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Overnight, the sesame seeds soared by 8 points, and borrowed 10,000 points! Netizen: I am also shocked by myself.

Time: 2018-09-04         Source: That wipes the sun SDF         Author: Nama setting sun SDF

The Alipay created by Ma Yun has indeed brought convenience to all of us. We can live without cash, as long as we install Alipay and WeChat on our mobile phones, but at present, WeChat payment is not available to everyone. Fully recognized, only Alipay is the real "national wallet" in people's minds.

And Alipay's sesame credit system has inspired people's love for Alipay, because the level of sesame is determined by the benefits of Alipay, among which there are people who care about the amount of flowers and borrowing, although WeChat is also trying to catch up, but Benefits are not as good as Alipay.

The Sesame Credit System is a platform for the credit system built by Ma Yun Investment, which covers all aspects of people. It collects people's transaction information in real time, and then comprehensively considers a score for people through scientific and technological means. In general, the higher the sesame score is. The more benefits Alipay enjoys, and the higher the amount of spending and borrowing.

Needless to say, the sesame can be opened in about 600, and it is very convenient to use it. It is higher than the requirement of the flower bud, and the sesame is about 650 points, and the credit can be opened.

However, today's Internet WeChat and Alipay are the most powerful enemies. Both sides have been making big moves in order to seize the market. Especially in the era when Internet finance is so popular, both sides are spared no effort to seize the market. The shortcoming of micro-loan is in need. The whitelist invitation system will be invited to open if certain conditions are met.

But whether it is flower or borrowing, or other benefits of Alipay are related to sesame seeds. Everyone knows that the higher the sesame score, the more benefits you enjoy, and the amount of flowers and borrowing will increase.

Recently, some netizens broke the news that sesame seeds rose by 8 points overnight, and they borrowed 10,000 yuan, but some netizens said that sesame seeds scored 740 points and never rose. Look at the comments from users:

Sesame is 740 points, and has not risen in three years!

One point per month, too slow, when it rises to 800.

This month is also strange, rose by 8 points, borrowed also rose by 10,000, thanks to Ma Yun.

It can be seen from the comments of netizens that many netizens are dissatisfied with their sesame seeds. They feel that they are very good at Alipay. Why do sesame seeds grow so slowly? In fact, improving sesame seeds is a method.

First of all, we should improve our information, the housing accumulation fund with a housing provident fund, Xiaobian fill the housing provident fund, the sesame score increased by 10 points.

Secondly, you can buy a balance of 5,000 to 10,000 yuan, and your sesame score will rise next month.

Third, you can bind two credit cards in Alipay and use Alipay to repay in time to improve your compliance record.

As long as you pay attention to the above three points, you will improve your sesame seeds. The sesame seeds can not be improved in a day. As long as we pay attention to use, don't overdue the flowers and borrow, your sesame seeds will rise. When you get up, both flowering and borrowing will go up.

Xiaobian's sesame seeds are 790 points, flower buds are 30,000 yuan, and 50,000 yuan is borrowed. I don't know how much sesame seeds are distributed. What is the amount of spending and borrowing?

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