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You can legally get a Beijing license plate without shaking the number. Do you want to know about it?

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Since the implementation of the vehicle swaying policy in Beijing, having a blue iron sheet at the beginning of the Beijing character has become a matter of uncertainty. According to the latest data, the current Beijing ordinary ordinary passenger car index winning rate is only 0.0466%, which is equivalent to 2148 1st.

Since the implementation of the vehicle swaying policy in Beijing, the blue iron sheet with the beginning of the word "Beijing" has become an unfortunate thing. According to the latest data,At present, the average rate of individual ordinary passenger cars in Beijing is only 0.0466%, which is equivalent to 2,148 out of 1 sign.Look at this probability, people who can shake the number to estimate that they have to wake up.

Therefore, in this context, in order to get a Beijing license plate, the prospective car owners can be said to have enough brains and tried their best: renting the card, backing the house, buying the company with the high price at a high price... even more The fake marriage license is only for the transfer of the other party's license plate to their own name... Then, when you can legally obtain the Beijing license plate without the need to shake the number, now it is in front of you, don't hurry and cherish it!

  A few days ago, the Beijing court launched the third phase of the 2018 Beijing-based passenger car judicial disposal work, a total of 57 small passenger cars (with indicators) will be disposed of, the focus: all are licensed auctions!If you want the Beijing brand to be slow to shake the number, take the time to sign up!

It is reported that the registration time will be from 10:00 on September 10 to 15:00 on September 20, and the bid will begin on September 26. But let me also tell you that it is conditional to participate in the auction, that is, you have registered in the Beijing license plate lottery system, that is to say, if you have the qualification for the numbering but have not yet obtained the indicator, you only need to pay the same amount of margin for the auction reserve price. To participate in the auction, you need to remind everyone: each person can only participate in the auction of a car.

At that time, the highest bidder within the limit price will become the buyer of the vehicle. If many people report the maximum price (150% of the vehicle evaluation price), whoever accumulates the most number of shakes is the winner; if the cumulative number of shakes is the same, then whoever registered the earliest time, who can become the ultimate buyer. Finally, after successfully winning the Beijing-style passenger car, the buyer cannot continue to use the original number plate of the passenger car. It is necessary to re-apply for the number plate after completing the transfer according to relevant regulations.

Xiaobian learned that the 57 passenger cars participating in the auction had the highest starting price of Grand Cherokee, the estimated price was 413,000 yuan, and the maximum price was 691,500 yuan; the lowest starting price was a Chery sedan, the evaluation price It is 29,000 yuan and the maximum price is 43,500 yuan. In other words, even if you have been photographed at the highest price limit, you can get a Beijing license plate plus a Chery brand car with less than 50,000 pieces!

Is it cost-effective! You must know that according to the current market conditions, the fake marriage transfer to Zhang Jing brand, the minimum has to be 100,000!

Nearly a hundred violations of the rules Who will pay the fine and who will be deducted?

However, after carefully inquiring about the specific situation of the 57 passenger cars to be auctioned, Xiao Bian noticed that a considerable part of the vehicles were carrying illegal records and fines, and the violation records of several cars were the lower limit:

As for the car on the map above, the violation record is 99, the fine is as high as 17050 yuan, the penalty is actually 176 points, 14 driver's licenses are not enough!

It is estimated that everyone is as curious as Xiaobian, who took the car and who is fine? Who is the penalty? With this question, Xiao Bian inquired about the "Questions and Answers on the Judicial Disposal of Beijing-based Passenger Cars of the Beijing Higher People's Court":

This means that fines are not penalized and fines can be used to pay for the car. Fortunately, Xiaobian patted the chest and sighed.

Is it more difficult to bid than to shake the number? Don't think about it if you are not registered for 11 years?

However, exempting the above worries, can the Beijing-based passenger car for judicial auctions be easily obtained? You can't think too naive to see the official!

First of all, today, when the Beijing brand has become a scarce resource, no matter which kind of legal way to obtain indicators, it will often break the head. According to the relevant regulations of the auction, when the maximum price is quoted by more than one person in the same vehicle, the bidder who has the most number of accumulated lottery numbers will be the same. If more than one bidder has the same number of lottery, the bidder who confirms the earliest registration time is the final buyer. people. Therefore, according to this condition, in the past Beijing-brand vehicle judicial auction, it can be the final winner, almost all of the first registration, the time is accurate to 0: x, x seconds on January 1, 2011. Ms. He, who failed in the previous auction, reluctantly said, “I have been swaying since the second period. Although I registered more than 99% of the people, I am almost registered in the early morning of January 1. To be successful."

The procedures are cumbersome and expensive: but it is not bad for the Beijing brand!

In addition, even if you are fortunate enough to bid successfully, the final amount you will pay is likely to exceed the maximum price of the vehicle you are shooting. From the beginning of the registration, it is necessary to pay the registration fee of 20 yuan. After confirming the bidding vehicle, you need to pay the deposit first. After the successful bidding, the buyer must pay the remaining price. When the auction is finally taken, since the auction car is all out of the car, the trailer must be called. The trailer fee must be borne by itself. According to the relevant regulations, the vehicle must be inspected before the vehicle transfer registration procedure. Therefore, the final maximum cost comes from the repair fee.

In July 2017, the 57-year-old Liangzi successfully sold a Buick at a price of 71,250 yuan. He said, “It’s really troublesome to finish it. It took more than 10,000 to repair the car.” But this also makes He feels gratified. "In any case, I finally have my own Beijing license plate!"

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It is reported that in addition to Beijing, there are already 8 provinces and municipalities across the country that implement vehicle restriction policies, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Guiyang, and Hainan provinces, through restrictions such as lottery, bidding, and restrictions. .

Shanghai: Restricted purchases in 2013, changes in 2013 Restricted purchase measures: lottery + bidding (100,000 indicators per year)

Beijing: Implementation of the restriction at the end of 2010 halving in 2014 Restricted purchase measures: Shake No. (200,000 licenses per year from 2011 to 2013; from 2014, down to 150,000/year)

Guiyang: Implementation of the purchase restriction in 2011 Restricted purchase measures: Yaohao + limited line (special section number of vehicles per month 2000 vehicles, ordinary number is not limited, but can not enter the old city)

Guangzhou: Restricted purchase on July 1, 2012 Restricted purchase measures: lottery + bidding (120,000 new car indicators per year)

Tianjin: December 16, 2013 implementation of restrictions on purchase restrictions: Yaohao + bidding (100,000 new car indicators per year)

Shijiazhuang: Implementation of purchase restrictions in 2013 Restricted purchase measures: family limited purchase third car + limit line (partial area limit)

Hangzhou: Implementation of the purchase restriction in March 2014 Restricted purchase measures: lottery + bidding (80,000 new car indicators per year)

Shenzhen: December 29, 2014 implementation of restrictions on purchase restrictions: Yaohao + bidding + limit line (80,000 new car indicators per year, delineating regional restrictions)

Hainan Province: May 16th, 2018, the implementation of the restriction on purchase restrictions: Yaohao + bidding (currently Hainan in the five months from August to December this year, a total of 50,000 incremental indicators released.)

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