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We sorted out the consumption bills of 500 Chinese people and saw the truth of a life.

Time: 2018-09-11         Source: Positive solution         Author: positive solutions Board

Introduction: Today's article is a bit special, it comes from the message of more than 500 readers. The truest state of life of 500 fans, how much has the house price gone up? What is the income? How is the price? is everything okay?

main content:

1.25 cities, 25 rates

2. A monthly salary of 10,000, but also old

3. The university is going to read, the book is also to be read.

4. Rent, with young people's dreams

5. Eat breast milk, "Why don't you eat meat?"

6. Can be pessimistic occasionally, but don't give up optimism

Today's article is a bit special, it comes from the message of more than 500 readers.

A few days ago, I asked 4 questions: How much has your house price gone up? What is your income? What is the price you see? Are you okay with the real life you experienced?

As of noon today, more than 500 readers and friends have left a message, sharing the real mortgage feelings in their lives, education, wages, and short-term parents.

Some of these friends are middle-aged housewives, some are freshmen who are about to enter the university, some open stores to do business, some are university teachers, some come from the North Kingdom border, and some come from the first-line CBD.

Their message may not be satisfactory, maybe there are typos, maybe not enough positive energy. But without exception, they all come from real life, with body temperature and grounding. They are the driving force of my writing and our wealth. Because WeChat rules can only select 100 messages, so most of the messages are deposited in the background, I feel very sorry.

So today, I will select some of the messages from more than 500 friends and share them with everyone. From there, you may see a similar life and take the driving force.

Believe me, all those who persist in life, work hard, and work hard, you are not alone on this road.

1 25 cities, 25 rates

The following 25 readers' comments focus on housing prices. We can see that everyone generally believes that in recent years, housing prices in small cities in the third and fourth tiers have soared. The wage income of most people is less than one-half or even one-third of the house price.

Some people buy a house early, and the pressure is small. Some people have got on the train in the past few years, and the pressure is bigger, but think about it, after all, there is a nest, and the heart is also stable. The most depressing thing is that those who have just graduated for two years, seeing the house prices soaring day by day, and their wages rising slowly like the yellow cattle.

I sincerely hope that this is not a country where real estate is a country. Taking the house to set up a country is tantamount to drinking and quenching thirst, and mistaking the country and harming the people.

Capital city, Taiyuan, wages 5000+, average price of 11000+, can't afford to buy a house, can't afford a car, single dog, don't want to get married, hope parents are healthy

Lanzhou, the suburbs, the price of 9000, the salary of about 3000

The coordinates of Xiangyang, a year of glory, house prices rose from around 3,000 to around 4,000. The salary did not rise by one point and still 2000, but the pension was overpaid. Recent necessities of life have skyrocketed...

Guangzhou Baiyun New City, 3 years ago, the most expensive community here opened more than 30,000, many people feel expensive, but now the average price of the central section is 60,000-80,000, the highest 120,000, can the landlord tell me that there are really a few people can buy From? Will it collapse?

Fourth-tier cities in the Northeast! The house price is six or seven thousand, and the monthly salary is 3,000. Today, the morning market cabbage 2.5 yuan, the egg 6 yuan, the pig front slot 12. Living in the 38 flat single room given by the parents, the second child does not dare to buy a house is a pain point.


Young people graduated from college and are reluctant to return to their hometowns. It is normal for young and middle-aged people to go south or work abroad.

This is a city without life, living in the middle and old aged

In the small county of Henan Province, the monthly income is more than 3,000. The basic 5000+ house is still a remote place where the chicken does not have a long dog. It is not easy to live, and it is harder to live! ! !

In the capital city of the north, the house price in the second ring is 15000-20000. There are two sets of 120 flat houses. In 2009, it is a good time to buy it in 15 years. Thanks to the wife, she does not buy a house in 2009, she does not get married, and she does not buy a house for 15 years. The loan is 500,000, but the pressure on the two boys is too great. The daughter-in-law is 5500-7000 after tax. My own small company is doing sales. The annual profit after tax is not stable, 15-20 million, and I pay commercial insurance. Basically, there is no money, there is always uncertainty about the future~

Small county town in Henan, with a large population base, 1.4 million people. House prices rose by 1000 last year, and the current price increase is 800. The regulation is like the “meal” dough without formula. The more and more the more and more chaotic, the less than 5500 can't stop watching.

