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How can you live without buying a house for a lifetime?

Time: 2018-09-07         Source: Shen Yue Club         Author: Deep Club

"How can you live without buying a house for a lifetime?"

When the old friend Zhou Wuwang asked me this sentence, the tone was soaked with grape flavor. Under the yellow sunset in autumn, his face that had been rolled over thousands of times by a knife showed a ridiculous reluctance. .

Suddenly remembered that when we went to college, we huddled in the cumbersome desktop computer. After watching the A film in a wretched way, we sang a song called "The Youth We Have Nowhere to Place". There is a line in it, Zhou Wuwang. I didn’t believe it before, but I’m convinced now:

If you don't buy a house, there will be nowhere to put our lives.

After many years, there was a rotten film called "The Youth that will die in the end". There is also a line in it: Zhou Wuwang was convinced before, but now the first three words of this idiom are directly like a thief-like time. Stolen away:

Why is life short, why bother to live in one house.

Zhou Wuwang is very confused. He said that he does not understand the world more and more. It is like when he was in college, he did not understand why Japanese beautiful Japanese women want to shoot AV.

1 reality

The current state of society is like this:

In big cities, locals are desperate to buy a house, only to preserve or increase the value of the currency; foreigners are desperate to earn money to buy a home, only to squeeze into and become a part of the metropolitan life circle.

In small cities, because the previous house prices are not high, it is not difficult to get on the train. The ordinary wage earners have one or two sets of independent or rental, which is the mainstay of the city.

The 20% of the people in the 28th law have already begun to plan for a big city home, for the next generation of education issues or speculative investment.

In smaller and more remote villages, the young workforce has been silently attracted by big cities.

Because there is no education, there is no skill, and they can’t afford it. Most of them are doing mechanical and tasteless work in the factories in the north and south of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. They only want to earn some money and return to the small building on the two floors of the old home. They look at it again and again. A woman with a similar background, join hands to celebrate the day.

There are many such villages in China:

A flat-top house like a villa and the mountain creeks are against each other, but they don’t talk to each other. Three or two left-behind old people and children walked by, and the days were like the pond in front of the door. .

If you are lucky, make a small amount of money, go to the city to buy a house, in order to let the children read a better school, do not continue the life of the father.

Three years ago, there were such a group of people who did not know whether they came from the north to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen or the rural villages. They only knew that they had a common slogan:

"If you don't buy a house, you will rent a house for a lifetime."

It is reasonable to say that, after all, China has been dying for five thousand years, and there is no shortage of such people in the dynasties. They are another form of life or logical thinking other than normal people.

They are eager for freedom, they don't want to be bound by something, and others can't comment.

However, with the passage of time, after three years, this voice has become less and less. House prices are contraceptives, but they are also catalysts. It is urging a group of teenagers to mature quickly and urging the ideals of a group of young people to rot. A group of middle-aged people began to greasy, and gradually, more and more things have become increasingly cool, more and more people become insensitive.

Ok, go back to Zhou Wuwang’s question: How can you live without buying a house for a lifetime?

The words of a family are difficult to be objective. Let us see what everyone says:


He says

Scientists plant the sun | Chinese Academy of Sciences Master of Psychology Product Vice President

I think this question is very sad.

Because working as an ordinary person in a big city means that this person should not be particularly rich at home, have no legacy, and have no small goal of making a billion.

He is an ordinary person. As an ordinary person, his income source is mainly two channels. One is to work, to sell his time and energy, and some labor skills, in exchange for a salary and salary. Another idea is to use the existing capital, use money to make money, and do some leverage.

Buying a house, buying a house in a big city is often more than just living on your own. It can at least prevent your assets from depreciating. You need to know that buying a house is not just for investment, but to prevent asset depreciation. At this time, if you have work, skills, and capital, but you choose not to buy a house, and do not intend to buy a house, then in your life at the level of asset leverage, is to go to a very good real estate investment.

If this is the case, it will be fine if you can make it up elsewhere. If you can't make it back, it will be a little bit harder.

Martin | famous host, middle-aged fat man

Tell everyone a paragraph:

A man and a woman went to blind date, the girl asked: Do you have a car?

The boy said: No.

The girl asked again: Do you have a room?

The boy said: No. The girl was in a hurry and got up and left.

"You have no car, no room, no liar, no liar." The boy said slowly: "Although I have nothing, I am a shareholder of a listed company."

The girl ran back as soon as she heard it. "Oh, you said it early, hate it, which company, I know."

The boy said: "China Petroleum, I bought his stock, and now I have no solution."

This is an old paragraph, but it tells us a truth, what is the house.

The room is money and the house is an asset. So if you have enough assets or if you have enough skills to earn assets, it doesn't matter if you have a house. If you don't have one, then the house is very important. Therefore, we can not blame the parents and girls who require cars and houses, because the house is the most tangible property, no room, it is really difficult.

Liu Xiping|Public Relations\Sports\Years\Workplace\Social\Life

You really asked the right person, I didn't buy a house, and I don't plan to buy a house in the future. It's not too good now. Have you seen the best-selling book "Poor Dad, Rich Dad"? Teach people to manage their finances.

