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It’s not consumer loans that destroy young people, but a distorted view of consumption.

Time: 2018-09-06         Source: Life of a loan officer         Author: eighteen Jun

The consumer credit products led by Alipay's flower buds, borrowing and Jingdong Baitiao, Suning Finance, Xiaomi Finance, etc. have become part of the daily life of young people. Consumer spending has become the mainstream consumption method. Now young people only need to move their fingers. You can borrow money on these platforms. Borrowing money is only the first step of the platform. More purpose is to let these people consume on the platform.

There is no problem in this way. Getting the items in advance, delaying payment, and obtaining the time value of money is the simplest way to manage money. However, young people now know this way, but they use the wrong method.

I thought it was a consumption upgrade, but it was actually downgrading.

The financial upgrading that financial people often say is the structural upgrading and level improvement of various consumer expenditures in total consumption expenditure. It directly reflects the consumption level and development trend. Yes, the young people nowadays have become the main force of consumption, but in terms of consumption channels and consumption concepts, they have not been upgraded, but have been downgraded.

Let’s take a look at this year’s (2018) credit card overdue data:

First quarter: $71.1 billion overdue limit not yet

Second quarter: 75.67 billion overdue has not been returned

It is 8 times 7 years ago! What is this concept? In the past seven years, the number of credit card issuance has increased from 285 million to 612 million, and the per capita card has increased from 0.21 to 0.44. The credit line has increased from 0.91 million to over 20,000. What concept? Consumer capital has been passively increased. With these costs, buy and buy first. This is what young people think at the moment, upgrading at the level of consumption, packaging themselves by buying and buying, and achieving an upgrade in personality. However, this is actually a consumption that greatly reduces the quality of personal life.

Entertainment is paramount, blindly follow the trend

In the past two years, the entertainment variety show of the big fire - there are hip hop, the talent show - 101 and so on have been introduced, so that many young iron powder crazy chase. Who doesn't know that you fall into the entertainment-assisted, capital-based trap, the stars don't think about how to do the good acting in your heart, the people who sing good, start to do business, sell clothes, shoes, and so on.

What about those who think they are iron powder? Of course, it is an unshirkable order! People who like him must like him all. Buying and buying, worshiping more than the demand for consumption, began to downgrade.

Similarly, the distortion of the concept of consumption is also the wrong direction for young people. For example, some public figures writing feminist articles all the time say how money should be spent on themselves. If anyone can’t rely on it, don’t give some people positive life advice, just the endless investment, the title The first half of the sentence is the negation of the customer's current affairs, let everyone agree, and then the more distorted concept, so that everyone feels that this is right. Thereby brainwashing step by step.

Have the ability but don't want to take the pressure

People who can spend money on this kind of money, the background is a general family, they are not too sloppy to wear. A little family, in order to make up for the gap in the arcade between friends, to synchronize consumption, how to do? Then, credit cards, lending, flower, micro-credit and some online lending platforms have helped them. If the conditions are not enough, they will even ask for campus loans and cash loans.

This has laid a deep root for the consequences of early consumption. When I got to pay the bill, I was stupid. My balance, which is half the password, was completely unrepayable. The inexplicable self-esteem made it impossible for me to open my parents and relatives. At this time, I could only find other channels.


Because the concept of consumption is distorted. The generation of our fathers thought about how to invest, buy a house, give a school to a child, study abroad, and help them find a job. However, today's young people think that this level of wages, can not afford to buy a house, can not afford to marry, can not afford children, do not want to be responsible for the next generation, then let yourself be better, responsible for themselves, spend money on themselves.

They do not want to bear the pressure of buying a house for 30 years, thinking that it is time to spend money to suffer and reduce their quality of life;

They are not willing to marry, even if the other party is not too powerful, but the life of two people combined is the life of two families, which makes them feel blessed;

They are not willing to get too much enthusiasm at work. There was a survey report that the average job market after the 95s was 7 months, less than a year, and they would resign and leave without a word.

They are not willing to take on most of the pressure, and they advocate that they will live their lives and think that they have seen through their lives and do not want to set limits on themselves.

New online lending products such as 呗, 呗, 白条, etc., belong to the category of consumer loans, consumer loans are correct, just tools for turnover and early enjoyment; consumption is also right, no consumption, money is not circulating, equal to white Paper; the only one who is not good at using these. And these people are gradually becoming younger, and this distorted consumption concept is a bad sign.

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