Coordinates Fujian Zhangzhou, a city under development, depends on Xiamen's Zhangzhou Port Development Zone from 5,000 flats three years ago to 20,000 flats. When the mother went to work in the government, the seven-eight-eight-eighth tax was deducted less than 2,000 this month, and the civil servants had to pay various subsidies. This year, the family paid 5-7W. Living may be just to live, just a sophomore, the future is very confused and afraid to marry and fall in love.

Coordinates Dongguan City, 15 years house price 8000. Now basically 20,000 to 15 years 6000 now 8000 wages. Basically did not rise or jumped up, just eat a snack 20, rent more than 1,000, pharmacies do not have less than 30 medicines, children kindergarten 1800 a month, milk powder sprinkled, forget it. Fortunately, for 15 years, I bought a staircase in the 90s.

Coordinates in Nanjing, couples month 25k, no children without car, monthly supply of 3700, this year down, still bear more than a thousand, I feel that I have not bought, I have not played, money is getting more and more flowers, see small articles, total I want to save, but...

In Zhangzhou, Shandong Province, since the Country Garden, the price has risen to 7,000, and the ordinary employees who have a monthly income of more than 2,000 and one in seven can only say that they are living.

Living in a small third-tier city, Jiangsu Changzhou housing prices are currently 16,000! The monthly salary is about 10,000. I work very hard, and I have to work overtime. Two dolls at home! Husband and his income are almost the same! Very tight! A set of two-bedroom scooter does not know what to do in the future.

Coordinates Zhuhai, personal income of 10,000, did not buy a house (can not afford). Wife is full time, a child is about to go to elementary school. The average child's various tuition fees are paid out of about 3,000 rents 1800 family living expenses 3,500 personal expenses 1000 barely break even balances, and resolutely do not consider the second child. . . It is also better for parents to be healthy and unable to withstand other risk events.

In the corner city of Guangdong, the house price is three times the monthly salary. There are no six red envelopes. After ten years of work and borrowing, I finally gave a down payment. Since May, I have already dropped four wages, which has dropped by one-fifth. I don't know if I can still live.

Coordinates in the remote county-level cities in the north of Huanghuai, the price is 6000--10000. The couple's salary is about 9,000, a child goes to college, 1500 per month, and the mortgage is 4,000 per month. The car loan has just been paid off, and the province can't save money. The good thing is that both parents are healthy and have income and do not need our subsidies. But I feel that life is not easy!

A small county in Guangxi, the price of 3000 up and down, when buying 2400, the bandwidth for 15 years, the monthly supply of about 1700, my own year's provident fund is almost just enough to mortgage, because the county population is not much, the house prices have also risen slowly. The average monthly income of two people is about 10,000. Parents have pensions. It can be said that they are relatively happy. The pressure is not so great, but they still feel that they are not enough every month.

Coordinate Zhanjiang, the price starts at 10,000, and the salary is about 3,000. I want to be a house slave, but I have no ability. Prices are also rising. If the current life is not dependent on the home, there should be no deposits.

Coordinate Guilin, from the end of the 16th to the present, the house price has risen by nearly 3,000 on average. Now it is basically 9000. Every month, the balance is balanced, the mortgage is 2800, the child tuition is 1500, the water and electricity gas property is 350, the oil and salt rice and fruit are 1000, and the people are happy. 300-600, the parents of both parties did not give it for the time being, 6000 expenses per month, the second child did not dare to

Coordinate Zhangjiakou four-line city, the price of 15,000 or so, renting a house around 1300, eating and wearing the provincial capital Shijiazhuang, the capital Beijing. The wages are punched around 3000, and now I rent a house. I don’t dare to think about living in the future. I can only work hard to exercise.

I coordinate the county-level city, the province directly, because it is close to Beijing, about 200 kilometers, 100 kilometers away from Xiong'an, the price is similar to Beijing, the average price of house price is about 6,500, there are tens of thousands of real estate, the general salary is two or three thousand Some private kindergartens cost more than two thousand. There is no one hospital, and the best is only dimethyl. It has been drifting for 8 years in the north. Fortunately, I bought a house and bought it early. Now I feel that life pressure is not small. In particular, this piece of education is basically a big gap with Beijing. May consider a few years of stability, go to the provincial capital or other places.