The author is asking people not to buy their own homes, to buy a house, purely for investment, not for living, I quite agree with this concept.

And now I want to buy a house for the sake of future generations. Like I am a single person, there should be no children in the future, so why spend so much money on a house?

Wouldn't it be better to spend the money on yourself or a friend in your lifetime?

Therefore, I can often travel, often bloody, invite friends to eat, and swim freely.

Of course, like I can't raise an anti-aging person, I have to make plans for my later life.

Therefore, I started investing in wealth management earlier, just to save enough money and to be able to care for the elderly in the future.

Ge towel|jewelry fashion quality life appreciator

This answer may hurt the self-esteem of a group of people, but in fact, as long as your family wealth and annual income reach a certain level, for example, more than 1 million, then basically renting a house or self-occupation is actually not much Different.

In Beijing and Shanghai, for example, if you pay about 15,000 to 30,000 yuan in a month, you can rent a serviced apartment or villa in this city.

Then, in fact, there are many transnational executives, wealthy people, and people who are eager to live in various places. They all live in this form. If they rent a house for a lifetime, they will not bring particularly big obstacles.

Private schools also do not need the binding of the account.

The best houses in a city, the best apartments, many are rented and not sold.

Gong Linna|Singer, founder of Chinese New Art Music

Your question is very good. The key is where our self-confidence is built. Is it based on whether you have a house?

It is still built when you live in this house, even if the house is borrowed or rented by you, but you have specially warmed this room, there are your lover, your child, you cook together Cooking, at this moment, the space of this house belongs to you.

One day, when you left the house, it was not yours, even if you had a contract for a house in your hand, but you never went to live in this house, you are too busy, you buy a large villa, that villa I live in gardeners and babysitters. Then, who do you really belong to?

And our human life, when you left, you have never had anything, so I think it’s especially important to live in the moment, we don’t want to be house slaves, we want to have even a small room we have now, warm.

Chen Mo | Public Relations | Entrepreneurship | DJ | Dogs | Global Fly and Eat

I think this is not a problem at all. In fact, more people now choose to use such a lifestyle.

Because buying a house means you have to put a large amount of money in one place and you can't call it all the time.

Of course, it will have the possibility of adding value, such a value-added is not what you want, and if you use the funds in another place, will it have more output for you, or more meaningful? Output, in fact, the answer is different for everyone.

It’s good to have a house of my own, but I don’t have my own house. I don’t think it will affect my life. In fact, young people in many countries around the world choose to live without a house. I think this is no longer the case. It is a problem.

Queen C-cup|Sexual Science Author, Psychological Counselor, Soul Singer

First, it will be relatively free, not because of buying a house, but also to repay the mortgage and the like. After buying a house, I will definitely be at work, emotionally, and at home. After all, in a big city. Second, when house prices fall, the possibility of bankruptcy will be lower. Third, you can focus on the current life, do some other financial management, the pressure will be relatively small, will be more calm, because the economy is more affluent.

Ba Shusong|Financial professionals, researchers with experience in financial practice

At present, I think it is worth mentioning that under the current education, medical and financial systems in China, real estate is not only a real estate, but also a carrier for you to legally obtain debt financing leverage from the banking system. The bond.

Therefore, instead of changing the house, it is better to change this social security, education, and financial system.

Secondly, it is necessary to improve the circulation and rental market system of houses and protect the interests of renters, so that he also has a sense of stability. This is what I think should be put forward to improve and improve.



Ok, so many points of view, sum up two sentences:

❶, respect different:

You can buy a house, but don't discriminate against buying a house. If they don't buy a house, it doesn't mean they can't afford it. Similarly, you don't want to buy a house, but don't buy a housemate who is stupid B. How many times it turns out that they are not stupid.

❷, as appropriate:

Whether you buy or not buy a house, this is still your personal decision.

However, if you want to be advised by Shen Yue, it is not the same as it is now. In this society, every man needs at least one suite anyway.

As for the above celebrities, renting a house can also be a lifetime. The reason is that celebrities are not short of money. They can not buy houses and can run around the world. Five-star hotels can be used for a monthly subscription. If you want to buy a house one day, you can always pay for it without frowning.

This is the most essential difference.

Interestingly, some people have done such a survey, and finally found that many singles are not willing to buy a house, but once they have a subject, they must buy a house.

It is really not vulgar to imagine that the woman needs a man to buy a house before she is willing to marry, nor is it made by the media.

The truth is that once a man has love, the hormone will burst into infinite power, including the rise of soul and spirit. He wants to have a nest for the loved one. This is also a harbor of love, otherwise it is necessary to let The person who loves is breezy for you, and you can’t run through all the time?

Suddenly thought of a paragraph, saying that marriage is the grave of love, if you do not get married, then love will die without a place of burial.

I want to say that the house is the quilt of love, you may not need it in the summer, but in the winter, you try not to cover the cotton quilt?

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