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To the customer: not all houses, can do mortgage loans!

Time: 2018-09-04         Source: Credit Assistant         Author: eighteen Jun

Real estate mortgage is a good loan method. Compared with financial institutions' credit loans, real estate mortgages have advantages in terms of conditions and quotas, and interest is much lower than credit loans, but it is more troublesome to apply for loans. But a real estate mortgage is not a mortgage if you have a house.


The following 10 types of houses cannot be mortgaged:

Public welfare housing

According to relevant regulations, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc., public welfare facilities for public welfare purposes, whether they belong to institutions, social groups or individuals, may not be mortgaged.

Small property room

Small property houses have only the right to use, and there is no ownership granted by the real estate license. Banks naturally do not accept mortgages.

Unfinished loan house

Can a house that has already been mortgaged once again be mortgaged? At the time of the top mortgage, the bank already owns the rights to the property. The law does not allow two banks to obtain the rights to the same house. So the answer is no.

Second-hand house with too long age and too small area

Banks are harsh on the conditions of second-hand housing mortgages, mostly limited to the age and area of ​​the house. Generally, the second-hand housing with a housing age of more than 20 years and less than 50 square meters is not allowed to be loaned.

Affordable housing under 5 years

If it is less than 5 years, it is not allowed to go public. The bank is also unable to obtain his right certificate and cannot apply for a mortgage.

Part of public housing

If you can't provide a purchase contract or a purchase agreement, or you can't provide a certificate of listing of a central delivery house, you can't make a mortgage.

Heritage preservation building

Buildings protected by cultural relics and other buildings of great significance may not be mortgaged.

Illegal building

Illegal buildings or temporary buildings cannot be used for mortgages.

Ownership disputed house

Houses with disputed ownership and houses that have been seized, detained, supervised or otherwise restricted by law may not be mortgaged.

House within the scope of demolition

Real estate that has been announced to be included in the scope of demolition according to law may not be mortgaged.

In other words, if you want to enjoy the bank's low interest mortgage, you can only accept the bank's conditions - there are red books, you can trade commodity housing in the market (some banks have special policies open, allow green rooms or Farmers' houses handle mortgage loans).

In order to consider the late overdue risk of the customer, if the customer does not repay the loan, the bank has the right to auction the property of the customer in the bank, and the safest and fastest way to withdraw funds is to auction, the most tradable property in the market. The real estate of the trading channel is the commercial housing.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that other rural commercial banks or small banks have loose policies, and the real estate mortgage business accepts green mortgage loans.

The benefits of applying for a mortgage

Compared with credit loans

Bank credit loan as a pure credit credit, the customer's credit conditions are the primary reference conditions, if your credit is generally overdue in the past six months, then the credit loan amount will be greatly reduced, not only that, credit loans because there is no collateral, Through the customer's credit information to judge the customer's historical repayment situation, the risk is relatively large, so the general credit loan amount is small, and the interest is high.

The same loan, if you apply for a mortgage, the amount is basically 70% of the evaluation price. Of course, the number will be adjusted according to the applicant's credit, but the base is large, and the amount is correspondingly larger. At the same time, the loan interest is in the bank, which can be said to be a loan with a lower interest cost after the mortgage loan.

Representing work and life stability

Handling mortgages also reflects your local stability to banks and financial institutions. Life is stable and work is stable. For financial institutions, customers who are more stable locally usually deliberately relax their conditions when referring to credit information. After all, mortgages are in financial institutions, and the number of loans is 70%. As a worst-case plan, the overdue customer caused the bank to need a house auction, and the bank still had a profit of 30%.

Economic strength

Mortgage of real estate, first of all, there must be a room to be mortgaged, and when the property is mortgaged, the bank only recognizes the red house. Everyone knows that under normal circumstances, even if there is a full-capacity ability to buy a house, it will not do so because the mortgage loan can make use of funds. Maximize the rate. Then, if the housing prices continue to rise and the contemporary interest rate remains 18 months without falling, it means that you have a certain economic foundation and strength, but now you need another fund.

So many people will ask, is it not impossible to borrow money in a house mortgage?

A house that has not settled a loan can actually do a home mortgage.

The operational process is:

Find a lending institution to conduct an assessment - an intermediary redemption building - take out the red book for a mortgage - get the mortgage back to the foreclosure and interest portion

Then the remaining real mortgage loan is the amount of this mortgage. Many powerful financial institutions can contract a series of operations for redemption and loans without wasting your time costs.

If you have a loan problem consultation, or if you want to find a formal loan channel, pay attentionWeChat public account "credit appropriation" (xypikuan)Just!

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