The price of Jixian County has doubled from the previous year’s 3,000 to the present, but the wages have not risen at all.

In the suburbs of Zhangzhou, the village was demolished. I bought this suite as a foreigner. 3,965 square meters were demolished, 120 square meters was made up for 480,000 yuan, local house price was around 8,000, others demolition laughed, I cried.

And my hometown Gansu Jiuquan house price is still more than 3700-4000 points, the central enterprise wages may just go to 4000-5000, service industry 2-3000, it is a happy land.

The room in Ningbo has doubled in two years, and now it is basically 25,000+, still a remote place. Has abandoned the plan to buy a house. The most recent feeling is that I can't afford it. I usually buy a fruit in the afternoon to eat at noon. I don't dare to go out now. The vegetable market is going to speed back quickly, and it costs 200. One day's salary is gone.

2 months salary of 10,000, but also old

A common feature of the following 15 friends' messages is: meticulous!

What is the cost of a family of three for a month? Where have you earned your money? How much does it cost to raise a child? More than 10,000 monthly salary? What is the feeling of having two suites? In the face of housing prices, raising children, education, car loans, how to choose, what the psychological state looks like, they have fireworks.

The biggest feeling I got from these messages is: How lucky it is to have old people and healthy parents.

In fact, no matter where you are, even in the north, the young people who are able to achieve 10,000 monthly income are lucky.

Working in Guangdong, with a monthly salary of 10,000, living in a single dormitory, renting more than 200 water and electricity, eating more than 500 a month, sending 7500 to his wife every month, she and her daughter live in the old house in Guangxi, the average monthly of 2 mothers and daughters Spend 3,000 yuan, but fortunately did not have a room in Guangdong, or else can not continue.

My family had a monthly income of 8,000, a monthly mortgage of 3,000, and a small 3,000. Later, the city changed, the monthly salary rose to 10,000, but the local house price rose to 210,000, I heard that the city government was also interviewed. But I can't afford it either.

It’s hard to bring a little old man, and I’m tired of an old man. Hey, please take care of the babysitter for 4000 per month. I was really afraid that Xiao Yan would put another old man down and spend some money to ask the babysitter to take the child.

I am the only child, I can understand that my parents are sick and I am not anxious and helpless, but I still don't dare to have a second child. Who will give it and who will support it? At present, it is by the relatives to help, plus the old. My wife said that I didn’t earn much. I thought she was not satisfied. Now she agrees that she is right.

I am very confused. The monthly salary of 10,000 is far from being able to build a shelter for the wife and children. Is it really that I ask too much?

Zhejiang Taizhou soil eggs are at least 2 yuan in size. Where is the 12 yuan a pound of earth eggs to sell you? Children go to college in Hangzhou, where is the first batch of more than 4,000 tuition fees? Is it obvious that the 7800 tuition fee is good?

I just wanted to say that the price of eggs has risen from 5.8 to 6.2 recently. I haven’t gone for a few days. I don’t know what the price is now. I used to work in Shanghai. The rent for a single room was 1000. When I left Shanghai, it has risen to 2000. This is a rent in a very remote town. There are about 17 subway stations in the city.

I live in a third-tier city. I don't have a car loan without a car loan. The monthly income is 3,000. The main expenditure is 10,000 family heavy illness insurance. Life is the burden of my father-in-law, and I am burdened by myself. The salary is not high. I am not very demanding. Still have a good time

I am in a small county in the northeast, with a monthly income of more than 6,000. The house and car parents have already bought it, and there are no children. It is reasonable to say that there is no pressure. I feel that I am not a casual person, but I can’t afford to pay. If there is a child, where is the overhead?

That friend is still a luxury, even bought Nike of more than 700 yuan. My income is two or three times that of his, and I have been wearing Decathlon sneakers. A pair of more than one hundred knit faces in spring and summer, and a pair of more than four hundred cowhide in autumn and winter. In a few years, I bought a pair of bad models. Many friends praised me for not smoking. I always smiled and said: There is really no extra money to smoke... I am in Shanghai.

Reporter, the price of vegetables has risen. Taiyuan, the old mother keeps talking about the price of leeks is too terrible. This year, I need to lick potatoes, cabbage for the winter, and chanting her pension is still owed. This feeling seems to be in the 1990s. . . It seems that history seems to repeat itself. . .

