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Two strokes teach you to quickly raise the amount of money to raise your sesame seeds
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How to raise the amount of ant flower

With the increasing use of ant flower buds, comparing the credit card, the conditions for the opening of the flower buds are relatively simple, but the amount is not high and not ideal, so some netizens complain that the amount is not enough. Today, I will tell you how to raise the amount of ant flower buds.

Flower Raiders Raiders one:

The balance is more than 1000, and it is kept every day. The more the better, the amount will increase every day, and the flower will be opened after three to five days. After saving money to Yu'ebao, go to Tmall to buy some small things, use the balance treasure to purchase in installments, and the quota will be paid after three to five days. In addition, we must also cooperate with the following points.

1. Transfer money to Alipay 1000 or above. If there is spare capacity, it will be more beneficial and keep the income for more than one week;

2. Purchase some fixed wealth management products launched by Alipay, such as Lucky Fortune;

3, the Alipay security level is opened, the level is adjusted to the highest. The flower bed involves payment problems. If your account is not secure enough, it may also hinder the opening and use of the ant flower buds;

4, users with credit cards, more binding credit card, payment as much as possible using credit card payment;

5, Taobao account must have frequent consumption records;

6. Try to use Alipay frequently to purchase small physical products.

Flower 呗 Raiders 2:

If you want to increase the amount of flower buds and increase the sesame credit score, it is necessary to increase the sesame credit score to increase the amount of flower buds. Because the amount of ant flower buds is given according to your credit score, the higher the credit score, the greater the amount of ant flower buds. Now, Alipay updates the sesame score on the 6th of each month.

To increase the sesame credit score, you can start with the following points:

1, often use Alipay, transfer, repayment, buy airline tickets, live in hotels, pay water and gas bills, fast taxis and so on. Improve your identity, it is obvious that there is a certain economic ability to compare sesame points;

2, improve the relationship between the people, often transfer money with friends, often send red packets to friends;

3, frequent purchase of wealth management products, insurance, entertainment treasures, donations, add items to the family, etc., which also appropriately improve behavioral preferences and performance characteristics.

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