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How to spend the least interest, the most money? Three strokes to reduce loan costs
Many friends are short of money, but they are worried that the cost of the loan is too high to lend. Today we will talk about what the cost of the loan includes, how can we use the lowest cost and the most money!
Lending rates
      The loan rates for different types and different loan terms are different. Xiaobian has compiled different kinds of loan interest rates for friends, and friends can make a reference! In addition, we must pay attention to the legal interest rate red line, and the interest rate exceeding the red line is no longer protected by law!
      Different repayment methods result in different loan costs. Let's take a look at the difference between different repayment methods!
Processing fee
      In addition to the loan interest rate, some loan products will also charge a certain processing fee, which is not a small loan cost!
Credit cost
      The number of applications for loans is high, which will result in too many hard queries for credit reporting, which will have a certain impact on personal credit. However, if the loan behavior is good, it will have a positive impact on personal credit!
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