Living in a three-tier city where the price per square meter is three times the monthly salary, affected by the policy in 16-17 years, the monthly house price increase is greater than the total increase in the salary of six years.

Married not to have children, not not wanting, is to consider the cost is too high, afraid to bring him / her to the world and sorry he / she. The reluctant dwelling in the rented house in the village of the city, Imagine that I can make a down payment, but the house price is still rising. The feeling that a penny doesn't dare to spend it is not known if anyone can understand it.

After a few months, the village in the city has to be demolished, and it feels farther away from the dream. Looking at the happy school children in school in the city, I feel that they are really happy. I really want to work on six hands and three heads, and then experience the so-called "happiness".

Husband, Shanghai, military 7000 per month, don't want to eat and live, 7,000 homes per month, my fifth-line home, 7,000 per month, there is no car loan, the two-bedroom home bought in the past few years, now look small, because the elderly I don’t live together, I don’t feel pressure for the time being. The house price is already 10,000. I have a daughter, including 1,000 for the elderly every month. I spend 50,000 to 60,000 a year. I travel every year, I don’t care, I always rely on myself. The days are quite good, that is, I will be anxious that Shanghai can't afford a house and want to send her daughter to Shanghai to enjoy better educational resources.

One, 16 years, 7,000 one flat to buy a house, now doubled, 3700 per month.

Second, the boss starts school, the annual tuition fee is 10,000, the English training is 12,000, and the total is 2,000 per month. Other Lego, painting, and dancing are all afraid to report.

Third, the second two months, my full-time no income breast milk, clothes and toys all pick up the boss, diaper full online shopping, 200 per month

Fourth, home insurance for four people 25,000 per year, 2000 per month

Fifth, the Passat car loan is 3,500 per month, and the Cadillac car loan is 9000 per month.

Sixth, the monthly living expenses are at least 3000, and the four people eat and drink Lhasa hydropower property clothes,

Husband had a monthly income of 10,000. In recent months, the income was zero, and the off-season was very magical. The monthly fixed expenses are so much. The old man is always in the state of being the oldest. The husband said that after three years, he will finish the car loan. After three years, my two sons went to school. I also found something to do. I’d be lucky for a day, and I’m lucky to be hesitant to buy a house. If the two sons buy a house and get married, no matter what the first time, who knows the situation after 20 years?

The price of wild wages rose for 14 years every year. In 14 years, the climb climbed more and more, and the more and more climbed, the crazy price lingered behind. In 1996, the heart disease returned to wages of 334. yuan, from 2018 to 2448 yuan this month. Husband 3340 yuan of cancer plus stroke hemiplegia, deposits and eighty-five fathers on both sides to make a down payment to the son, as of the end of 2018 deposits are zero.

Borrowing money for 400,000, and still owing money. Fruits are luxury goods, and they are cheap to buy at night. Meat and eggs are strictly controlled. Can not buy can not buy all do not buy, non-buy can not be weighed again and again, very difficult. The only TV set is very old and can't be remotely controlled. After a day, if you don't feel very serious, drag it for a day.

Coordinates Shenzhen, there are two suites in the family, the previous year to buy a set, the money to do in the hands of financial management, another suite mortgage 5000, rental 3600 per month. Our family rented a house near my unit for a rent of 5,000. Now I am looking at the degree room, which is basically a little better. The 100 level is more than 8 million. My husband's monthly salary may add up to more than 30,000 to less than 40,000. If you buy a degree room again, it is estimated that there will be another 20,000 monthly payment.

I don't dare to get sick and don't dare to travel.

The baby is more than one year old, the in-laws are carrying the baby, and the body is not good. In order to save us money, we are not allowed to ask the babysitter. As for the price, expensive fruits are occasionally eaten, apples are 7/8 pieces a pound, and they eat meat and hurt. But the cost of the baby is still worth it! Milk powder, diaper, toys, not counting how much it takes to spend a month. Anyway, wages do not rise, prices are skyrocketing, really painful! Fortunately, there are suites in the hand, it is really difficult, and sold out! Currently in the entanglement of the second child, really can not afford it!

