to the public security department.

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