Coordinates: Wuhan two suites (wife one suite loan 3700 yuan / month, their own 4800 yuan / month, are down payment 30%), two sons (large 7 years old, small 5 months) wife full-time with children, each I will give my wife 10,000 (the wife's room loan loan living expenses, other expenses are calculated separately), the wife rents a house for 1700 yuan / month (new house is being renovated and has spent 180,000), I work in other provinces, renting a house for 1,300 yuan / month. The whole family annual insurance Fees 40,000 / year, no car. 0 deposits, income for a month barely enough for a month. This year 35, really tired. Fortunately, both parents are well-being.

Coordinates a five-level prefecture-level city in Shanxi, with an average monthly salary of 7000+, other sideline monthly 4000+ (not long), real estate construction industry, and the HR dog of the year, this year's New Year's Day bite the company's house, 135 flat, employee discount Down to a level of about 5,000, pay the down payment at the end of the year, and now rise to 6,500 a level, secretly lucky. Raise 150,000 domestic cars, 500+ per month. The daughter-in-law resigned with a baby, a female nephew, 2 years old, originally wanted a second child, consider buying a house to decorate the second child, the pressure is too much, and the second child plan is postponed.

I have always been a thrifty person. Now I have said that the consumption has been downgraded. I have been doing this for more than ten years. For example, I went to the supermarket to buy a package of ham. I have to mind my own mind about which package has the lowest average price. I never buy it. Are buying the most suitable ones. I don't smoke, I drink occasionally, I don't have any bad habits, and my personal living cost does not exceed 400 yuan per month (not including human contacts). The daughter-in-law is also not very material. The daughter's whole breast milk is one and a half years old. In addition to the day of birth, she did not drink a bite of milk powder. The mother and daughter are about 1,500 per month.

The old father still has a job, but he spends 500 monthly expenses for his parents. There is no arrears outside, but others have borrowed me tens of thousands. I don't understand that I can't afford to save money. Now I need the support of both parents to make up for the down payment. It is expected that the monthly mortgage will be 1,500. The quality of life is not high, but the family is also happy.

3 The university is going to read, the book is also to be read.

In the previous article, I said that a college student's annual tuition and living expenses are at least 15,000, which is still a luxury expenditure for ordinary families.

In fact, there are not many of these 15,000. A monthly living cost of 1,500 is the norm, and two thousand are not uncommon. To say a harsh word, many college graduates have not received the salary of his college.

Conscience, now the skyrocketing price is crazy! I live in the Chengzhong Village of Shenzhen. Here, the house is changed to an apartment. The price immediately rises by more than 30%. I didn't think that the price of the vegetables came together. My friend asked me why? I said that the rents are rising, the prices are not rising, and the bosses are drinking the northwest wind! The price of the kindergarten private school here is skyrocketing! ! From 3,500 to 5,000 private elementary schools! ! ! The classmates of the old family also said that the two children signed up for more than 5,000 in the county! ! How to live! ! What is even more frightening is that many people call for a second child! Desperate!

Although Henan said that the two books and the three books were merged, there were no three books, but there were three charges. The new year’s tuition fee plus book fee accommodation fee was 17,400. This is Zhengzhou, Henan, and this is not very high. It can cost 20,000+ in a high year.

A graduate student in medicine, the annual school subsidy is 10,000 yuan, distributed in 10 months, 1000 per month, the hospital will subsidize 300 per month. However, it will take only half a year to live in the hospital dormitory, although it is free. However, I don’t allow myself to cook, and I don’t have time to do it. It seems that I can still see it. The hospital’s lunch is about 20 yuan per lunch, and the breakfast and dinner needs about 20, basically no breakfast. I will spend 1000 or so a month. All kinds of expenses can only be subsidized by the family...

I am in Zhengzhou. The better thing is that there is no mortgage. The husband and wife have a salary of about 15,000 for two months. The price of our side is about 18,000 or the 3 ring of the lot. It is said that Zhengzhou’s house price will not be 2-3 thousand. Two girls, a kindergarten for the second year, a tuition fee of 40,000 a year, one year and a half, monthly expenditure of 8000+, now the deposit is still there, sometimes the moonlight is overdraft

Two people a total of 16,000 a month, a mortgage of 4,000, to support a sophomore student a month 2,000, hey, full of paper tears

The university's five thousand tuition fees are already a good price. You are looking at a small county outside the four lines of Beijing. My junior high school has just started enrolling students, 25,000 yuan a year. This price is not compatible with the matching of the county.

Quasi-big one said that tuition fees plus other fees, more than 7,000 yuan will be paid when starting school. I don’t dare to think about going to school after dinner, but also to buy daily necessities, add some clothes, etc... Ah, life is difficult

Coordinates in the 5th line city of Shanxi, the kindergarten has risen 2000. This year, 12800 does not include book fees, school uniforms, and experimental textbooks. There is no public kindergarten in the entire development zone, and the private price has risen from 9000 to 12,800 in three years. What can I do?

Tuition is really high, credits can be broken in minutes, and more than 10,000 will be paid this year. The undergraduate degree is like three. The family is still in the rural area of ​​Gansu in the northwest. My brother just graduated. My sister and I are five years of clinical experience. I don’t know when I can work to earn money after graduation. I am very distressed by my parents, no one can feel their pressure. Education expenditure is the only biggest expenditure of my family

In addition, the price of the book is 6.18 and the double 11 has 199-100 volumes. Dangdang also has activities. I only buy books at this node all year round. The mainland book and Taiwan version are more than the real cabbage price. I bought the Chinese University of Hong Kong and published "Chinese Modern Times." History has 300 pieces, and the mainland version is about 60. There are not many people who are expensive in storytelling, and most people don’t care.

The deepest feeling is that the book price has doubled. Five years ago, four thousand tubes were enough, and now I am buying nearly 10,000. There is no library in a small place, so you have to buy it yourself.

4 rent, with young people's dreams

North Shangguang, there are young people's dreams. High rents have become a pin for piercing this dream.

Beijing, one bedroom, rent rose from 4,200 to 5,200, wages have not risen for two years, I feel that the current level of consumption has returned to five years ago. You can choose to escape when you can't afford a house, but if you look around, where can you settle down?

Seeing this really feels very conscience. Last year, everyone who rented a house almost invested 600 yuan. This year, the government suppressed the growth of house prices. Now, everyone who rents a house has to invest more than 800 yuan!

In a county town, the salary is only 3,000 per month, and the house can't afford it, and it can't afford it! Estimated that the fruit can not be bought for a while, now a pound of fruit is 7-8 yuan! It’s hard to bear, I graduated last year! Marrying a child is a luxury! Now I can't live without it!

The rent has risen from 1600 to 2,000. The price of fruits and vegetables is too expensive to look directly. Now the fruits are bought in a round. One peach wants me five or six, and one small watermelon wants me forty. I still try to pick it up. The cheapest to buy.

Egg supermarket discounted six dollars a pound that team like to grab something. I used to think that the price was expensive. Later, I felt that I had no hope of buying a house. However, the price increase of rent and fruits and vegetables is really unbearable. I can't help but can't eat it.

I fled Shenzhen some time ago, don't let me survive with the fittest, survive the inferior strongman Hengqiang, or tm because the rent has risen again, I also feel that this is a city with uneven quality, no trace of human touch, often help Others don’t even have a thank you, and the snacks around are not delicious! Every month, I have no way to pay the remaining amount of money to pay the rented water and electricity. Every month, I get a ball with the money I got at my hometown.

Before the rent rises, the business of Lanzhou Ramen is so good that there is no place in the store. The buns around the buns are always faster than the leek stuffing! It seems that there is room for the increase in rented ramen noodles. The meat buns are sold faster, and the stuffing buns are basically not much left! After the flooding of Shandong Shouguang, the business of ramen noodles is half empty, and the stuffed buns have the rest. The stuffing buns are not enough to buy. The consumption upgrade is not upgraded. Only the people understand! Ask for a book, you can't afford hundreds of books!

5 Eat breast milk, "Why don't you eat meat?"

There is also a message, I really can't help but go back, like this:

Advocating N years of breastfeeding, why the cost of raising a child is counted as 1000 milk powder per month. In real life, there is really little breast milk because of physical condition.

I returned one under this message: I guess you haven't had a baby yet?

Why are you so embarrassed? I will calculate it carefully here. According to my observation, most people are willing to choose breastfeeding. But in general, professional women, maternity leave is only 4 months, even if your background is hard, the qualifications are old, please take a few months off, and then please take 2 months off.

Infants are generally breastfed before 6 months. Usually children drink milk powder to drink 3 years old, even four or five years old. After my mother goes to work, don't drink milk powder and drink air? With the increase of age, the amount of milk will increase or decrease, and the price of milk powder will be different. But on average, plus some complementary foods such as rice noodles and vitamins, there is only a small amount of 1000 pieces of milk powder per month.

There is this:

For the example of eggs, it is necessary to be rational and objective. Do not use the wholesale price, retail price, foreign eggs, and the price of earth eggs to deliberately confuse in order to express opinions. This can only encourage the emotions of low-skilled people, but reduce the credibility of the article.

Seriously, in the face of this kind of message, I am really speechless. Wholesale, retail, earth eggs, and foreign eggs are listed for each price, which is intentionally confused.

Well, I only say that the price of eggs is now selling 13 yuan a pound, and in fact, this is the price of earth eggs, the price of foreign eggs is 6 dollars a pound. Is this objective?

There is this:

I think the example of 9800 you said is too exaggerated and extreme. He is not old enough! Parents should also be able to make money! Even if parents can't make money, there will be insurance before! Parents are also willing to bring a baby for a small family, then the mother can go to work to make money! The days are not as exaggerated as your example. I don’t think it’s counted in China’s accounting. It’s necessary to add the income of the elderly to science.

I am a western fifth-tier city, my child is four years old, and I have never been so miserable!

I also come to calculate the account. I am in a small city in the west. After we have a tax of about 12,000, we have a house with a car and no mortgage. The monthly cost of a family of three is around 6000. Although the house is not in the city center, the car is also running for 40,000, but I really don't feel as exaggerated as the author. The woman’s father is still at work, and basically does not give money to the woman’s family. The male parents live in the countryside and give up to 1,000 each month.

Therefore, there is really no author who writes such exaggeration. In addition, I am 87 years old. I am a local classmate and friends around me. If it is a unit, the basic parents have retirement wages. I also have a job.

I am a college graduate, and my education is similar to me. I basically earned 4.5 thousand in January. If the sales industry is generally 6.7 thousand is there. So I really don't understand why I am so anxious. Besides, the price of pork, the kind of pork ribs that I bought yesterday was 19 pounds, 17 pork belly, 6 black grapes and 3 crispy peaches. Still a little price.

How can I reply to this kind of message? Take a look at it and you can see that this reader is an extreme exception. Why? Because she is in the western fifth-tier city, after the tax of 12,000 or so, there is a room with a car, no mortgage, the woman's father is still at work, college graduate.

But even then, she has to spend about 6,000 a month. And from the text, it is likely that her parents have insurance, retirement wages. The work that the husband and wife should do should be a good income in the local area.

To be honest, if most people in China are in such a situation, we should now enter the developed world without a doubt.

At the time of the Jin Dynasty, which was more than 1.7 years old, there was a Jinhui Emperor. At that time, the world was famine, the people had no food to eat, and many people died of starvation. Some ministers reported the news to Jin Huidi. Jin Huidi answered this question: Why don't they eat meat porridge without food?

This kind of thing is still happening today.

6 can be pessimistic occasionally, but do not give up optimism

Some people agree with my point of view, while others say it is extreme. One of the representative "questions" is this: why not spread positive energy, why sell arms.

If you share your own views on the world, the experience of life, and some cases that are different from the happiness in the news broadcast, is this not positive energy? If this is the case, then there is no such positive energy. We are not selling anxiety, anxiety is always there, but I just said it.

In the current situation, the more you look at it, the more anxiety you have. But sometimes anxiety is a good thing and a motivation for hard work.

As I often say, under the torrent of the times, you and I are all ants.

The best way is to exercise, less sick, save more money, don't give up studying, you can occasionally be pessimistic, but don't give up optimism. No, there is no choice.

One truth of life is that many people think that they are still young and have unlimited possibilities. Life is like an open-ended, unlimited-word essay. But in fact, considering your family environment, your education, gambling on the national transport, most people's lives are doomed from the beginning.

This process is very similar to the experience of buying a house. Many people, when they are ready to buy a house, think that the city is so big, what house to buy if they want to buy a house. But in the end, I found that because of deposits, lots, properties, school districts, etc., you can choose a few real estates. The reason why you like to watch the palace fight, see the silk rebellion, look at the happiness and enmity, because you know, it can only be in the virtual world.

In this world, many people have watched a few episodes of the opera, and they thought that they were also thick black masters. After running a few self-driving tours, they thought they understood China. The more I see, the more I am awed by the complex and real life of China.

So, this special article, thank you for opening this article, and the friends who have more than 500 messages.

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